Medical Marijuana Foe Concedes in CA AG Race

Los Angeles County prosecutor Steve Cooley has conceded victory to San Francisco County prosecutor Kamala Harris in the race for California attorney general. Cooley had led on election day, but Harris moved ahead during the late vote count and, according to California secretary of state's office, now leads 46.0% to 45.5%. Although the results are not yet official, Harris leads by 54,000 votes with only a few tens of thousands left to count.

California's next attorney general, Kamala Harris (Wikimedia)
Cooley was strongly opposed by medical marijuana supporters because of his record as LA county prosecutor. He condoned dozens of SWAT-style raids on dispensaries, collaborated with the DEA, aggressively prosecuted patients and providers, and argued that any medical marijuana sales by dispensaries were illegal. He was backed by the California Narcotics Officers Association, which has called for the "eradication" of dispensaries.

Harris, on the other hand, has consistently supported the state medical marijuana laws. As San Francisco prosecutor, she also oversaw one of the first dispensary regulation ordinances in the country.

"A defeat for Steve Cooley is a tremendous victory for patients," said Steph Sherer, executive director of Americans for Safe Access. "Not only will we have an ally in Kamala Harris to be able to advance civil rights protections for patients, but we have also shown that medical marijuana advocates are a powerful political force. This race shows that medical marijuana patients cannot be marginalized without a political consequence," Sherer concluded.

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Congrats Harris!


 I congratulate you and I also say that many of us live in areas of California where Jim-Crow-Cannabis laws keep us down.

Like Rancho Cordova with it's Property seizing $27,000 a year tax on Medical gardeners.


Stanislaus has no dispensaries and I assume they would rather have a Gay Pride Parade than a Dispensary here ( They wouldn't want a Gay Pride Paride here either )


 However, I am supportive of you and May I suggest that we Legalize Cannabis for the People with the Five Things?

Please have a look at The Five Things.


 Let us create a legal cannabis system for the people first and have a Central authority where the fees for permits and taxes go to State employees ( create jobs ), Shore up the Employee pension fun with new members and contribute to the General fund to help California.

 This is accomplished before even one business license is granted to industry.

 Because we all want legal cannabis that is well managed on the State level for the people.

 By keeping cannabis a crop that we are willing to kill over we are creating a problem that allowing industry only will not solve.

 It's a plant and let the people have it under permit with the much needed revenue going to keep the school open and the police on the beat.

horticulture rights

Ernst, when you speak about horticulture rights do you mean a 5x5 grow area as in prop. 19, a larger grow area or an unlimited grow area. What is your opinion on industrial grow sites like the ones being set up in Oakland and Berkeley?

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