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This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

We have a pill-peddling former deputy, a Baton Rouge cop who made a joint mysteriously disappear, and more. Let's get to it:

In Bolivia, North Carolina, a former Brunswick County sheriff's deputy was arrested last Thursday on multiple drug and embezzlement charges. John Christian Blasingame, 42, had been fired in 2016, but was still in possession of state property, including a sheriff's office identification card, a sheriff's office badge, a sheriff's office tie with pin, a sheriff's office lapel pin, and sheriff's office plastic junior deputy badges. Oh, and various drugs. He is charged with selling a Schedule II controlled substance, possession with intent to sell a Schedule II controlled substance, felony possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and embezzlement of state property, among other charges.

In Gretna, Louisiana, a Jefferson Parish jail guard was arrested Monday on charges he smuggled weed into the jail. Correctional deputy Lyndon Hawkins, 25, admitted to smuggling weed when confronted by narcotics detectives. He is charged with transporting drugs into a correctional facility.

In Baton Rouge, a Baton Rouge police officer was fired last Friday after spending seven months on paid administrative leave for failing to report a marijuana joint she seized from a suspect. Michelle Patterson rewrote her incident report to remove any mention of the weed. A criminal investigation is now ended.

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My friend and I witnessed a hit and run, and got a photo of the thug's tag. We returned to find the victim to give them the tag number, and called 911 simultaneously.  We did not know, the thug worked at the Sonic, got chewed out by the manager, and hit her truck on purpose (as stated by the manager on her 911 call) as he left. We also didn't know he followed us back looking for us for taking the photo of his tag. The 911 call clearly has the manager stating '' I have an employee and a customer fixing to fight'' (Before my friend gets out of our car).  She then states he is leaving (actually driving around the building looking for us to attack us). Then you can hear on my 911 call when my friend opens and closes his door, and me telling him to tell her we have the tag number. The operator then asks me where the thug is, (I have already told her more than once he has left the area, as far as we knew!!)  and my friend runs by my passenger door, and I say ''he has come back and is behind us and has us blocked in''. He attacks my 53 year old friend and breaks 3 ribs and collapses his lung.(Felony assault). The manager tells the operator ''I originally called to report him hitting my truck, and a customer told me ''I saw everything and have a photo of the tag''. Then she and the dirty cops, fabricate a FALSE story, claiming WE followed the thug.  The 911 calls clearly show what happened. We filed I/A complaints, and were ignored. They refuse to let my friend file an assault complaint. I am a USAFR CAPT (IRR) and disabled veteran, and 64 yrs old.  The thug was only cited for Improper Backing, NO DRIVERS LICENSE AND NO PROOF OF INSURANCE,, and got away with the hit and run and the Felony assault. The cops are covering it up, because the dirty cops falsified our statements and fabricated our statements, and the 911 calls prove it...  CAN YOU HELP US?  All we need is for our story to be told and the State Attorney to look into it. 

Marijuana legalization

I am so tired of all you marijuana legalization people that just think about marijuana and not about the people that enjoy other drugs and take other drugs. I have just as much right to take cocaine and heroin as you do marijuana. Think about it let's legalize all drugs.

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