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Chronicle AM: WA Sees First Pot Pardons, AZ Supreme Court to Hear Hash Case, More... (1/11/19)

Washington's governor signs the first pot pardons there, Arkansas regulators approve licenses for 32 dispensaries, the Arizona Supreme Court will decide whether hash is medical marijuana, and more.

Marijuana Policy

Washington Governor Signs First Pot Possession Pardons. Gov. Jay Inslee (D) signed the first marijuana possession pardons on Wednesday. The move came five days after he announced plans to pardon up to 3,500 one-time pot offenders with no other criminal record.

Medical Marijuana

Arizona Supreme Court Will Hear Appeal on Lower Court Ruling Hash Isn't Medical Marijuana. The state Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of Rodney Jones, who was arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for possessing hash even though he was a registered medical marijuana patient. An appeals court upheld his conviction, saying the state's voter-approved medical marijuana law is “silent” on the issue.

Arkansas Regulators Approve 32 Companies to Sell Medical Marijuana, The state Medical Marijuana Commission voted unanimously Thursday to approve 32 companies to sell medical marijuana. The commission has divided the state into eight zones, with each zone getting four dispensaries.

South Carolina Panel Advances Resolution Calling for Medical Marijuana Research. A legislative panel has advanced a resolution urging Congress to allow more research on medical marijuana. The measure asks Congress to "take immediate and additional steps to promote and actively pursue scientific research and testing into the potential use of cannabis to treat other medical conditions and illness by removing the federal statutory and regulatory barriers that prevent these scientific endeavors." The resolution now advances to the full Senate Medical Affairs Committee for consideration.

Tennessee Medical Marijuana Bill Coming Soon. State Sen. Janice Bowling (R-Tullahoma) and Rep. Ron Travis (R-Dayton) announced Thursday that they are working on a final draft of a bill to legalize medical marijuana in the state. The bill would create a new government commission to regulate the industry and allow qualifying patients to buy medical marijuana at state-licensed dispensaries.


Texas House Committee Recommends Passing Hemp Legislation. The House Committee on Agriculture and Livestock released an interim report this week that recommends state lawmakers enact legislation to legalize and regulate commercial hemp farming statewide. The committee argues that hemp cultivation and processing could be beneficial for Texas farmers.

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Hash is cannabis is medicine

Hash is cannabis.  Cannabis is medicine.

This is a biological fact, not a legal question.

Medicine is a human right.

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Republicans are Evil, Trump is the Proof

Simple logic.

Republicans are evil, and Trump proves that premise True.

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Bipartisanship Does Not Apply To Russian Operatives!

It has been well established:  Trump is a Putin operative and a traitor.

Thus, if you are a Democrat, and you are being "bipartisan" with Trump, you are not being bipartisan at all!

Rather, you are enabling fascist authoritarianism -- in other words, you are betraying the United States of America if you attempt to cut a "bipartisan" deal with Trump, or one of his goons.

Because of Trump's treason and Republican support for that treason, the GOP is no longer a legitimate American political party!

(If you really wanted to cut a deal with Trump, you would have to talk directly with his boss, Putin.  Trump holds no real power... Putin owns Trump, and Putin makes the decisions.)

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Trump's Treasons

I think this article by Beerfinger (Daily Kos, 1/11/2019) sums it up nicely...


1. Trump literally asked Russia to steal his opponents' emails. Out loud. In front of cameras. Honestly the list should end here. But unfortunately, as we all know, that is not the case. So I proceed... 2. His campaign manager, his personal attorney slash “fixer”, and his son all met with a Russian operative during the campaign. The purpose of the meeting was to collect compromising materials that Russian intelligence claimed to have on his political opponent. 3. Trump hired Paul Manafort, a known Russian operative, to be his campaign manager. Manafort was indebted to known Russian oligarchs with close ties to Vladimir Putin and has since been found guilty on 8 counts associated with his financial ties with Russia. Another 10 counts were declared a mistrial because of one corrupt juror. He is also currently under investigation by Special Counsel for colluding with Russia during the election by supplying them with internal polling data. 4. At the Republican National Convention Trump approved a last minute change to the Republican Party platform by watering down support for U.S. assistance to Ukraine, thus satisfying one of Putin's biggest ambitions. 5. Trump, a shameless liar who routinely projects his own transparent insecurities on others, literally said during a debate with Clinton after she accused him of being Putin's puppet, "No puppet! No puppet! YOU'RE the puppet!" I mean.Come on.You don't need a psych degree to see straight through that one. 6. Overall, the Trump campaign had an unprecedented 100+ contacts with Russian’ linked officials. (That we know of) 7. Prior to his inauguration, Trump's National Security Advisor made assurances to Russia that Trump would reverse sanctions placed against Russia by the Obama administration for interfering with the 2016 election. Flynn has since plead guilty to crimes associated with that incident. 8. For 18 days, Trump ignored the acting Attorney General's warnings that Russia had kompromat on the his own National Security Advisor. In fact, he FIRED HER for alerting him to the issue. 9. Trump was literally THE ONLY person in all of these United States to be against Russian sanctions passed by Congress. In fact, the only reason he didn't veto it is because there was supermajority support for it in Congress, even among the GOP, which would have embarrassed him by handing him an early defeat and overturning his veto. 10. Trump fired the FBI director and later admitted he did so to try to end the Russia investigation. On the air. With Lester Holt. 11. The day after firing Comey, Trump secretly invited the Russian ambassador and the Russian foreign minister INTO THE GOD DAMNED OVAL OFFICE where he handed over state secrets and literally told them that he had put an end to the investigation by firing Comey. 12. At a news conference in Helsinki, Trump sided with Putin against his own FBI and then met PRIVATELY with Putin for hours. 13. On countless occasions, Trump has attacked U.S. intelligence, the free press, gold star parents, and the U.S. Courts system. He has called the national press the "enemy of the people." Yet he has consistently defended Vladimir Putin, despite Russia's involvement in interfering with the 2016 election. 


I tell you what, the FBI sure as hell better be investigating him. I'm not sure what more evidence people need to realize that their country has been highjacked by a treasonous con man and his criminal enterprise. If you're not on our side, you're complicit in the betrayal of American democracy.
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Understand One Thing...

For the love of god, everyone get it through your heads:  TRUMP DOES NOT WORK FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

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