Americans Want Feds Out of State Marijuana Laws

In the wake of last month's votes to legalize marijuana in Colorado and Washington, yet another poll has found strong opposition to the federal government taking steps to enforce federal marijuana laws in those states. A Gallup poll released Monday found that only 34% wanted the feds to step in, while almost two-thirds (64%) were opposed.

Two other post-election polls released earlier also showed majority support for the feds butting out. One had support for letting the states experiment with legalization at 51%, the other at 59%. Combined, the polls suggest that public opinion is moving against Washington when it comes to deciding who should determine marijuana policy in the states.

The Gallup poll also asked about views on marijuana legalization and found that 48% said it should be legal, while 50% were opposed. Since the poll's margin of error is +/- 4%, the results indicate a country evenly divided on the issue. Three other post-election polls on the question had majorities in favor of legalization, while one more had a 47%-47% tie.

When it comes to whether the federal government should intervene, not only did an overwhelming majority (87%) of legalization supporters said it should not, but even 43% of those who opposed legalization said it should not.

"The significant majority of Americans would advise the federal government to focus on other issues, even though public pot smoking in states where it is legal flouts national laws currently on the books," Gallup said. "By contrast, there is no clear-cut direction from the American public on the underlying issue of legalizing use of marijuana. Although support for legalization has risen substantially over the past 43 years, the public remains divided, with Democrats and young people most in favor, while Republicans and older Americans are most likely to be opposed."

More grist for the mill as the Obama administration ponders its response to marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington.

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Hugh Yonn's picture

Shoulda Robbed a Bank

It's time to end this fiasco.  Quit playing this stupid game.  We are free Americans.  Not some children to be coddled and told about 'the boogey man.' 

Anyone in the United States with half a brain sees what a horrible hoax has been carried on since 1937.

Cut the crap!  Quit locking people up for a plant that could possibly save the US economy.  Not to mention its medicinal values.  From what I have read, we may be on the cusp of some huge breakthroughs in the field of medicine.

And, completely unlike 'big pharma' who have been killing thousands of our citizens per year.

I have written 2 books concerning the 'evil weed:'

'Shoulda Robbed a Bank'

'Welcome to Prison--Enjoy Your Stay'

They are both available on ...I spent 5 years in Federal Prison just to acquire the material for, I did not 'volunteer.'

I would be honored by your reviews, 

Hugh Yonn


The people have the power

In a country for the people and by the people the government must bend to the will of the people. The people have awakened to the failed  war on the most useful plant on the planet. The war is criminal. A criminal is one who infringes on the rights of the people. I too spent 5 years in federal prison for a plant. one love

Thanks to the convicts

I want to personally thank you gentlemen for your sacrifice.I have no doubt it hurt you on many levels.

 The local DA/sheriff has been trying to arrest me for 15 years. Not for growing or dealing but, merely smoking pot.  They have spent thousands in man hours alone tracking me around the city,county,state and the country. Sitting in my bushes at night with a K-9 sniffing me up one side and down the other. They have even sit down the road with K-9s at places where I have to slow down and turn trying to get a whiff as I drive by.

 Insane isn't it? Of course it didn't help when i reported his deputies to the ATF for throwing pipebombs beside my house. Scared the hell out of my neighbors. ATF agent told them it was firecrackers that cracked the concrete basin. Yeah they did!

 I called the SBI when they killed my dog to report the harassment. I mean , who do you call when the cops go bad?

Now i've tarnished his image and he intends to get that misdemeanor on my record so he has me "in the system" since, I am otherwise spit shined clean. You know what his plans are as well as I. He intends to steal my house and lie.

I could write a book on surveillance and tactics myself. I'll make it easy. Waco Texas and the Branch Davidians. That was drug raid protocol right there. Sleep depravation via noises,killing locked up pets,vandalizing personal property and open mocking. At least until they have enough evidence for a warrant. Then they do it in the night.

I have been tortured and terrorized like no american ever should for any reason. Child rapists and killers get better treatment.

That said, I hope america wakes up and realizes that if, the gov't disrespects these votes ,what other votes have they canceled with"tactics". I bet Obama is right now surveying every vote to see if the ppl that voted for legalization voted for him too. He doesn't want to offend his constituency.

Canceling votes should be the last straw for all americans but, we are so divided by partisanship that we can't see that congress is playing good senator / bad senator with us. I lean republican /libertarian and am a born again Christian. Many Christians smoke pot. Even some bible thumpers . It's not a sin unless it's abused. "all things in moderation" and "nothing is evil of itself". Not failing to mention gen 1:29 "i have given thee every green herb bearing seed for meat". I've never seen a version of that scripture in any kind of translation that says "except Cannabis". There's also ezekiel 47:12 and others.

 There's a good study on the subject of "smoke" online if you search. Starts with Ero and ends with wid. Smoke in the bible has a lot to do with worshipping God with the influence of herbs. A lot of ppl will be surprised to learn that God loves "a sweet smelling savor".

Have a great holiday season everybody. Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

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