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Final Poll Has Oregon's Marijuana Legalization Measure 91 With 52%

It looks like Oregon will be the next state to legalize marijuana. The latest SurveyUSA poll, released last week, has the Measure 91 legalization initiative winning with 52% of the vote. Only 41% said they were voting against it.

That is generally in line with other recent polls. Late in September, SurveyUSA had Measure 91 under 50%, but leading by four points, with 16% undecided. In mid-October, an Oregon Public Broadcasting poll had the measure winning with 52%, again with 41% opposed.

Only one recent poll, an Oregonian poll last week, had Measure 91 trailing. In that survey, 44% were in favor and 46% opposed, with 9% undecided. But the results were well within the poll's +/-5% margin of error, and it was also weighted toward older voters.

In this latest SurveyUSA poll, the measure was more strongly supported by men (56%) than women (49%) and more strongly supported by 18-to-34-year olds (71%) and 50-to-64-year-olds (61%) than voters 65 or over (36%). Voters in the 35-to-49 age group were split evenly, with 46% in support and 46% opposed.

Nearly two-thirds of Democrats (65%) and a healthy majority of independents (57%) were in favor of Measure 91, while fewer than a third of Republicans (32%) supported it.

Oregon is a mail-in ballot state. Most ballots have been cast already. The late polls should reflect what many voters have already decided. Stay tuned tomorrow night, though; it ain't over until it's over. 

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I voted yes on 91 and I'm 25 years old. I also voted yes in 2012 when I was 23. If more young people would register to vote this would be a done deal. If I had to place a bet, I would say this measure does not pass, as much as it pains me to say that. If it doesn't pass today, it will pass in the future. Good luck Alaska, Maine, DC, Florida, etc. When the old people who are set in their ways die, it will be legal, as morbid as that sounds, it's very accurate


I'm doing my part, I hope this passes..

I am more then twice your age

I am more then twice your age and are right there with you... if pot is illegal so should be Vodka... no one dies from smoking weed.... Vodka KILLS 

legalize it

I am in that over 50 crowd.... way over...and I voted YES!..... why wait till I am dead to legalize it... lets do it...and do it NOW!

I am 60 years old and have

I am 60 years old and have been smoking pot and campaigning for the legalization for 46 years.  IT IS ABOUT FUCKING TIME is all I can say.

If this measure doesn't pass,

If this measure doesn't pass, my next trip back to the states won't be to my home state, but to Colorado. Oregon has so many more beautiful areas to visit and see than Colorado. Let's pass this and bring in more tourist dollars as well as the taxes on MJ. 

I'm also hoping for Monsanto to go kick rocks, pound sand, or just slowly die off. More labeling and honest capitalism by all. 

voting or no

Legalizing marijuana would benefit for a lot of reasons but I have decided not to vote at all because I feel that it really isn't our votes that matter weather its this marijuana vote or a presidential one. I think its all rigged to come out in the favor of the system.

I'm 59, and began smoking in

I'm 59, and began smoking in 1970, and I've voted in every election since Jimmy Carter was running (the first time). I've always voted in favor of legalization when it was on a ballet, and can hardly believe it's [finally] happening while I'm still drawing breath, what with the Wingnuts running roughshod over everything that made this nation a good place to live, since Ronnie stole the Whitehouse in '80. Everything's still a big, miasmic mess here in 'Murika, but there does seem to be a bright bit of light in the tunnel, at least here in Oregon and the other States that have now legalized Marijuana . . .

Can't wait to see what else happens here and around the world, in respect to drug legalization!

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