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Illinois Legislature Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

With a final vote by the state Senate Friday, the Illinois legislature has finally approved a medical marijuana bill. It only took ten years.

medical marijuana (Colorado DOT)
If Gov. Patrick Quinn (D) signs it into law, Illinois will become either the 19th or the 20th medical marijuana state, depending on whether similar legislation in New Hampshire gets approved first. Quinn has signaled that he approves of medical marijuana, but has made no definitive statement about whether he would sign or veto the bill, so Illinois activists and the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) are calling on supporters to keep up the pressure. On Sunday, Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon said she supported the bill.

If the bill is signed into law by the governor, Illinois will become the first state in the Midwest to approve medical marijuana through the legislative process. Michigan approved it in 2008, but that was via a voter initiative.

The bill, House Bill 1, would allow patients with qualifying medical conditions and a doctor's recommendation to use marijuana and purchase it through a network of up to 60 state-regulated dispensaries. The state will also allow up to 22 growers to supply the dispensaries. There are no provisions for patient or caregiver home cultivation.

"We applaud the Illinois legislature for taking action and adopting this widely supported and much-needed legislation," said Dan Riffle, MPP deputy director of government relations. "The final product is a comprehensive and tightly controlled system that will allow individuals with serious illnesses to safely and legally access medical marijuana with their doctors' supervision."

The bill was sponsored in the House by Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie) and in the Senate by former state’s attorney Sen. William Haine (D-Alton). It designates the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Department of Health, and Department of Financial & Professional Regulation to  regulate the cultivation, acquisition, and distribution of marijuana.

 "We are hopeful that Gov. Quinn will join legislators and the vast majority of Illinois voters in supporting this proposal," Riffle said. "Marijuana has proven medical benefits, regulating it works, and there is broad public and legislative support for doing it. This is a no-brainer."

Springfield, IL
United States
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the green tsunami is rolling

the green tsunami is rolling across the land.   

We're at 40 Percent

With the addition of IL, that means that 40% of US citizens will have legal access to mmj.  If we add NY, that would bring the total up to 45%.  One more high-population state, and we'll be in the majority!

Why hasn't he signed it yet?

Is he going to let it go into law without a signature like the Kentucky hemp thing?  That's kind of cowardly for any governor to do, eh?

Hugh Yonn's picture

Why is 'freedom' never mentioned?

We all know that someday, soon, this prohibition will end. I spent 5 years in Federal Prison for a marijuana offense.  The memorable day that I met with the parole panel, I asked, "When pot becomes legal, what will my 5 years spent in prison have meant?" Their response, "That is a very philosophical question. We don't deal with philosophy in this office." Case closed...go back to your cell.  When the 5 years were gone, I walked out and never looked back. But, I know to this day, there are thousands of Americans still rotting in jail over a plant.  I wrote about the escapades that led to my imprisonment. The book:

Shoulda Robbed a Bank

I would be honored by your review. It's vailable at The table of contents is a story by itself.


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