New Hampshire Marijuana Decrim Bill Defeated in Senate

New Hampshire won't be the next state to decriminalize marijuana possession, at least not this year. The state Senate Thursday voted down a decriminalization bill, with senators calling it "deeply flawed."

Introduced by Rep. Kyle Tasker, House Bill 621 would have decriminalized the possession of up to a quarter ounce and imposed a maximum fine of $200. The bill passed the House in March on 214-115 vote.

But it had a rougher reception in the Senate. The Senate Judiciary Committee gave it a negative recommendation in April, and now the Senate has killed it.

The bill was too lenient, opponents claimed. Sen. Donna Soucy (D-Manchester) told the Associated Press the bill made punishments for pot possession more lenient than those for alcohol or tobacco (presumably for minors), that the House version of the bill had no age parameters, and that there were no increased penalties for repeat offenders.

Marijuana decriminalization or legalization bills have been introduced in nearly two dozen states this year. Some, like New Hampshire's, are already dead, but others remain alive.

Concord, NH
United States
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New Hampshire number one beer consumer

It's no surprise that in a state that has the highest beer consumption per capita that marijuana is being kept out with a passion.  I bet the ladies love to show off their husbands' beer guts in public.

Oh yeah and I'm sure the

Oh yeah and I'm sure the Marijuana Munchies Guts would also love it. You are devoid of logic in your posting. We don't need our state to have more marijuana than it already does.

This legislation, however,

This legislation, however, would have merely stopped criminal proceedings for possession, instead of burdening police and DAs with prosecution and slapping a felony or misdemeanor rap on the sheet of the unfortunate who decided not to go into the state run liquor for an intoxicant... not increase usage nor supply...stupid move by a stupidly run state in my opinion...

Unfortunately, New Hampshire

Unfortunately, New Hampshire still has too many backwards rednecks for something like this to pass.

smokingspirit's picture

expose the genicide and bring these natzi to justice


<[email protected]>

10:53 AM (3 hours ago)


to bc1900



Steven Wynn "Steve" Kubby (born December 28, 1946) is a Libertarian Party activist who played a key role in the drafting and passage of California Proposition 215. The proposition was a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana which was approved by voters in 1996. Kubby himself is well known as a cancer patient who relies on medical cannabis. He has authored two books on drug policy reform: The Politics of Consciousness,[1] and Why Marijuana Should Be Legal.[2] He was the Libertarian Party of California candidate for Governor of California in 1998

In 1996, Kubby was instrumental in the drafting and passage of California Proposition 215, The Compassionate Use Act of 1996. [2] Despite the victory of Prop. 215, Kubby and his wife, Michele, were arrested, jailed and prosecuted, under the false claim that the voter initiative provides only an affirmative defense and that it is to be used by only "seriously ill patients."[citation needed]

The Placer County Sheriff's Department had been sent an anonymous letter alleging that the Kubby's had been operating a major grow operation from their residence, and began an investigation. Kubby learned of this, and invited them to inspect the grow room, by passing a note through his own household trash, which the police had begun searching. That note, "...addressed to law-enforcement personnel, advising them of Steve Kubby's use of medicinal marijuana, maintenance of a garden, possession of no more than 3.5 pounds of pot and his cancer condition," was removed from his trash and entered as evidence by the prosecution.[5]

He was held in San Mateo County Jail in Redwood City, where, according to NORML spokesman Dale Gieringer, he was becoming rapidly ill. He was transported to Placer County Jail Friday afternoon and was arraigned at 1 p.m. in Dept. 13 of Placer County Superior court Tuesday, 31 January. Gieringer reports that Placer County Jail granted Kubby access to Marinol, a THC synthetic which lacks the cannabinoids which have been shown to modulate catecholamine levels. Kubby, with the Marinol, immediately went into cardiac arrest due to the lack of subsequent cannabinoids whi.....


They forced him up to Canada where he tried to claim refugee status when he was forced back they tortured this guy until he pissed blood for weed they claim anonymous sent a letter its time we expose these back stabbing talibomb using high technology to sell out our freedom while these gay cowards hide in the back ground sabotaging and destroying our liberties not by law but by economic war as they feed there prison empire promoting Hovers Holiday Hotel for there sick agenda

10,000 people die on the streets each year fighting for there genetic neurological historical and religious rights the first one on the no fly list wasn’t the Arab but the green party candidate talking about alternative fuels- Daniel chung the San Diego university student the head of the DEA admitted they tried to kill him there genocide needs to be stop and these cowards are going to have to accept the will of the people.



Technology update :

The weapons they use to attack the peaceful smoker or any other undesirable , for there so called public good, the economic warfare they wage against the smoker is not just taxes lets look at the extreme weapons they have at their disposal when we could have fuel for 0.98cents a gallon from hemp and the oil industry and medical monopoly team up to profit off our old and sick while they can subvert the truth making Americans pay 1 million dollars a minute for Gasoline they will do everything to keep it that way when The top 20% of Americans owned 85% of the country's wealth and the bottom 80% of the population owned 15% you have to realize that they hide in the back ground deciding who is going to profit and who isn’t regardless of how hard you work when the hand is quicker than the eye and the machine is a hell of a lot quicker than the hand you don’t have much of a chance when they decided they want to destroy you with there lies and propaganda so when they come after you and start running you broke look for there technology like the

* Harry Potter Inadvisable Cloak- according to the japan university they were 90% successful at perfecting it 2002

*They can shine a laser from a mile away on a glass window and hear everything that goes on in a room (NPR)

*They have weapons/drugs that they can shoot and or use to make someone Highly attracted to another weather its the opposite sex or not (weapons of the future Cable vision)

*They are capable of creating a high state of anxiety and or anger ( sound technology is classified Information) Colombian journalist review

*They can use high technology to make someone eat a bag of stale potato chips using High Frequency sound (BBC science report)

*There flying drones can be 2 miles up on a clear day and you could not see them or hear them ( this does not include the ones made out of clear Plexiglas)

*In the 1960s their satellites could see someone holding something less than a 3” inches in diameter

*Their heat wave gun they show on trucks for crowd control can be narrowed down to a single beam and much smaller

*There airport body scanners are not just huge machines but can be made for a hand held device

*There needless air powered injectors advertised in the medical journals 1990s are not just used to place deadly drugs in (Daily north Korean spy) but can be used to control the crave

*They just don’t make designer steroids for the athletics and Breathalyzer pills for the Europeans (Breathalyzer pills stop the breathalyzer from working)

*They control the Crave from their nicotine patch to their Parkinson's drug( Parkinson's drug used to make someone more addicted to electronic TV- or slot machines

*With a push of the button they can take the (umph) out of alcohol

they have drugs that they can delay the alcohol buzz so the person can sit around and out drink his opponent acting drunk and not have the effects

*There endorphin studies can make someone violently ill when he choose to do something I E . smoke ( basically torturing him into submission)

*There endorphin studies they know they can block certain receptors in the brain in order to take all the joy out of life and or make him carry out small task ( turn left when you should turn right)

*There invisible suite and there suction cups allow them to climb unnoticed an almost spider man

*Camouflage technology BBC they can park a tank 300 ft away and you couldn't see it

*Their noise cancelling technology sound travels in waves if you can match the waves it become still and or silent subliminal or verbal suggestions and or submissions can aid or disrupt

*The Manchurian candidate but only on a small scale just enough to disrupt the criminal element the criminal forever being the smoker

*They don’t just sabotage marriages in Richmond California( its for the public good and they have there population control

*They are capable of disrupting relationships they will tell you its just black on black crime or that its just a bunch of Mexicans killing one other while they hide in the back ground creating

all the crime and violence

*They just don’t plant drugs on people in Fla- LA-New York- Hern TX. Duke university its top down protocol “ they don’t get paid to write nice reports on smokers

*They can find black oil miles below the ocean and you think you are safe in your brick house?

*Deplete a man his sugar and you can have a sugar addict and chase him around the world and claim its just a big fat looser that needs to be run broke

Make someone allergic to peanuts and you can chase him around the world with your peanut oil claiming it just another crazy

These are just a few of the technology they use while making designer drugs for the athletics can make them a few million when they can subvert the true science of weed controlling the crave they can make billions not only on the black market – but there prison empire explosion will make millions while a few will be getting $250.00 for a pack of cigarettes in prison the real bonus will be that these coward will be able to sit around and get drunk and stoned at tax payers expense parting with people like cheech and chong where they can spend 12.9 million dollars playing high roller and the only crime they could get him to commit was selling glass art work out of state no person in the world can be safe while these Nazi are waging economic, social and emotional warfare against the smoker remember man only sees a small spectrum of light only hears a small spectrum of sound and until these Nazi are brought out of hiding no one can be safe- but since there weapons are forever classified, since they boast about their Charlie Daniels they converted, there Saturday night life crew they eliminated, and too bad about Jerry Garcia -Saint Jerry Garcia who wondered what fixation feeds us deeper and although weed grew out side my window in Nepal the desire to get high didn't hardly exist at all- it just must be the holy spirit demanding we honour the first page of the christian Bible more in America for weed so as the angle came down from heaven carrying a pipe and a horn May that pipe or horn never be criminalized or demonized and may the burnt offering of Saint Anthony, lord Shiva and Buddha stand equal with those who worship Apollo and swear to hypocrites (make there hypocritical oath ) and dare to try to tell us how it must be for their public good ha -Hover had his public good torturing the heterosexuals according to (wired magazines) they didn’t just target the Berkeley elite read more at ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND [email protected]

No wonder the bill failed in

No wonder the bill failed in the senate as decriminalizing Marijuana can bring in serious consequences. It can trigger the illegal trading of Marijuana and thereby, it will eat up the youth gradually. crm system The Senate has positively responded to the bill by keeping these dangers in mind.

Yes if we legalize all drugs

Yes if we legalize all drugs the bad guys don't get money and if they don't have money they can't buy out the corrupt cops and government. All problems solved. Really gives me a lot of faith in the law enforcement. They'll protect us from cheap thugs but if your the victim of a rich mob then it's basically "Your fucked your on your own". Money is whats important not human lives or justice is the message and we shouldn't blame the corrupt people who's job it is to protect and serve.

It isn't illegal any more,

It isn't illegal any more, well it is but you need a good reason, just say you are depressed and you get too angry so you smoke to calm your self down....thats how i get my weed from the government.

It's funny how drug users

It's funny how drug users want to legalize drugs to lower crimes in country like Mexico. When in the first place if they didn't use drugs they would be no demand and no killings in the first place.

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