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This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #742)
Drug War Issues

A former Missouri sheriff heads to federal prison, a former Kansas City cop is headed there, too, and a former South Carolina deputy is looking at drug charges. Let's get to it:

In Greenville, South Carolina, an Anderson County sheriff's deputy was arrested last Monday on official misconduct charges after the sheriff and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division charged he "did engage in numerous drug transactions" and "provided sensitive information to individuals not authorized to receive that information. Deputy Shane Thompson, 34, was booked into the Anderson County Detention Center upon arrest. He is now ex-Deputy Thompson.

In St. Louis, a former Carter County sheriff and one of his deputies were sentenced Monday to 10 years and five years, respectively, in prison on federal firearms theft charges. Ex-Sheriff Tommy Adams, 32, also is facing state charges accusing him of distributing cocaine and methamphetamine. A trial date has not been set on those charges. Adams and then-Deputy Steffanie Kearbey, 24, were arrested in April 2011 on state charges they sold meth to a confidential informant. Adams is also accused of snorting some in front of the snitch, and faces cocaine sales charges as well. The state charges against Kearbey have been dropped.

In Kansas City, Kansas, a third member of a Kansas City police unit was sentenced Tuesday for stealing electronics from houses they were searching on drug warrants. Dustin Sillings, 34, got eight months in federal prison and a year's probation for violating federal civil rights law. Sillings and his partners in the Selective Crime Occurrence Reduction Enforcement (SCORE) Unit went down in an FBI sting after complaints percolated up to the feds. One of his partners got eight months like Sillings; the other got 12 months. Sillings admitted to ripping off $340 in cash during the sting and a handful of video games during other searches.

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Thank you for posting these.  I'm relieved a little bit I always worry about the corrupt ones who get busted for torturing or killing people.  At least these 3 were - as far as we know - just dealing and stealing.  They're actually a pathetic looking lot.  You'd think they could've aimed higher especially Sillings who stole video games from houses he searched.  What a loser.

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 7:53pm Permalink
disgusted (not verified)

   a suspected crooked narc, named Eric Downs at 18148 Sunburst in Northridge , California has gone unchecked by local Devonshire Division lapd for years.....lic. no. BAJA2NA Ca. & large boat , decal on boat 'JIGALOW"...& large service truck Lic. no. HNTNPSH Ca. with bogus 'electrical contractor decal' on cab. Downs is a chronic threat to justice & society....a parasitic blu coward !

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