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Two Border Patrol Agents Die Chasing Marijuana Smugglers

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #685)
Drug War Issues

Two US Border Patrol agents were killed May 12 when the vehicle in which they were chasing suspected pot smugglers collided with a high-speed freight train near Gila Bend, Arizona. They become the 28th and 29th persons to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

Agents Hector Clark and Edward Rojas, Jr. were on assignment with a border task force when, around 6 am, they got a call about marijuana smugglers heading for Interstate 8. They raced toward the scene on a road parallel to the railroad tracks, where a 4,600-ton freight train going more than 60 mph was slightly behind them, heading in the same direction. Suddenly, the agents turned onto a private rail crossing, where the train broadsided their vehicle, pushing it more than a half-mile down the tracks before the train could stop.

The accident occurred in an area known as a place where smugglers trekking north on foot could meet up with vehicles. Later that day, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office announced that eight suspects had been arrested 400 or 500 yards from the site, but that they had not been directly linked to the group Clark and Rosas were going after. Three hundred pounds of pot was seized.

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Laurence (not verified)

Who is profiting in the USA by keeping Cannabis illegal?  Whoever or whatever it is, it is more powerful than the general population, the average citizen and it allows a steady drain on us financially and physically. Are our legislative representatives profiting somehow?  I know the underworld profits but, who is allowing it to go on?  Why is a commodity such as Cannabis allowed to be denied at our expense?  I just don't understand!

Thu, 05/26/2011 - 1:50pm Permalink
Nedmorlef (not verified)

In reply to by Laurence (not verified)

your local police dept couldn't buy all that military equipment they need to beat down your door and your pug without seizure laws. The whole idea is to grow the police state which, is occurring at a break neck pace.

The ppl would not stand for a tax increase but, you, you scumsucking lil pothead are a detriment to society . Kicking down your door and taking your hard earned home is equal to a lot of taxes and the general population doesn't give a crap about a scumsucking pothead or his property.

The general public thinks that you can take a "crime" that crosses all economic and social levels and strip these lowlifes [that addict their children] of their rights without taking those same rights from the general public.

Yes, that's what they believe.

Americans are stupid. They have freedom and deny their neighbor freedom and think that, their freedom will sustain the attack on their neighbor's freedom.

Americans have become fat,lazy suv driving reality show fanatics too addicted to their couch to care as long as the cops don't overspray their homes with automatic weapons fire when you are raided.

It sounds like these 2 cowboys got themselves killed but, but, the official propaganda is it's marijuana's fault.

Thu, 06/02/2011 - 7:25am Permalink
chase (not verified)

how ironic, as im reading this article i notice 3 sidebar adds for joining the border patrol, and what an excellent opportunity it thanks,

Thu, 05/26/2011 - 3:17pm Permalink
Tucsonan (not verified)

The Border Patrol protects the borders from all invaders of our country, they are patriots protecting our sovereign borders. They are not the law makers, the law makers who oppose decriminalizing marijuana are to blame for the crime that results not those who choose to protect. Those drug smugglers are dangerous callous thugs who don't give a rats @ss for anyone, they are not noble avengers against prohibition, they take advantage of the prohibition for their own profit. They don't care if you are blind to the fact that they are just low life scum and are foolishly on their side, they would kill you without a second thought if you got in their way and then laugh about it, so to those who must be haters, you should save it for that murderous scum. To me being against prohibition is NOT being against those protecting us from the crime that results.

Fri, 05/27/2011 - 5:13am Permalink
Noel Newnam (not verified)

The speeding truck of the drug war got smacked by the freight train of reality. 

Sat, 05/28/2011 - 2:46am Permalink
longbud (not verified)

Legalize it like wine

make it so it's not a crime

to use a little to unwind

for patients with glacoma who are going blind

or for someone with a crack in their spine

stop wasting all this time

trying to make it hard to find

cause we can all just grow it on a vine

oh legalize it like wine legalize it like wine

no more killing for a dime

no more bad boys on channel nine

no more underground mine

crossing our borderline

just listen to my ryhme

get the president to sign

to legalize it like wine

and everything will be fine

Sun, 05/29/2011 - 8:54pm Permalink
Shame on yourself? (not verified)

The government will only change towards reform if the public continues to bring the war up against them. When more cops, swat members etc. are lost then maybe they will pay more attention, how sad is that, no one else should have to die innocent citizens or police BUT citizens will protect themselves and their families and have every right to do so. But the police care only about their own lives. You, your children, your family and pets are nothing but a paycheck for them and they will murder every last one of them if it means they keep their corrupt jobs. Isn't it pretty sad and pathetic for this to be the new American way of doing things? In America you now have to arm and protect yourselves from the police and swat? Even if you are a non-user of any drugs legal or illegal. I have never had a single run in with any kind of gang members, thieves, murderers or rapists in my life-time up to this point. I live in a pretty good area though, but still crime can happen anywhere. I once dated a girl who went crazy and started hitting me and getting violent while I was holding my 7 month old son...when I called the police they arrest both of us??? Thank you so much police for protecting me and my son...I guess I should just be thankful you didn't just shoot us all right??? I no longer trust the police and I will handle future problems myself without them and after reading story after story of them raiding houses like they are in a third world country fighting a "War on Terror" shooting innocent people and not giving a crap later. Does every citizen need to now arm to protect themselves from the police shall they happen to "Accidently" raid their house?

The police should be trying to earn the respect they believe they deserve and earn back the trust of the public then they wouldn't have to ask the dumb question "Why does everyone hate the police?" over and over and over again...right now it is not a very hard question to answer, Same reason everyone hates, murderers, rapists and other low-lives.

Tue, 05/31/2011 - 9:05pm Permalink
Shame on yourself? (not verified)

As sad as it CAN be for someone to die...with all the things the police have done in their War on Drugs to innocent's hard to feel sad about something like this. Sad maybe for their families but they died waging a War on innocent people...It wasn't too sad when Saddam or Osama were killed either.

Tue, 05/31/2011 - 9:07pm Permalink

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