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This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #705)
Drug War Issues

A quiet week on the corrupt cops front this week, with only two reports. But one of them raises interesting questions: Why does a drug task force commander who steals from suspects and tries to cover up his crimes only get probation, when the suspects if convicted may get prison? Let's get to it:

In Williamsport, Pennsylvania, a Williamsport police officer was sentenced October 12 to 18 months probation for abusing his power as head of a local drug task force and profiting from items seized from drug suspects. Thomas Ungard, Jr., the former coordinator of the Lycoming County Drug Task Force was convicted of tampering with public records and obstructing justice in the five-year-old case. The judge in the case has suspended the imposition of sentence while Ungard appeals his conviction. He was convicted in part thanks to the testimony of another Williamsport police officer and task force member, Dustin Kreitz. Kreitz had also been charged in the scandal, but pleaded no contest earlier this year to a theft charge in exchange for his testimony against Ungard. But now, Kreitz has withdrawn his plea and is set for trial early next year.

In Wetumka, Alabama, an Alabama Department of Corrections jail guard was arrested October 16 on charges he smuggled contraband including drugs and cell phones into the Staton Correctional Facility in Elmore. Guard Leonard Purter has since resigned, and at last report, he was residing at the Elmore County Jail. It's unclear what the formal charges are, and local officials said an investigation is continuing.

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Only 11, days before your post, I was arrested by a corrupt PSP trooper Matt Sweet for allegedly firing a shotgun "head on" at a punk kid. I did a year and a half in prison waiting for my corrupt trial that had no evidence, except the accusation of this punk. But wait, the dirty cops fabricated a gunshot residue test for me, because there was absolutely no evidence when a crime didn't occur. And even though they far exceeded the test parameters of the test, they still used against me at my trial. My attorney proved the punk kid to be a liar, but I was found guilty anyway, and you might say that I was found guilty for failing a gunshot residue test by dirty cops. A Tpr Samuel Edwards made up this shotgun story for the punk. A Tpr Dean Benedict did this test on my hands knowing that he is doing it beyond the procedure. A Susan Atwood was the forensics supervisor that did the test analysis and she made up her own rules for it. I tried to appeal this case, and the Judge Dudley Anderson sends lies to the Superior court, so they would appeal it. Judges Ott, Jenkins, and Lazarus rejected my appeal based on these lies instead of reading the transcripts. I filed complaints against all these judges, just to have a scumbag Judge Robert A Graci respond that these judges did nothing wrong. I filed complaints against all the DAs and the Disciplinary Board said it was misconduct, but expect me to take them to Federal court. I filed complaints on 2 out of 4 of my lawyers for refusing to say anything about dirty cops and hiding evidence, and a scumbag Suze Moore rejected my complaints. I filed complaints against the state troopers only to have a Cpn Scott Miller say that they will not look into my complaint of fabricated evidence of gunshot residue unless I get an appeal. In other words, they cheat to get me convicted of a crime that never happened, and they won't look into it because it was successful. I filed complaints with the FBI 6 times only for them to ignore me. I filed complaints with the AG and the governor only to pass that complaint back and forth. I filed a complaint of Tpr Matt Sweet for stealing my .44 magnum that the judge ordered destroyed and the dirty cop kept it. Now it is all done, the justice system in the USA is the most corrupt shit you will ever see. All a bunch of cowardly scum all protecting each other's corruption. I did 479 days in prison and lost $71000 in legal bills and fines because of this corruption. And all the real criminals run free. See my group on facebook "Lycoming County Corrupt Justice".

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