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Trapped Trooper Kills Minnesota Woman Fleeing Drug Bust

Editor's Note: This year, Drug War Chronicle is trying to track every death directly attributable to domestic drug law enforcement during the year. We can use your help. If you come across a news account of a killing related to drug law enforcement, please send us an email at [email protected].]

Minnesota State Patrol cruiser (image via Wikimedia)
A Minnesota woman was shot and killed by a state trooper Saturday as she dragged him with her vehicle while attempting to flee a traffic stop that would have resulted in a drug bust. The woman, Debra Doree, 48, becomes the 34th person to be killed in domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

According to the State Patrol,  the incident began as a routine traffic stop on I-94 Saturday afternoon when the unnamed trooper pulled Doree over for an "equipment violation." The trooper noticed a large amount of "a white crystalline substance" during their interaction and was investigating when Doree jumped back into her vehicle and tried to flee. The trooper's arm got tangled in the steering wheel as she drove off, and she dragged the trooper approximately 30 yards before he was able to unholster his weapon and shoot her. The trooper received minor injuries.

The white substance was later confirmed to be "a very substantial amount of narcotics," said State Patrol spokesman Lt. Eric Roeske. It is not clear what the substance was.

Doree had no criminal record in Minnesota, but her husband, Scott Doree, 53, has numerous convictions, including several for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana.

The unnamed trooper has been put on paid leave pending an investigation of the incident by the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which is charged with investigating officer-involved killings in the state.

St. Paul, MN
United States
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Gotta love that "Grab for the

Gotta love that "Grab for the keys" stunt those LEOs are taught.

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So he risked his life to stop

So he risked his life to stop a non-violent offender from 'fleeing' and then had to shoot and kill her because SHE put HIS life at risk? WTF?? Don't they have cameras in ALL police cars? Didn't he have her license plate number? Couldn't his department have tracked her down at home or something? How much does this guy make a year? 30k? 40k? 50k? Whatever it is it's not enough to risk your life and become a 'Hero' by killing a non-violent drug offender. If she had killed someone (and it wasn't in self defense), raped a young child or bombed a school I could understand his reasoning but give me a break! Everyday the stupidity multiplies and it is directly proportionate to the increase in population in the world.

I only make 40K a year as a

I only make 40K a year as a US soldier yet I put my life on the line every day. It is my job. I have been in situation that a "non-violent" person pulls a gun out of no where or swerves to hit me numerous times. He was doing his job and trying to get drugs off of the street before the were sold to possibly a "young child". And please explain to me how this is directly proportionate to the increase of the worlds population.

Cue Maude Flanders "BUT WHAT


The pedo scare is a massive farce, most abuse comes from family members and authorities, but we'll all sacrifice our freedoms to protect pretty blond rich white girls from roving bands of paedos.

Still, thank you for your service, and be safe!

How to get yourself Killed or Kill someone else in the process

So he risked his life to stop a non-violent offender from 'fleeing' and then had to shoot and kill her because SHE put HIS life at risk? WTF?? Don't they have cameras in ALL police cars? Didn't he have her license plate number? Couldn't his department have tracked her down at home or something? How much does this guy make a year? 30k? 40k? 50k? Whatever it is it's not enough to risk your life and become a 'Hero' by killing a non-violent drug offender. If she had killed someone (and it wasn't in self defense), raped a young child or bombed a school I could understand his reasoning but give me a break! Everyday the stupidity multiplies and it is directly proportionate to the increase in population in the world.

Sorry, but she put the cop's

Sorry, but she put the cop's life in danger, so he had to do what it took to save himself. Pot is one thing but crystal meth is quite another. I've seen first hand what a "white powder" will do to a person and the person's family.

I'm all for marijuana legalization. It's been a long time coming. But for people to spout off about other drugs, I mean, REAL drugs, it makes it easier for the politicians to connect marijuana with the dangerous stuff and keep the weed that I hold dear illegal.

No sympathy here...

Sympathy or not...

It's not clear as to what your definition of drugs entails. What are FAKE drugs as opposed to REAL drugs. Have you considered that cannabis is not actually a drug. Did you know that cannabis is a plant. It contains many psychoactive compounds that if synthesized could be called drugs. Cough syrup contains a drug or drugs. Doctors prescribe drugs for many things. This "REAL" drug you speak of was initially available in small doses in OTC products many years ago. Sympathy or no sympathy, whatever your opinion, it is imperative to utilize proper linguistics. Many deaths like this happen on both sides of the "drug-war" due mostly in part to our ignorance and lack of respect for the power of "drugs". I have had considerable experience in many areas and can tell you methamphetamine is about as dangerous as what you might get prescribed for being bipolar or ADHD. It's the "context" in which illegal drugs are used that makes them "REAL" dangerous drugs. Just like driving a car drunk or without a seatbelt is a context that can lead to great vehicular harm. Both the officer and the dead body are victims here, victims of their own ignorance.

what a joke?

the COP put everyone at risk. he shoots an unarmed woman with no criminal record at 1pm on a busy highway for drugs. who isnt on drugs these days? what about the other motorists on the highway? he could have shot the tire and she wouldnt have made it far!  He shoots her in the head and changes his story 5 times. the feds gonna take it over and give the "statement" on what happened and I'm supposed to believe that? the cops credability is down to zero in my book.  the guy probably gets a medal outta the whole thing. well "F-YOU!'

her husband was a friend of mine and he loses his soulmate and gets federal charges for drugs.  LIFE IN PRISON FOR DRUGS. the cop kills a suspect (innocent until proven guilty) and gets honored.  this country truly SUCKS!! 

The Cop was dragged 90ft

The cops arm got tangled in the steering wheel and he was dragged 90 feet.  She only stopped after he shot her!  I would have shot her too! 

200 feet now its 75

how many times the story gonna change?


Ok I'm not exactly defending the woman or the cop... I am perfectly ok with marijuana but when it comes to meth you have crossed the line. Meth is a very big problem here in Oklahoma and I've seen it ruin many peoples lives and I'm talking about the ones that have never been arrested for it. Also he shouldn't have shot her unless she pulled a gun or something on him. I understand that his arm got caught up in the steering wheel but he should have just let her go and called in back up.

dumb humans

so ya got a cop, a woman 53 yrs old, and a bag of dope.....a few mins latter, ya got a cop, a dead women, and a bag of dope......if both parties never encountered each other...what would ya have......a cop who goes home safe, a women who is alive, and an mty bag of dope.......humans sure are dumb.....why does control end up killing humans in the end....each one [the cop and women] tried to have there own way......why not just hide the bag lady, why not let go of the women and say "oh well"......makes ya think, what really happened

see: drugs are lethal. They

see: drugs are lethal. They got this woman killed

Not exactly

Control of free people is what got this woman killed. There's no proof that the crystal substance was hers or that it wasn't spilled sugar from the coffee she just drank. Killing people should be a last resort instead of the first option. There's way too many people dying from encounters with cops, many in their own homes. The excuses were thin from the beginning and they're just getting thinner.

As noted, the cop did not

As noted, the cop did not know what the white powder was until after the murder had taken place. That powder could have been flour, sugar or any number of innocent things. It was not until she lay there DEAD that the actual product was determined. There is no need for such heroics when only a mechanical fault on the vehicle was the issue for the traffic stop. He endangered his own life and then ultimately that of the woman over a local traffic ticket. There is no reason for such stupidity. This is abominable behavior on the part of the officer. That makes this a case of murder and the cop should be charged for this crime.



ive known debra doree my

ive known debra doree my whole like she was my mothers friend and she was one of the nicest people ive ever met and ill miss her dearly dispit what she did with her spare time test her she was clean as a wistle. drugs are a metereal object and no metereal object is worth losing a life no matter the situation rip.... and that trooper can burn in hell

yup you know it

scott is gonna do something about it.  murder is what i was saying.  the cop is responsible for her death and should pay.  EYE FOR AN EYE

The cops arm got caught on

The cops arm got caught on the steering wheel. Probably his Rolex became entangled with the keyhole.

The way she jumped back in

The way she jumped back in the car, made her look guilty of up to something not good. I don't think she was  good clean person everyone thinks she was. Look who she was married to a guy that has done quite a few

years in jail, for Meth... She married him for some reason.. I'm sure it wasn't for his money.

wait a minute here.....

scott doree is my friend and was not jailed a bunch of times for meth related crimes, maybe a few DSL tickets though. the f'n media is gonna slander him like that to make him look like trash to cover up the senseless murder of debbie who is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.. I hope karma makes the media look worse than child molesters.  AnonymousX you ever suck a fat one to get another bubble packed?  YEAH you been trying for the last week straight

 Cops are trained to look for

 Cops are trained to look for signs of deception in a suspects nonverbal behavior. And when a suspects able to read a cop's deceptive behavior it causes this cause and effect where many innocent people are caused to be alarmed showing similar signs as deception due to the real intentions of the officer. Which goes more like this: Cop was told by his superiors to pull this vehicle over after profiling the person, ( is profiling legal?) and instead of just telling the truth of why she is being pulled over, they make up some "mechanical problem" with vehicle. I dunno how these cops get trained on spotting  mechanical problems, but the ol' license plate light was out could technically be considered mechanical violation, right? And if its of a matter that the pawn being used to pull over said vehicle isn't given the full dislosure and the reasons for pulling over this person, wouldn't this suggest that cops don't have to follow their own rules? This cop knew enough to get excited about the situation and lose his ability to accurately evaluate the risks before he even got to the car. A person trying to leave isn't what I consider a threat to his safety or the publics safety. Cop was over board and lost all disregard to safety completely. Why? What's in it for the cop? Some more gang task force like benefits? Where's the accountability, do they get some kind of "get out of being held accountable" right that we civilians don't get? Is that what the badge is really for? I really think that our sytem needs to change the way these cops are being trained and set a new standard for this kind of bullshit to ever change. Honor..hmmmm,....respect..yeah..right, dignity gained..not lost, peace  


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this individual police officers arm got caught around the tyre. Most likely his or her Rolex became entangled while using keyhole. online tickets maker

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