Missouri Marijuana Legalization Initiatives Approved for Circulation

Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan announced Monday that two initiatives for marijuana legalization measures have been approved for circulation. Both were filed by attorney Dan Viets, a long-time marijuana legalization advocate and a member of the national NORML Legal Committee and board of directors.

Viets and Missouri NORML chapters have aligned themselves with other marijuana legalization advocates and supporters as Show-Me Cannabis Regulation, a reference to Missouri's nickname as the "Show Me" state.

The two measures are identical, except that one would amend the state constitution and the other would amend state law.

The initiatives call for marijuana legalization for persons 21 and over, a process for licensing marijuana establishments, and the lifting of criminal justice system sanctions against people imprisoned or under state supervision for nonviolent marijuana offenses that would no longer be illegal and the expunging of all criminal records for such offenses. The initiatives would also allow for the use of marijuana for medical reasons by minors and allow the legislature to enact a tax of $100 a pound on retail marijuana sales.

The initiatives now move on to the signature-gathering phase. To qualify for the November 2012 ballot, the constitutional amendment initiative must obtain the signatures of a number of registered voters equal to 8% of the total votes cast in the 2008 governor's race from six of the state's nine congressional districts. The requirements for the statutory amendment are slightly looser; it needs the signatures of 5% of the voters in those districts. Signatures must be turned in by May 6, 2012.

If marijuana legalization makes the ballot in Missouri next year, the state is likely to join Washington and Colorado in taking the issue before the voters. Efforts in those two states are the most advanced and likely to make the ballot, although there is a possibility that similar efforts could make the ballot in California and Oregon.

Columbia, MO
United States
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LEGALIZE ! ! ! ! !!

Legalize Marijuana

Legalize Marijuana Now! It's the stupidest law anyone ever came up with. How is it you protect our kids by throwing them in jail for something as harmless as Marijuana!

Legalize it!!!

Legalize it!!!

Keep people more safe...

Keep people more safe... decriminalize cannabis.

Go Missouri!

Maybe you can drive a stake through the heart of cannabis prohibition, right in the middle of America.


A tax of $100/lb. works out to .22 cents a gram. According to the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control , liquor is taxed at $2 a gallon. Wine at .36 cents a gallon. If voters don`t mind paying a $2 tax on 9 grams , plus the normal state sales tax , then so be it.

Almost any amount of tax upon

Almost any amount of tax upon cannabis would trump going to jail.

It is about time

I was hoping before I die that they would legalize this. Finally. Been smoking since 1968, and I am still safe, healthy,smart,and motivative. It will stop a lot of drinking and driving, guaranteed.

WOW its about time

Wow I cant believe it, it is finally here. Now us voters can tell them what we have been wanting all along. I have Fibromyalgia and chronic migraines. If they would at least pass the medical side of it I think it would be good for the ill. On top of it all it also brings funds to the state including textiles. We can not only grow it but we can be able to make a growing market of hymp products which bring Jobs to Missouri. Which in mind is desperately needed. We also will save millions in not housing marijuana related crimes. So come on fellow Missourians vote yes and sign the signature as well so we can get it on the ballot.


It is good for the system.

How do I sign it

Where do I go to sign the petition?

About Time

This country does so many things wrong, it would be nice to see my state stand up and do something right for a change. Maybe we can vote on not starting wars next !

Legalize Marijuana

Legalize Marijuana! I've seen to many good people put in jail and other punishment for something that they shouldn't be punished for, yet you promote drinking! Which kills thousands every year. Marijuana never hurt anyone!

Amazing Replies

Can you believe this ! Not 1 negative reply. Did you guys happen to think about all the space it will free up in our prisons for the violent offenders and meth heads ?? Plus remember that there will be more monies from the taxes paid!!!

Missouri Cannabis

As a Missouri resident and someone who suffers from chronic pain, I really hope this measure passes. Marijuana should be legal, both for medical and recreational use in my opinion.

Yes !

Absolutely Agree, Legalize Marijuana For Medical Reasons  And

To People Age 21 And Over.

But Not To Grow You Own, Because Then There

Will Be No Taxing It Because People Would Not Be Buying It Any More.

You Would Of  Thought Marijuana Would Of Stayed Legal, It Used To Be !

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