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Police Kill Texas Woman Fleeing Drug Warrants

A police officer in the suburban Dallas community of Richardson, Texas, shot and killed a woman with outstanding drug arrest warrants as she fled from an attempted traffic stop Monday morning. Emily Krumrei, 32, becomes the 9th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

Emily Josephine Krumrei (Smith County SO)
According to the Dallas Morning News, citing Richardson police spokesperson Sgt. Kevin Perlich, an officer "was attempting to get a violator to pull over in a parking lot" for reasons that are yet unclear, but Krumrei fled in her Lexus. Shortly thereafter, an officer in a squad car saw her and attempted to stop her, but she refused to pull over.

Krumrei turned onto the southbound frontage road to the North Central Expressway. There, Perlich said, "a third officer near the frontage road was working a traffic accident. He stepped out into the road and tried to get her to stop." But instead, Perlich said, Krumrei accelerated and clipped the officer. "The officer, in fear for his life, fired upon the vehicle," Perlich said.

The Dallas NBC affiliate had a slightly, but significantly, different chronology of the shooting. According to NBC, the officer "fired at least one shot at the woman before being struck by the car."

In either case, the officer was not seriously injured or hospitalized.

Krumrei was taken to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Perlich said an investigation into her death was ongoing, but "it's possible she wasn't stopping because she had several outstanding warrants for her arrests."

The Morning News reported that records show Krumrei had been indicted in Dallas County in April for possessing between one and four grams of cocaine, and that she also had outstanding felony drug warrants from Smith County, a hundred miles to the east.

Richardson, TX
United States
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Two Sides, one mistake

What was the cop thinking is my question.
"Oh my GAWDS! I have to shoot her or the car won't stop!" because y'know when the driver dies the car stops. That's my point though, if the cop feared for his life, the logical answer would be to dive out of the way of the car or even run away. Shooting the driver of a runnaway car is also endangering others as obviously she will suddenly lose control of the vehicle and then possibly crash into someone else. He was at a traffic stop so that also means there would've been other people around to endanger. The officer had no regard for the safety of others. This makes me question how this story went down. Likely the officer was clipped, the person kept driving and they started firing in anger.
People will say "She shouldn't have run", but in Texas, for what she had, if she got caught her life would've been effectively over. Her choice was run or die inside. When people are faced with life or death they will do anything to get out of it. It's in our genes.
Had the drug war not existed, the police officer would not have been hurt by the car and this woman would still be alive.


NOT a drug enforcement action here-

This was a traffic stop- and the woman was actively evading police and show that she was willing to run down anyone in her way.  The fact that she had drug related warrants had nothing to do with officers actions as they were unaware of that at the time.

murder. cold blooded murder.

So she "clipped" the cop then he murdered her. But the cop was not hurt. Was he even clipped? Or is this just more police lies and murdered civilians?Somehow i bet the dashcam video gets deleted or erased. possibly it was "not working". Pfft. we are onto you cops. We watch, we wait.

Cops suck at their jobs.

Cops suck at their jobs. They r just looking for the action movie reasons to be asses. I knew people that became cops. It changed them. Don't trust cops. Fear them.

All because drugs are

All because drugs are illegal. 

If not for the drug war, none of this would have happened. 

This is another crime against humanity.


Hell no he did not have to shoot her even if she did fire at him he is more superior with a gun than her her has the edge sounds a little scared,,,fire him, no check,he didn't have to shoot her,,,

Once again the brave men in

Once again the brave men in costumes shoot someone in the back. How proud of themselves they must be.

Absolutely warranted.

Wake up fools.
You accelerate at a pay the price.

Every cop shooting has one thing in common: the suspect didn't do as he was told.

Actually, the cop got in

Actually, the cop got in front of her car and then point blank shot her in the driver's side window. She had 2 children 2 and 9 and was never convicted of the drug charges and tested negative for drugs. I believe it was cold blooded murder also and I hope the cop goes to jail for it.

Cop Actions

First off, I saw nothing in this article that says where the bullet entered the vehicle.
Second, Usually, if a cop decides at some point he will attempt to pull you over, has already run your plates, and unless the car has no plates or is stolen, he probably knows who or what he is dealing with.

If you decide to run, you are evading a police officer, and that is an additional charge, which is added to what you may already be facing. Also, if you choose to do things that draw attention to yourself, like not fix your lights, or drive in an ignorant manner, you are only asking for it. I am not saying that the officers involved have acted in an unlawful manner, maybe one of them recognized the vehicle, and thereby, knew who was in it. Happens all the time. With so many outstanding warrants over her head, she was already putting herself out there, and this was almost inevitable. Also, with the number of innocent people who are injured or killed during police chases, they have added incentive to stop people who run to avoid arrest, before it gets too far out of hand.

Because of the current drug laws and various initiatives (money), I believe that there are those who have incentives to act in an inappropriate manner, like the NYPD higher-ups. Also, the police are taught to act in a certain way, that will nail you no matter what you say.  If you are pulled over KEEP YOU MOUTH SHUT. You only add to whatever the officer may or may not know before the stop. Oh you can say hello to them and ask why the stop, but don't say too much or you will get in over your head, QUICKLY. In light of the fact that the drug war has created an air of distrust of the authority we ourselves have given to law enforcement, and the way the people in charge of these policies have abused them, it puts us in direct conflict with them, and does not make things any better.

This has to stop and it seems as though we are waiting for Eric Holder to get off the fence. If Obama used pot, why is he the president?

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