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Chronicle AM: PA Gov Says State Not Ready for Legal Pot, New FDA Guidelines on MATS, More... (8/9/18)

The FDA has issued new draft guidance aimed at expanding the use of medication-assisted treatments (MATs) for opioid addiction, Pennsylvania's governor says the state isn't ready for legal weed, the Oklahoma medical marijuana fight isn't over yet, and more.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) isn't on the same page as his counterparts in New York and New Jersey. (Creative Commons)
Marijuana Policy

Pennsylvania Governor Says State Not Ready for Marijuana Legalization. Gov. Tom Wolf (D) said during a radio interview on Tuesday that he doesn't think the state is ready to legalize marijuana. "There are, what, six states that have legalized recreational marijuana in the United States," Wolf said. (The actual number is nine.). "I don't think the citizens of Pennsylvania are ready for it, and so the answer I would say is no… I don't think Pennsylvania's actually ready for recreational marijuana." The position puts Wolf at odds with two neighboring Democratic governors, Phil Murphy of New Jersey, who is strongly pushing legalization, and Andrew Cuomo of New York, who just signed off on the notion.

Los Angeles Won't Vote on Raising Pot Tax in November. The city council has reversed a decision to place a 1% marijuana tax increase on the November ballot. The city estimated it would raise approximately $30 million per year from the tax increase, but faced immediate blowback from industry groups who said pot taxes were already too high and are driving consumers to the black market.

Medical Marijuana

Oklahoma Agencies Still Have "Concerns" Over Legal Medical Marijuana. Interim health commissioner Tom Bates told lawmakers Wednesday that the Health Board still has concerns about how medical marijuana will be implemented and that a special session of the legislature may be needed to see the program properly implemented. The board wants lawmakers to amend the law so that, among other changes, commercial grows are indoor only, patient home grows are prohibited or require a special license, smokable marijuana is prohibited, THC levels are limited to 12% or less, a pharmacist is required on-site at dispensaries, and that a list of qualifying conditions for patients be created. Some of the changes are among those recommended in the Health Board's first try at setting interim rules, which were retracted in the face of loud public opposition. Any effort to re-adopt them is certain to lead to renewed clamor.

Heroin and Prescription Opioids

FDA Seeks to Expand Use of Medication-Assisted Therapies for Addiction. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday released new draft guidance aimed at promoting the creation and more widespread use of medication-assisted therapies (MATs) for opioid use disorder. The guidance adjusts how FDA evaluates new treatments for opioid addiction. Instead of only determining whether a treatment lowers opioid use, the agency will now assess whether the medication could help lower overdose rates and limit the spread of infectious disease. "We must consider new ways to gauge success beyond simply whether a patient in recovery has stopped using opioids, such as reducing relapse overdoses and infectious disease transmission," said Scott Gottlieb, FDA commissioner.

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Wolf says citizens not ready, polls say something very different

Does he mean police and other politically powerfully 'elites' are not ready, and their will overpowers the overwhelming will of the people (about 60% in favor and about 30% opposed)?

Dain Bramage's picture

Fight Fascism


So it would seem.  He is playing games with peoples lives, and that ain't cool.

This is an "unwoke" Democrat.  Replace him with a progressive Democrat. But, never ever vote Republican  -- they are the party of Putin, and Authoritarian Fascism! This is the last goddamn thing the marijuana legalization movement needs.

On a related note, boycott the website

They appear to be an open forum, but they are not.  They are deleting all my comments there, because I oppose Trump.  Why would you need censorship on an open forum?  You wouldn't -- unless you had an ulterior agenda.  This suggests that is really an alt-right influence operation.

Try it yourself!  Post an anti-Trump comment on, and watch the fascists go to work.  I predict they will censor your comments, as they have mine.  This is not about me,  though, or my comments -- this is about FUCKING FASCIST PROPAGANDA!  FUCK ALT-RIGHT FRONTS LIKE MARIJUANA.COM, FUCK THE REPUBLICANS, AND FUCK THAT BABY-STEALING, PUSSY-GRABBING, WHITE TRASH MOTHERFUCKER TRUMP!

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Alternative Facts are no better than Reefer Madness

Alternative Facts are no better than Reefer Madness.

I didn't spend a lifetime fighting "reefer madness" only to submit, now, to Traitor Trump's entire universe of "alternative facts." 

Why the fuck would I do a crazy thing like that?  Just because a bunch of legal marijuana dispensaries bet their asses on Trump's lies about "states rights?"  And now they are "bought off", unwilling to criticize that scumbag Trump, just like the the CEO's were bought off with their tax cut, and just like the White Christian Fundamentalists were bought off with anti-abortion Federal Judges.

No.  The marijuana legalization movement is based on truth, and facts, and principles of freedom, fairness, and basic civil and human rights. 

The marijuana legalization movement is not just another political, white privilege power grab -- or at least, it shouldn't be!  Apparently the goddamn pot-smoking Trump supporters never got that memo.  Well then, fuck 'em.

Fuck Trump!

Vote Democratic!

Just DIE.

Donald Trump, please just die. Evangelicals for Trump, please get your raptures on, and DIE TO. ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS Trump? Yeah, you get the idea, fucking die TO!
Dain Bramage's picture

Let's vote!

So, Laura, I was thinking more along the lines of "Vote Democratic!"  That will actually make a positive difference!

Register now!

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