Statement: Duterte Moves Against Second Drug War Critic

Senator Trillanes at our March 2018 event (photo courtesy Joey Tranchina)
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 4, 2018 condemns the Duterte administration's blatantly political attack on Senator Antonio Trillanes, a fierce and brave critic of the President's human rights violations.

Senator Trillanes joined our March 2018 event at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs annual meeting in Vienna, where he presented administration data suggesting that extrajudicial killings in President Duterte's drug war may exceed 20,000. Perversely, the Senator observed, the administration listed these killings among its "2017 Accomplishments."

We note that President Duterte promised a year ago to "destroy" Senator Trillanes.

Senator Leila de Lima was incarcerated a year and a half ago on unsupported drug charges, half a year after President Duterte promised to "destroy" her. The case against de Lima was brought shortly after she had a confessed former member of Duterte's "Davao Death Squad" testify in the Justice Committee, one of two former DDS members to go public.

"Senator Trillanes told us in Vienna he expected political prosecutions to increase in pace during the second half of this year. But he also promised that while he remained free, he would continue to speak out," said Executive Director David Borden.

"Undoubtedly the imprisoning of Senator Trillanes, if that happens, will further mobilize the already energized Philippine opposition to Duterte," Borden continued. "But it will also focus even greater world attention onto Duterte's crimes and depredations. I am saddened by this development, but I can't imagine a better gift to our international organizing efforts." is a US-based NGO with a focus on international drug policy, and which has focused on the Philippines human rights situation since early 2017. Our educational nonprofit DRCNet Foundation has been in Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council since 2016.

Footage of Senator Trillanes' presentation in Vienna is online at

- END -

Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
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 "We note that President


"We note that President Duterte promised a year ago to 'destroy' Senator Trillanes."


Remind you of anybody?  It should.  President Traitor Trump calls The Press "the enemy of The People!" and he considers any media critical of himself "TREASON."

President Traitor Trump is a big fan of Duterte's, and he endorses Duterte's extrajudicial killing of drug users and drug dealers.  Both "presidents" are violent, criminal thugs.  But Traitor Trump has a hell of a lot more power!

Republicans are the party of Trump, and Trump is a banana-republic dictator, just like Duterte.  (Except, Trump would prefer to be more like his own personal Master and role model, Putin.)

Violent, Authoritarian Fascism is bad for the Philippines, and it is bad for the USA!

Insert objection from Trump Supporter here: "I'm a Republican, and I smoke pot!"

So fucking what?  Like a Republican, a clothes dryer will smoke pot if you give it some; but that doesn't help the cause of legalization by one tiny bit. 

The marijuana SMOKING community consists of both Democrats and Republicans, but the marijuana LEGALIZATION community does NOT include Republicans, for the simple reason that they vote Republican.  (The choices at the ballot box are binary -- for or against.  Bullshit walks!)

Fuck Traitor Trump, and fuck the America-hating Republicans who support him, protect him, and cover for his many, many, vile and horrific crimes!

The only way to stop him is to vote. 

Join The Resistance! Vote Democratic!  Send Trump and his fascist supporters packing!


Check your registration status! Find your polling location!  Everything you need here!

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