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Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #792)

Dear friend of drug policy reform, needs your support more than ever before to continue our work of getting the word out online for the drug policy reform movement, building the movement, and providing this crucial informational tool that reformers around the world use in their work every day. I ask your support at this time with the most generous donation you can afford to enable this newsletter to continue.

For those of you willing to donate $50 or more, I'm excited to announce the authors of three important new works have each agreed to sign at least 25 copies for our newest membership offer!

(Click on the links above for more info on the three books. Phil's reviews of High Price and Race to Incarcerate are online here and here, and a review of Too High to Fail is forthcoming.)

To donate, and to order any of these or other items we offer, please use our online donation form at, or scroll down for info on donating by mail. We are asking donations of $50 or more for a signed copy of any one or these books, $95 or more for signed copies of any two, or $135 or more for signed copies of all three. (If more than 25 people order the books by the time you place your order, we will ask the authors if they're willing to sign more. If that can't be worked out, we'll contact you and offer to make different arrangements, whether for a full or partial refund or to send different items.)

Now, $50 is a little more than we've asked for such items in the past, and of course they can be ordered online or purchased in a bookstore for less. Things have changed in the drug reform funding scene, making our organization more dependent on membership to continue our programs -- I hope you'll choose to support us at this time. Note that we continue to offer a range of books, videos, and gift items with donations of as little as $7 -- visit our donation form to see the full list.

Also note that donations to can be tax-deductible, supporting our educational work, or non-deductible, supporting our lobbying work. (Note that selecting any gift items reduces the amount of your donation that is deductible -- which with a smaller gift amount can be most of it.) Donations can be made by credit card or PayPal at, or sent by mail to P.O. Box 18402, Washington, DC 20036. If you are donating by check, please make it payable to DRCNet Foundation (if tax-deductible) or Drug Reform Coordination Network (if not deductible). If you wish to donate stock, the information to give your brokerage is Ameritrade, (800) 669-3900), DTC#0188, and account number 781926492 for tax-deductible gifts or 864663500 for non-deductible gifts -- please make sure to contact us if donating in this way.

Thank you for standing with us to stop the drug war's cruelties and meet the opportunity this time offers to make a brighter future. As recent events show, time and the truth are on our side!


David Borden, Executive Director
Washington, DC

Permission to Reprint: This content is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license. Content of a purely educational nature in Drug War Chronicle appear courtesy of DRCNet Foundation, unless otherwise noted.


marmaloosh (not verified)

 Every time an A list celeb ods , the media talking heads and politicians have a field day yammering about a problem they know little or nothing about ,  Obviously the so called DRUG WAR is an unqualified failure ,  applying the same methods and expecting different results is the definition of INSANITY, what is needed is a harm reduction approach . One problem among many is Doctors , in many pain management clinics , even the legitimate ones are ignorant to the nature of opiate addiction , after prescribing oxycodone one doctor warned me to be careful these may be habit forming , as an opiate addict at the time I knew well that there was no  maybe about it . many many people were introduced to opiates by Doctors , if you use opiates of any kind regularly (about 30 days or so) you most likely WILL be physically and psychologically addicted . what is to be done ? first addiction should be treated as a public health issue like cancer or any other medical problem , another problem is that all illegal drugs lumped together , Big mistake , marijuana has nothing to do with opiates except there still considered a title ONE category listing , The pharmaceutical industry bears an equal responsibility for this problem , just sit through a commercial for any anti depressants, the disclaimer are frightening .Heroin Maintenance has been documented effectual in Europe .

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