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Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

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A lying narc, a horny narc, and yes, another crooked jail guard. Let's get to it:

In Garland, Texas, a Garland narcotics detective's credibility has been called into question, and Dallas County prosecutors say they are dismissing all his pending drug cases, a number that could go as high as 80. Garland police have also transferred almost everyone in the narcotics unit. Detective Dennis Morrow had been a "star" narc, who has testified in hundreds of drug cases, but now two of his colleagues have accused him lying about what happened in one drug case and testified in court last week that the misrepresentations were part of a pattern of misbehavior by Morrow. He has denied making fabrications, both to internal affairs investigators and in court. In the case that has opened the door to challenging Morrow's honesty, he is accused by police colleagues of falsely characterizing the behavior of a drug raid target in order to make charges stick. Morrow is now on paid administrative leave. No criminal charges have been filed against him.

In Daphne, Alabama, a Baldwin County Drug Task Force member has resigned after being accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with a female confidential informant. Daphne Police Officer Jesus Villa stepped down after the FBI came forward with a complaint alleging the sexual contact. Under Alabama law, law enforcement officers are prohibited from having sex with those who are in custody, and the Daphne Police Department has asked the Alabama Bureau of Investigation to determine whether Villa should be charged under that law. The FBI continues to investigate as well.

In Chicago, a Cook County jail guard was arrested Monday after being caught bringing 10 grams of marijuana, a cell phone and charger, and several DVDs into the jail. Correctional officer Dwayne Jones, 25, was immediately fired since he was a probationary employee. He is charged with two counts of possession of contraband in a penal institution and one count of misconduct by an officer. He was released on $10,000 bail Tuesday.

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Dwayne from Cook County may have been a good guy, so they had to fire him. When people have to continually second guess what really happened, the law serves no purpose.

Corrupt Cops

The laws serve no purpose anyway because I see people break them all the time..from regular people to law enforcement...if a law is passed it is supposed to pertain to everyone..nobody cares..they are all going to do whatever they want anyway. I say do away with them all and allow people to live however they choose as long as they don't harm anyone else in the process.

In The Beginning

"Let the People do whatever they want, they know what's best"
Thomas Jefferson

RE: "Morrow is now on paid

RE: "Morrow is now on paid administrative leave. No criminal charges have been filed against him."

That statement is not correct. He was on paid administrative leave while Internal Affairs investigated the allegations the other officers made against him. After an investigation that took many weeks, it was found that Morrow had done nothing wrong and that the allegations were false. He was returned to duty and is no longer on administrative leave.

The department did transfer everyone out of the unit. The job the narc unit does is very dangerous and requires you to rely on your partners to watch your back. That trust had been broken with the allegations and the unit could no longer work together and ensure everyone's safety. The chief felt it would be better to move all concerned parties out and bring new guys in.

Garland police IA and Chief cover-up

This will turn out to be better than a turkey shoot - you got the chief working with IA in trying to cover-up a police crime-

Maybe they will reopen under cases the GPD covered-up and closed like the 2003 abduction/murder of honors student Esteban Salazar-

Dennis Morrow

That narcotic's officer has been evil and crooked for years and he will receive his just punishment from a power higher than the chief of police! He knows in his cowardly, chicken heart he has wronged a lot of innocent people and so does his superiors. You reap what you may take days, weeks, months, even years but the evil you give will surely visit you.

Corruption in Garland police dept

If you think Morrow is bad you should view a real record of B.L St.Clair and M.G. Clark oh  yea you cant because their actions are so  bad their whole I.A.Dept hides behind chapter143 sealing all bad I.A. records and giving the appearance there is some integrity in the dept. But being corruption starts at the top and they are trained that way the public is the victim but thats ok it makes this crooked city money.

criminals who wear badges

not yet proven in court but i am the victim of a corrupt sheriff's department along with the local police departments. the sadist part no government office will help. the attorney gerneral's office defends them in court, the f b i they are a joke if you think they will help a private citizen protect themselves form criminal activity by these people who have power,the equipment, and the influance to do to anyone exactly what they want to do to you because they have the badge. the judges are a joke, they are part of the crime picture along with the county and district attorney. us marshalls dont make me laugh. the united states have gone down hill when it comes to respecting are protecting law abidding people. no wonder the world is nothing more than a magot invested sest pool of grap. ( hello hardin county texas. )

agree with you...

in miflin county pennsylvania...same situation and there's nothing inocent 'victims' are able to do ...unless you are a very wealthy innocent victim...but you know how that plays out
i'm digusted with the whole crimminal system...the abuse of power is unbelievable

Judge rules against Garland detective Morrow

Following the IA review-In another Court case involving Morrow the Court ruled against him for fabricating evidence to charge a suspect with a drug crime - this officer a favorite with the Garland police brass has lied in Court and fabricated evidence and still holds his job-  A testament to the integrity of the police Chief Bates and his staff that supports this type of dishonest and criminal behavior in his department.

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