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Do You Read Drug War Chronicle?

Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #702)

Dear reformer:

Thank you for helping publish 700 issues of Drug War Chronicle!

If you value the service that Drug War Chronicle and provide, I hope you'll consider supporting us in one or both of two ways:

  1. We are in between newsletter grants, and that makes our need for individual donations more important right now -- Drug War Chronicle is free to read but not to produce! Click here to make a donation by credit card or PayPal, or to print out a form to send in by mail.
  2. Please send quotes and reports on how you put our flow of information to work, for use in upcoming grant proposals and letters to funders or potential funders. Do you use as a source for public speaking? For letters to the editor? Helping you talk to friends or associates about the issue? Research? Personal edification? Have you changed your mind about any aspects of drug policy since subscribing, or inspired you to get involved in the cause? Do you reprint or repost portions of our bulletins on other lists or in other newsletters? Do you have any criticisms or complaints, or suggestions? We want to hear those too. Please send your responses -- one or two sentences would be fine; more is great, too -- by email [email protected] or reply to a Chronicle email or use our online comment form. Please let us know if we may reprint your comments, and if so, if we may include your name or if you wish to remain anonymous. IMPORTANT: Even if you have given us this kind of feedback before, we could use your updated feedback now too -- we need to hear from you!

If you prefer to donate by mail, you can send your check or money order to: DRCNet, P.O. Box 18402, Washington, DC 20036. Make your check payable to DRCNet Foundation to make a tax-deductible donation for Drug War Chronicle -- remember if you select one of our member premium gifts that will reduce the portion of your donation that is tax-deductible -- or make a non-deductible donation for our lobbying work -- online or check payable to Drug Reform Coordination Network, same address. We can also accept contributions of stock -- email [email protected] for the necessary info.

Again, thank you for helping us reach this milestone, and for joining us today to celebrate it -- a brighter future lies ahead, with your help.


David Borden, Executive Director
Washington, DC

Permission to Reprint: This content is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license. Content of a purely educational nature in Drug War Chronicle appear courtesy of DRCNet Foundation, unless otherwise noted.


Renee Greer (not verified)

I am an alumni from Arkansas State University.  My criminology professors encouraged us to read these articles for encouragement of daily happenings in the world around us.  I find this site very informative and useful.  I think it helps people understand the current times and challenges that we all should help do something about.  Thank you for all your time and effort.  I would like to see this continue to be a website of information.  Renee Greer

Sat, 10/01/2011 - 6:14pm Permalink
n/a (not verified)

I read your article all the time by I think you need to get behind Ron Paul more if he gets elected he promisses to let people out of federal prisons for drug only offences. He also is one of the biggest advocates you have he talks almost daily about ending the drug war and the dangers of the drug war. If we are ever going to get these drug wars to end it will have to be through education and politically. I think that you have a great cause but wish you would also talk about what other canidates do good for the drug war along with bashing Obama for his failed promiss. The politicians that want to end the drug war are on our side and should be mentioned for the good things they do.

Sun, 10/02/2011 - 2:20pm Permalink
Terry B. (not verified)

In reply to by n/a (not verified)

Obama said the same similar promise . He was supposed to stop federal raids on people who's states have legalized the medical use of marijuana. I do agree with you as a person who doesn't consider myself a Democrat or a Republican. I like a lot of things that Ron Paul has to say.

Mon, 10/03/2011 - 4:11pm Permalink

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