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Chronicle AM: CA Initiative Picture Clearing Up, Call for NYC Safe Injection Site, More (12/8/15)

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #913)
Consequences of Prohibition

It looks like we're now down to one serious legalization initiative in California, calls grow for a safe injection site in New York City, Nepalese villagers fight marijuana eradicators, and more.

Marijuana Policy

California "Sean Parker Initiative" Revised. The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), backed by billionaire tech titan Sean Parker, has been revised to add safeguards for protecting children, maintaining local government control over pot commerce, shielding small businesses from monopolistic competition, and strengthening worker and labor protections in the industry, the campaign said Monday. Click on the title link for more details on the changes.

ReformCA Activists Migrate to Parker Initiative. The California Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform (ReformCA) has apparently given up on getting its own legalization initiative on the ballot, with a majority of ReformCA board members now endorsing the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, known more widely as the "Sean Parker initiative." Board members endorsing the Parker initiative include Oaksterdam University founder Richard Lee, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition head Neill Franklin, Students for Sensible Drug Policy deputy director Stacia Cosner, California Cannabis Industry Association director Nate Bradley, and Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps head David Bronner; and two other board members have reportedly agreed to withdrawing the ReformCA initiative, making a majority. "We have carefully reviewed amendments submitted by the proponents of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, and we're convinced it's time to endorse that initiative and unite everyone behind a single, consensus measure to achieve a legal, regulated system, which a majority of voters have consistently said they want," Bronner said in a prepared statement.

Harm Reduction

Advocates Call for New York City Supervised Injection Site. Faced with a fourth straight year of increasing heroin overdose deaths, public health advocates are calling on the New York City to do more on overdose prevention, including authorizing supervised injection sites. "It's time for New York City to follow the science," said Julie Netherland, PhD, of the Drug Policy Alliance. "Supervised injection facilities can reduce overdose deaths and have proven effective in improving a host of public health and public safety outcomes. We can no longer afford to let fear and stigma stand in the way of saving lives."


Slovenia Joins Ranks of Countries Allowing Supervised Injection Facilities. The local nonprofit Stigma has launched a supervised injection site pilot project in the capital, Ljublana. Stigma and the Slovenian Ministry of Health worked quietly behind the scenes to get legal approvals and funding before going public.

Nepalese Villagers Clash With Marijuana Eradicators. Marijuana growing villagers in Makawanpur District fought with police trying to eradicate their crops Monday. Gunfire came from both sides, but no injuries were reported, and crowds dispersed after the gunfire. Police said they had destroyed about 20 acres worth of marijuana crops.

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Justin Auldphart (not verified)

Well, I am on the side of the Nepalese farmers, on general principles firstly but also I can't imagine spending a winter there without a little help, and I am not talking about Yak butter tea either...

Tue, 12/08/2015 - 6:40pm Permalink
Goblin (not verified)

Adding language that permits localities to ban ALL outdoor growing sucks ass, and wont be tolerated by most people.  That's what we have now.  Take it out or get fucked as most people wont vote for that shit.  I know I wont, and I argue all the time about the "perfect being the enemy of the doable".


Fact is, all the hick counties in the State will use that clause to terrorize us - just as they are doing now.  The very least you could have done was make it a max $10 fine (and no tack-on fees, etc) per plant or something so they couldn't recoup their costs of enforcement!

Wed, 12/09/2015 - 1:59pm Permalink
saynotohypocrisy (not verified)

In reply to by Goblin (not verified)

I hope this isn't a case of coastal liberals being willing to sell out the interests of users in the rest of the state when it's not necessary.

If it's safe enough to let people sell for profit, it's certainly safe enough to let people grow on their own property. We have enough marijuana refugees in this country already.

Wed, 12/09/2015 - 8:06pm Permalink

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