CA Police Chase of Pot Car Ends in Fatal Crash

A Nevada man died Monday afternoon after his marijuana-laden car crashed during a high speed police pursuit on Interstate 80 in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The as yet unnamed man becomes the 13th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

According to KCRA TV, the California Highway Patrol began pursuing a BMW near Big Bend, and the chase lasted 20 minutes at speeds exceeding 100mph before the BMW driver lost control, his car went airborne, and containers and jars of marijuana went flying.

According to KCRA's reporter, Claire Doan, it was the transport of marijuana "which might have started this traffic nightmare on I-80."

In addition to the deceased driver of the BMW, two California Conservation Corps workers who were working on the side of the highway were also injured, with one of them suffering "major head injuries" and being transported by helicopter to a hospital in Sacramento.

Dutch Flat, CA
United States
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Good Job Cops.

Why don't you shoot some jay walkers while your at it.

replique montre

The marijuana transport is

The marijuana transport is very illegal and the people still smuggling it. If they have surrendered we could have avoided this fatal crash. Anyway good work by cops chasing those BMW. We are very proud of our vigilant cops. Thank you. read more here

Car Crash

Car crashes or car accidents are very common these days. It is because of the unconscious and rash driving by the car operators. They should be very careful about their driving for their safety. Drunk driving and Distract driving are to most common reason of more car accidents. So, these things must be avoided for safety. Here the BMW car, that was chased by the police finally ends with a car crash and its a sad thing that people not catch them safely. But, due to accidents damages happens to the BMW car. BMW repair and maintenance are necessary for the BMW users.

Fatal crash

In most of the crime story we have found various kinds of chasing story and that is basically in between police and criminal. And in these stories we have found various types of fatal crashes during escapism; here also we can get enough on fatal crash where police vehicle chase but unfortunately it ends in a fatal crash.

Fatal crash or vehicle accidents are quite common and we have found multiple case of fatal crash now days; so in order to put a restriction on these issues we should be more confident in our driving skills. Otherwise we should avoid certain possibilities while driving such as; drink and drive, irresponsible drive and speed factors. So after that we used to prefer certified vehicle repair center for our damaged vehicles.

I feel sorry for the workers

I feel sorry for the workers who were injured because of the smuggler unconsciousness, those who have anything to do with drugs, should learn something out of this. I was at the Premier Toyota dealership looking for a new car when I heard the news, i hope the police will get better cars in the future so they can stop such actions from happening.

These are sad news, but they

These are sad news, but they are a bitter reality of our daily existence and I see two possibilities to prevent such events. First, border controls should be more severe, smugglers are capable of anything to bring drugs in the U.S. Then, I think that police weaponry must be improved, perhaps some AR accessories will help a lot the patrol officers on such matters.

Chasing and racing both the

Chasing and racing both the terms are differ from each other, but it almost ends in a fatal crash. Basically fatal crash occurs due to various other factors such as; speed and irresponsible driving; it results vehicle damage as well as life risk. Here also we have found a case where CA police chase and ends in a fatal crash; I must say that the traffic system should be restrict the speed, which decrease the percentage of fatal crash in every zone. So it's better to be safe on roads and highways while driving and follow the traffic rules and regulations to avoid crash.

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To stay safe, we have to drive safe.

It all depends on us how we want to stay. To stay safe we have to drive safe. If we do rush driving or consume alcohol when we are supposed to drive or when we are driving then car accident is an unavoidable fact. As mentioned here after 20 minutes of chase the BMW vehicle crashed. If accident happens the person inside the car gets hugely affected along with this the vehicle gets seriously damaged. So, it is a bit dangerous. Some people says that after a vehicle committed an accident it is worth less to repair. But, it is really false, the only thing we have to consider is that we have to go for a good repair center. A good expertise car repair center can deal with the car that committed accident. So, not only careless driving or rush driving is the fact behind car accident, vehicle breakdown is also a fact. So, to avoid the same we can go for the same expertise car repair center and can achieve the same for our beloved vehicle. Those who are in Winston-Salem and have a Mercedes can come for the best Mercedes repair center in Winston-Salem and can better service with reasonable price. It has export mechanic and also have good technology to repair or service our car.

Communication is a very

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Accident ration now increase

Accident ration now increase as per the past record and after a accident, there are many type of problems create for the people. In the highway, most of the accident happen by the vehicles, some people lost their life or got disable. So how to avoid these type of things is important for everybody, always follow the traffic rules and drive carefully for the better.

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Accident ration now increase

Accident ration now increase as per the past record and after a accident, there are many type of problems create for the people. In the highway, most of the accident happen by the vehicles, some people lost their life or got disable. So how to avoid these type of things is important for everybody, always follow the traffic rules and drive carefully for the better.

These car crash rates are

These car crash rates are supposed to decrease but are increasing day by day. First thing it is clear that, we have to drive attentively and second thing our vehicle must be in good condition. If both cases fail then there is a huge chance of crash or accident. If we do not want to waste money for unnecessary things that happen to car then it is better for us to do regular maintenance as well as servicing. These things can save us from huge money waste. We have to drive safe else loose in concentration can lead to accident or crash of the vehicle. Sometimes because of vehicle's functionality error vehicle breakdown takes place. We have to stay aware of such situation and have to avoid the same. I have a BMW and as we all know it is a luxurious car. So, to avoid any error in it, I prefer to do its routine maintenance and service it from a good BMW repair center in Chicago

Fatal Crash, accidents and

Fatal Crash, accidents and things like this can be controlled if we people stay aware of the fact of driving. We all know that we have to drive safe and have to take proper care of the vehicle to stay safe but, we always miss out either thing. As mentioned here about fatal crash and a hit and run case, we have to learn from such mistakes and have to implement them positively in our day to day life. We have to do the maintenance of the vehicle and it is really important because, most of the crashes happen because the vehicle goes out of order during the driving. When in my Mini I think some problems are there I just visit the best Mini Cooper repair center in Boston, MA and get my Mini repaired and serviced. All people must have to do the same when they see any error in their vehicle.

These type of cases are

These type of cases are becoming very common now a days and by these types of actions people getting very humiliated. Actions must be taken against the culprits. Car crash and accidents must be minimized. There are lots of vehicle users those who do not know the normal criteria to maintain their car. They should take regular care which would help the user to reduce the accident rates.

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