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Prop 19 Takes Seven Point Lead in Latest Field Poll

In a dramatic reversal from just two months ago, California's Proposition 19 marijuana legalization initiative has opened up a seven point lead in the latest Field poll. In July, the Field poll had Prop 19 trailing 44% to 48%; the latest poll, released Sunday, has it leading 49% to 42% with Election Day just six weeks away.

This latest Field poll is in line with other recent polls, most of which show Prop 19 leading, though still short of the 50% plus one needed to guarantee victory on November 2.

The poll was taken by telephone between September 14 and 21 and conducted in English and Spanish.

Support for Prop 19 was strongest among Democrats (60%), San Francisco Bay Area residents (59%), the 18-to-39 age group (59%), Los Angeles County residents (58%), Coastal county residents (54%), and men (54%). Support for Prop 19 was weakest among Republicans (27%), Central Valley residents (30%), voters over 65 (36%), and residents of Inland counties (37%).

Prop 19 continues to trail among women voters (44%) and to trail slightly among Hispanic (46%) and African-American (47%) voters. It has the support of 50% of white voters.

Neither the Prop 19 campaign nor its opposition has engaged in statewide advertising campaigns as the clock ticks toward election day. But Prop 19 is benefiting from the massive media attention it has generated. More than eight out of 10 (84%) California voters have heard about Prop 19, and 50% of those say they will vote for it.

Marijuana legalization in California is within grasp this November. Get out the vote efforts will be critical as this race goes to the wire.

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Prop. 19

Vote YES on prop. 19 for one reason. Vote YES to keep our husbands, wives, sisters, brothers and our children from having a criminal  or a prison record. This is our chance. This is our time. Spread the word and get to the polls in November and vote YES on prop. 19. This is a landmark vote on Marijuana, Be part of it.

Vote Yes on Prop 19

The current prohibition is not justified as marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol, it's less addictive than caffeine and in fact there are no documented cases of anyone dying from simple use of marijuana.

Not only is prohibition not justified, it is causing more problems than it solves. The black market created by prohibition is allowing drug cartels great profits and influence while legalization would save tax payers the billions spent on enforcement.

Besides all else, this being a free country, do we really want to prohibit adults from possessing a plant?


“Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded. “ - Abraham Lincoln.

“The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the Prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this.” – Albert Einstein.


Vote yes on 19.




Just say Yes....Because it makes Sense!

Don't vote yes for any reason stated above, vote yes... because it makes logical sense.  Opposition has tried hard to fight against this proposition with nothing but outrages lies and exaggerated statements, some seen above...  Don't get put into the mind-set that teenagers and young adults are the only users of this spectacular substance, but also scientists, developers, and people that lead the way in innovation and technology in this world.  It is time to arrest people for ABUSE, not USE.  Maybe even dumb use.... 

Legalization would take out the independent dealers, it would be tougher to find other drugs on the street without a good connection.  Kids whom deal now would be forced to quit their business model and move on to something more productive in life, and the trillion tons of marijuana coming over from camps across the border would no longer be a major issue, at least it would decrease until Texas and other states legalize the substance...

Why Support this Measure?  It is illogical to believe that something so harmless as a plant, a plant that even our forefathers as a nation enjoyed, is outlawed, while more harmful chemicals, such as alcohol, pain medication and other substances are so easily approached.  Take a look at the death toll, which after 3000 years is still at a nice and clean '0'.  While alcohol alone is up in the 400,000 mark for just overdose, which by the way is impossible on this plant.  The plant itself is a natural medicine for over 20 diseases and disorders, and if your not sick and take this fine medication, nothing but stress relief is seen.  This post could go on forever, but I encourage your own research into the matter, but no matter what, if you are a common sense based human being, who lives on logical choices. you will end up voting yes this November.

I am a Protestant Christian, Conservative Republican & I Support this Proposition.  Because it Makes Sense!

Prop 19 Regarding first comment

I love this righteous idiot that has all these ideas about where Marijuana is sold and grown. First off Marijuana is safer then cigarettes and alcohol and both are legal to make at home. Anyone can grow tobacco in there back yard with no hassle what so ever. Every year people die from both cigarettes and booze but no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose.......Go figure. Why should anyone have to shop at a porn store to by a safer substance then are already legal? where did this guy get his facts some 1920 reefer madness movie? It is as simple as this folks our government and big companies lied to us about weed to make money on there products that were in competition with. There is no truth to most everything you think you know about weed including that it leads to harder drugs. Almost 100% of all hard drug users drank milk as a child?????? True or Not? Would you then conclude Milk is a gateway to all that is bad? I am in Pa but I sent donations to support PROP19 and I am praying that it passes. Way to go CA!! Educated people everywhere agree that weed is pretty much harmless new studies even suggest that the smoke does not effect the lungs like tobacco and the sanity continues to prevail year after year one of these days everyone can stop being scared by propaganda! Good Luck Ca!

Why Stop the Drug War?

Oh sure ending the Drug War sounds good in theory.  Of course, the reality is that if something like Prop 19 should pass, we will be over run with drug crazed hop heads. We can only hope our government is standing by, ready to intercede, if necessary.  Election Day could easily turn into a literal bloodbath should Prop 19  actually win.  Learn about the dangers we all face at:




Love the opposeprop 19 site

Really nice job. Gives a good history of marijuana hysteria in a artistic format. Thanks for posting it.

It's good to see that more

It's good to see that more than a quarter of Republicans support this initiative.  It shows that we shouldn't always trust partisan stereotypes.

Medical and 19 Effects

 Prop 19 analysis by Dennis Peron's own lawyer:
"Prop 19 is the best thing to happen to medical marijuana patients since Prop 215" 

If only I could be there

If I were a California resident, I would be beating the pavement to pass this. I cant so I just give donations. If California goes, all States will eventually go legal.


Pro19 = Trojan Horse

If you do the research you will reach the same conclusion:

I like freedom...

A trogan horse? I think not for the majority of cannabis users. It's just the growers and dispensary owners that don't like Prop 19.  If you are voting NO then you are in really sick company. You would vote to continue to lock up poor cannabis users just so your profit picture is rosy? Walk on, you don't belong on this site.


Christian science Monitor says that polls show Proposition 19 losing but , what do you expect from those that ride in the front seat with  Satin the Devil . The master of deception & lies .

Anyone know how much this Devil's group gets from Pharma . ?

Honesty Is The Best Policy

The ONLY reason anybody can honestly be against Prop 19 is fear. It is time that we (humanity) remove ourselves from our adolescent stage of idealistic fear of the future & "Oh No! Look what MIGHT happen if this passes!?" and move on into adulthood with HONESTY...something like this: "Today is 2010, not 1937, and regardless of past events and our ideas, it is time we grow up into a more adult stage, be BRAVE, and just be honest & do the right thing here regardless of what we THINK. Cancer & other medical patients are dying & people are wrongly being fined & jailed & given criminal records for something that we KNOW is not a real crime and it is costing billions of people billions of dollars for no honest reason." ......How honest does this one sound? Do you people honestly need another martyr here? Do u need another Christ or something to publicly crucify? Fine...I'll be publicly crucified if that's what it's going to take. I'll consider it "donating my body to humanity's long needed maturity". Stop living in fear people, grow up. -Derek Hofford [email protected] (feel free to send your bitchy e-mails)

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