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Dear reader,


I am writing to ask your support as we head into the new year. The nation's continuing economic challenges present nonprofits with continuing challenges, even in drug policy reform despite the excitement of last month's victories., and the widely read, widely put to use Drug War Chronicle newsletter, need your help to continue in strength into 2013. Would you visit our web site today to make a generous donation to our work and the cause?

A testimonial sent recently by one of the west coast's leading activists helps to illustrate how our steady reporting on drug policy from a reform perspective builds and empowers the movement:

"The West Coast Leaf always looks to the Drug War Chronicle to help us determine the most important stories for our newspaper. Its in-depth coverage is top-notch, providing a well-rounded perspective on the news, along with quotes from drug policy's doers and shakers. At times, we use the stories as well (with all due credit) so the impact of the Chronicle is amplified in print edition. It's a vital resource in activating the masses with relevant information needed to make reform happen."
- Mikki Norris, Publisher and Managing Editor of the West Coast Leaf

Of course publishing information is not all that we do here. We also play important roles in generating grassroots support for legislation, recruiting organizations onto legislative sign-on letters to Congress organized by DC-based criminal justice reform coalitions, speaking with the media and more. This fall we held our first member teleconference, featuring representatives of the three legalization initiatives. More of these events will be held in the new year, and other efforts are in the works to address the special needs of this time -- countering the naysaying and misinformation that opponents of marijuana legalization have already begun to spread, and highlighting and bolstering the growing international debate on drug prohibition as a whole.

But I am not exaggerating when I say that it can't continue to happen without your help. So I hope you'll make a generous donation -- tax-deductible supporting our educational work, or non-deductible for lobbying -- online at our web site by credit card or PayPal today. (Donations can also be made by mail, info below, and we can also accept donations of stock.)

I've mentioned in recent emails that we offer a number of books, videos and other items to our donating members. Some of the older items are available with gifts of as little as $15. The most recent books or videos come with donations of $35 or more. (Note that selecting gifts will reduce the amount of your donation that is tax-deductible.) Of course I hope you will consider donating more than the minimum if you are able, or supplementing your donation with a continuing monthly gift. Or if the gifts are not important to you, I hope you'll consider sending a donation that's just for our work. But we'll be pleased to send you any of our currently in stock items at you request.

At a time like this -- when people are talking about drug policy like never before -- the movement and our part in it are also more important than ever before. So please support our work with a generous donation by credit card or PayPal today. Donations to our organization can be made online at, or they can be mailed to: DRCNet Foundation (tax-deductible), P.O. Box 18402, Washington, DC 20036; or Drug Reform Coordination Network (non-deductible for lobbying), same address.

If you wish to donate stock, the information to give your brokerage is Ameritrade, (800) 669-3900), DTC #0188, and account number 781926492 for tax-deductible gifts or 864663500 for non-deductible gifts -- make sure to contact us if donating in this way.

Thank you for standing with us to stop the drug war's cruelties and meet the opportunity this time offers to make a brighter future. As recent events show, Time, and the truth, are on our side!


David Borden, Executive Director
Washington, DC

Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
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