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This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A St. Louis cop is headed for federal prison for re-selling seized pot, a Camden cop is heading there, too, for running amok in the drug war, a Miami cop awaits sentencing for transporting what he thought was cocaine, and a Baltimore jail guard gets popped for smuggling weed and psychedelics into the jail. Let's get to it:

In Baltimore, a Baltimore jail guard was arrested last Friday on charges he was smuggling drugs into Central Booking. Guard Michael McCain, 44, was indicted on eight drug counts, including possession with intent to distribute marijuana and 5-methoxy-diisopropyltryptamine, better known as "Foxy Methoxy," a psychedelic.

In Miami, a Miami-Dade police officer was convicted last Wednesday of helping to transport shipments of what he thought was cocaine on behalf of a man he believed was a South Beach club manager, but who instead turned out to be an undercover FBI agent. Officer Daniel Mack was convicted of conspiracy to possess and distribute multiple kilos of cocaine and using a firearm in the commission of a crime. He is looking at 15-to-life when he is sentenced in December. Mack was convicted along with two other men of transporting 19 kilos of what they thought was cocaine from Miami Beach to Aventura. They were paid $25,000 for their efforts. Mack had been suspended without pay pending trial; he will now be fired.

In Camden, New Jersey, a former Camden police officer was sentenced last Wednesday to 20 months in federal prison for stealing money during drug raids, illegally searching homes, planting evidence, and lying in court. He copped to conspiracy and deprivation of civil rights. Kevin Parry, 32, was one of four Camden police officers arrested on corruption charges in 2010. He got a reduced sentence because he testified in the trial of one of the others. Two of the others also pleaded guilty and are now doing time, while a third awaits sentencing. Camden County prosecutors dropped the charges in 210 cases in which the quartet was involved.

In St. Louis, a former St. Louis police officer was sentenced Monday to five years in federal prison for seizing marijuana, then working with his brother to sell it on the streets. Larry Davis, 46, was a supervisory agent for a unit doing drug investigations, and he admitted seizing packages containing marijuana from delivery businesses, then selling the weed. His brother also got federal prison time, but only a year.

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Undercover Cops, Undercover Dealers

Cops dress like drug users, undercover, because there is no real crime: there is no victim.  That's why nobody wants them around, nobody wants their goddamn "help."  But if you are a drug dealer, it may make sense to get a "cover" job as a cop.  Even if you get busted, which isn't likely, the cops will go to bat FOR you, not against you!  Ain't that a trip?

Can You Survive the Coming U.S. Police Surveillance State?

Once U.S. Government completes building its multi-billion dollar Surveillance State that will spy on Americans’ every move, it is problematic some in government and the private security complex that (profit) selling the government domestic spying systems, will want to insure the Surveillance Police State is made permanent. That can only be achieved by revoking U.S. Citizens’ right to Vote; Americans could not successfully resist politically or otherwise. Congress has approved thousands of police drones to spy on Americans’. The coming Surveillance Police State will have the ability to read your private email, record your phone calls, track your Internet Activity, spy inside your house, literally follow your every move. TSA can search Americans using any mode of transportation.


The Military can now use The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 to arrest and indefinitely detain anyone on U.S. Soil without evidence on the premise he or she supported hostilities or terrorism or is a Belligerent.


With the coming U.S. Police Surveillance State expect higher unemployment, the economy to stagnate and huge increases in federal taxes to support the Surveillance State. Federal employees will fare better, paid higher salaries and more benefits compared to most working Americans spied on by Government. Historically Citizens that fear a Government Police Surveillance State won’t risk investing—in homes, income producing property or buy a business that a police state government can confiscate (without due process). For example U.S. Government can use the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 to charge without evidence that all of a Citizen’s assets are subject to civil government forfeiture under the USA Patriot Act charging a Citizen supported an undefined terrorist act or hostilities, or charge without providing evidence a Citizen’s tenant, visitor or employee committed a crime or violation that made their real property or business subject to government forfeiture.


Should a Total Surveillance State take over America, generally a Total Police State follows: expect most tangible assets owned by Americans will depreciate, become difficult to sell. Citizens that fear Government, generally buy only products that are absolutely necessary. Historically expect persons inside or connected to Federal Government that are protected, don’t have to fear government/police confiscating their property, will purchase Americans’ real and personal property for next to nothing. That happened in Nazi Germany after Hitler started enforcing laws he got passed similar to The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 that Pres. Obama signed.


It appears problematic at some point, Americans won’t be allowed employment or the right to operate a business unless approved by Homeland Security; and Homeland will prohibit without explanation Americans using pubic and private transportation without Government approval.


According to news reports, it appears U.S. Government may have its Total Surveillance Police State mostly completed by the end of 2014.


Read Oct. 8, 2012: FBI begins installation of $1 billion face recognition system across America


Read July 26, 2012: Pentagon Will Pay Univ. to Develop Powerful Facial Recog. Software



Rights going the way side

This slow and yet momentum gaining process of losing our rights for our own good has been going on for decades and I noticed this back in the mid 80s and said to others that if doesnt stop were doomed.Fast forward 25  years and I'm affraid its to late.I myself have had pretty much all I ever worked for in my life stolen from me,beaten and locked up for a week with nocharges filed against me,our beloved Cocker Spanial Max beaten to death on our yard( he lived for a week and I paid the bill)and tickets sent in the mail unsigned and had to pay or jail.My crime,my girlfriend died and owned some farmland.We had a daughter together and she was the heir.Her will disappeared,I spent all I had on a crooked lawyer who pretended to be on my side.Bottom line,Sheriff was former DEA agent or state,DA was paying 3 child support pymts and 250000 restitution to Audibon,Iowa for his sexual galivantsand his dad is a retired Chief district judge in the 3rd district and his manwhore son was just appointed to district judge by Gov.Brandstad.This shit goes on and on.My daughter inherited from her grandparents who used a lawyer who was suspended 4 times by the Iowa Supreme Court Justicesand suppossedly died.Needless to say they stole millions of dollars worth of land and destroyed who nos how many familys .I like to call it the wheel of doom but the fact of the matter is we are already their SLAVES.The wheel of doom will come around to you to maybe not today or next week but its here and its coming for you.

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