Tulsa Man Killed in Drug Raid

A Tulsa, Oklahoma, man has died after being shot by police officers during at drug raid at his home. The as-yet-unnamed man becomes the 12th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

According to The Tulsa World, citing police sources, the 27-year-old was shot Tuesday afternoon as Tulsa Police Department narcotics and gang squad officers were serving a drug-related search warrant in a predominantly black area of the city.

"When officers arrived, they entered the residence, there was five to six people inside the residence," Officer Leland Ashley said. "Officers gave commands to the individuals. At some point, in one of the bedrooms, officers confronted a subject... An officer was forced to use deadly force."

Officer Ashley did not specify whether or not the dead man was armed.

Several other people in the home were handcuffed and taken in for questioning, but it was not clear if they were charged with anything. Nor is it known what, if anything, police seized at the home.

Tulsa, OK
United States
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Way to go Officer

Congratulations Tulsa PD you guys busted into a house full of black folks and just couldnt resist shooting at least one of them.  It sounds like you botched the raid pretty bad if all you found was a corpse, no drugs, no guns, no illegals, and most important no white people.  With no white people around you can do what ever the fuck you want to black, latino, or any other non-white ethnic group.

People we have a very, very serious problem in America, our police and sherriff departments are being militrized on every level.  They are getting heavily armored MRAP and other armored military surplus equipment now that the wars in Iraq and Afganistan are over or about to end.  I guess the government has got to do something will all those billions and billions of dollars worth of killing equipment.  The police are getting heavier weapons, full fleged machine guns, fully automatic assault rifles, grenades of all types, sonic weapons, and tons of "less-leathal" weapons that some how keep on killing or maiming people.  Police departments are giving military style uniforms to their people.  Do you remember when police were called "the boys in blue" or " the thin blue line" well that name no longer applies cause now all police wear all black.  If they are going into a situation where they anticipate violence like these stupid drug raids, well then the are decked out head-to-toe in miliary cloths, gear, weapons, helmets, grenades, etc.  Its like having a enemy soldier kick down your door and start shooting.  And thats the biggest problem, the police seem to have lost all restraint and concern for human life.  They just shoot first and ask questions later, literally.  It didnt used to be like this, you would not hear about police brutality, murder by cop, botched drug raids killing innocent people, black people call the police for help and end up beaten up/arrested/killed.  This needs to stop right now, cause if this keeps going in another 5 or 8 years we will be in a total police state.  They will track everyone, at all times, privicy will be a thing of the past as will the Bill of Rights and the rest of the Constitution.  Society needs protectors, it needs people who are willing to put their lives on the line to keep everyone safe as well as enforce the laws of society.  The protectors of society should be the most compassionate, the kind of person that runs toward a danger instead of away.  We need people of strong moral character that are free from prejudice, mental or psychological illness, and most of all people who are honest and believe stongly that the rules apply the everyone equally.  The population of a society must be able to trust the police to be honorable, honest, fair, and most importantly they must possess great compassion for their fellow human and a deep respect for the value and sancitity of life.  Killing someone should be the absolute last solution to a conflict and must not even be considered until all possible alternatives have been thoroughly explored.  But thats not how police act in Amerika, especially if the person on the other end of the gun is dark skinned or poor.  The people who need the most protection, support, and compassion from our police forces are often on the receiving end of the most violent, bigoted, and downright disgusting treatment from their fellow human.  We need to stop letting these police murder people and then get a paid vacation. We need to speak out as a nation with one voice and stop the militrization of our police and we need to do it now. 

A really good way to demonstrate what ive been saying is to compare what happened in the early 90's, The Rodney King incident.  Back then a tape came out of a group of white police brutally beating and unarmed black man when he was already on the ground, completely defenseless.  When that tape hit the news and the reaction of the police was business as usual, the city of Los Angeles was gripped by some of the worst mass rioting and civil disturbence.  Parts of the city burned, looting was everywhere, and the police could not stop or even contain the violence and destruction. 

Now, in 2014, you can find a story similar to the King incident in the news daily.  The police are beating, killing, raping, abusing, molesting, robbing, and arresting people when the police know they commited no crime every single day.  There are no riots, there are no public protests, there are no marches and there is no organization like MADD.  There is no Mothers Against Police Murder or Mothers Against Police Brutality.

It's time we all stand up and demand that these pointless murders stop.  One way to reduce this problem would be to end the drug war and start treating drug abuse and addiction as a medical problem instead of a criminal problem with punishments that are pointless and unjustifibly harsh.  Giving someone life in prison with no possibility of parole for drug possession is a crime against humanity.  Especially when that drug is something like marijuana or LSD, neither of which are addictive or able to cause death due to overdose. 

Even if we ignore the elephant in the room that is the drug war, we still have to face the fact that the police are rapidly becoming the newest branch of the military.  They use military equipment, they murder people whenever they feel the slightest bit threatened, and they believe they are above the laws that WE PAY THEM TO ENFORCE.  In my opinion, the law should apply to police even more than a civilian.  Police are supposted to protect and serve not abuse and take advantage.  I feel very strongly that if police break the law the penalty should be four-times more severe than what a civilian would face.  Police have NO EXCUSE to break the law.  They have to know and understand every law, they spend lots of time training and learning about law and how it applies.  A civilian can claim ignorance even though it is not an excuse for wrong doing.  When police break they law the do it deliberately with the full knowledge and understanding of the crimes they commit.  Additionally, all that training plus membership in the "elite" club of law enforcement affords police vast oppertunity and great ability to escape justice.  Often this is accompished by the commission of more crimes. 

Every american citizen needs to stand up and demand that these crimes by police stop and the only realistic way I can see making that happen is to make punishments for their crimes so serious, so frightening that people will think twice.  This will only work if the government stops protecting police from investigation and prosecution.  One final note, if a cop kills someone and there is any evidence that it was not necessary, the cop should be immediately jailed and fired.  That might make some of these cops a bit less trigger happy.  The way things are now, when a cops kills someone on duty the get a paid vacation.  I never got a paid vacation at any of my jobs when I screwed up.

PP a thoughtful post. A

PP a thoughtful post. A decade ago I would have said "bullshit" but after a number of experiences, I have come around. One thing I disagree on however: if you think this does not happen the white people you need to be a bit more attentive. This insane militarization of the police has turned them into a threat, to all of us & changed the way they relate to the public. Granted the "public" ain't what it used to be in terms of civility & violence, but the police behave more like occupiers than the "Officer Friendly" of my youth."

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