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Synthetic Cannabinoids: K2/Spice Banned in Missouri

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #639)
Drug War Issues

Missouri has become the latest state to ban products containing synthetic cannabinoids, with Gov. Jay Nixon signing into law this week a bill making them and products containing them controlled substances in the state. The law goes into effect August 28.

''spice'' packet (courtesy
Products under names such as K2 and Spice contain the synthetic cannabinoid JWH-018, synthesized by a Clemson University scientist more than a decade ago for research purposes. While the products are marketed as incense, most people buying them use them to achieve a marijuana-like high. Their use has been linked to adverse effects, including vomiting, hallucinations, and agitation.

K2, Spice and similar products began appearing in Europe in 2006 and started showing up in this country last year. They are now banned in most European countries, but not in the US, although the DEA has labeled JWH-018 a "drug of concern."

An increasing number of states are not waiting for the feds to act. This year, K2 was criminalized in Alabama (the same law also outlawed salvia divinorum), Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana (effective August 15), North Dakota, and Tennessee. Similar legislation has been proposed in several more states, including Florida, Illinois, and New York.

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Disappointed i… (not verified)

This is pure hog wash man. These morons passing these laws should be removed from office for pure ignorance. You cant just BAN a drug without proper research on harmful or positive potential for the drug. I have tried k2 and while some have stated it is "dangerous" I felt nothing more than a slightly higher high than marijuana, but a quickly diminished high, with NO side effects. The only negative thing I can say is that I had a slight headache afterwards, which is from the rosemary or whatever is in it, and a slightly plugged nose (okay and some munchies). I dont think people should drive on it, but this is plain idiotic. People in the midwest live in the stone age, and need to open their eyes. Funny how a state promotes drinking, fireworks (which are highly illegal in most states), very few limits on fire arms (which is how it should be), and many other things, yet is so against anything connected with marijuana in any way shape or form. I have lived in Northern California, where people use marijuana like advil, and with very little negative outcome. Its almost like a midwest farming community, except they have to hide what they are doing, which is just insane. There is NOTHING wrong with marijuana, except that smoking it can obviously be harmful to your lungs, just like any kind of smoke, but other than that, it SHOULD be legal. This is government control at its finest, wake up people, alcohol is the real killer, and noone complains about it being legal..I cant get over this!!!

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Anonymous One (not verified)

In reply to by Disappointed i… (not verified)

Awesome post!! I could not have said it better myself. It's time we wake up America!! And take back our country. Before it's too late.

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notAgainstMaryJ (not verified)

In reply to by Anonymous One (not verified)

Look, I love marijuana. I would smoke all the time if I could. But to be frank, you guys saying "Oh this is hogwash! Synthetic cannabinoids should be legal blah blah blah" have obviously NOT had the experience I had last night.
I took ONE HIT, not bullsh!tting one tiny hit of an "herbal incense" my local smoke shop sold. I had been smoking this stuff with no problem, bowls of it for several days. So I woke up last night, decided I'd take a small puff and go back to sleep and this was the beginning to the worst experience of my life.

First, I poured out a small amount, maybe less than the size of a dime. Put it in my glass pipe and took a small puff and blew it out. All of a sudden my head became overwhelmed with extreme pain which spread to my chest and both arms. Simultaneously my heart began to beat EXTREMELY hard, I COULD NOT escape the sound of my heart pounding in my ears. I can not tell you how many times during these events I said/asked myself "What did I just do!?! What did I just smoke!?" I began to hallucinate in a very very unpleasant way, I felt completely disconnected from my body and I thought this was the end of my life. An intense ringing noise filled my ears and mixed with the clicking/pounding noise my heart was making, I can't recall perfectly well how it sounded but my heart sounded extremely strange to me.

The worst part was the disconnection from reality, I told myself over and over and over "This has to be a dream, this has to be a dream, there is no way this is real" but it didn't stop, I didn't wake up. Finally after tossing and turning and thrashing from the pain I stumbled out of my bed and opened a window in this state of disillusion and the fresh air made me realize ok this is very real. I started to fear I had possibly been poisoned somehow, carbon monoxide or who knows what. I halfway crawled/stumbled into the bathroom and poured all the "herbal incense" into the toilet and flushed it. I noticed a few small clear flakes in the bottom and now in my right state of mind realize this must have been the synthetic cannabinoid and what made one hit nearly cause a heart attack/stroke in me. I feared I was going to have to call 911 and didn't want them to make any connection to me doing something illegal.

The part that scared me the most was my relatives were coughing down the hallway and I started panicking fearing I was killing/poisoning them somehow, I mean I was tripping the f**k out. I had to go ask them if everything was okay with the shakiest, panicked voice. They told me they were fine and I felt a little relief speaking to others, knowing they were alright.  Finally what seemed like hours after this all happened I began to recognize my surroundings and come back to reality. I still felt extremely light headed and shakey until I fell asleep and woke up the next morning... Yep, totally harmless... "just the munchies and a slight headache"

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curiosity alwa… (not verified)

In reply to by notAgainstMaryJ (not verified)

Seems like you've had the same effects as friends of mine who smoked salvia. Salvia was also made illegal recently could the two spice and salvia have a connection? Also JWH 018 is the synthetic canabinoid found in spice but different concentrations of the chemical is found in spice ranging from .05% to 3%. As one who bought 1.5 grams of southern spice today (peach) and also got a little headache but found that colors on say a TV are extremely vivid so it does have hallucinogenic properties and in my opinion you had at least .5% in your bowl and it made you extremely paranoid yet when it wore off everything was fine. It's going to be illegal everywhere, who wants to risk getting a new disease from this chemical 30 years from now?  

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Michelle b (not verified)

In reply to by notAgainstMaryJ (not verified)

My bf had a seizure from it and me being in the medical filed saved his life after the seizure he completely stopped breathing I had to perform CPR on him he won't smoke it anymore he is sticking to pot now but 3 patients came to ER last month and died from smoking it not to mention that about 15 came in and were mentally affected for the rest of there lifes completely psychotic patients I used to smoke weed b4 I got into med filed and got prego but id never smoke spice it's just stupid it even smells bad but I love me some good bud the real natural THC
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cris (not verified)

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well, i smoked a massive pipe of this shite after a few beers (i'm usually more responsible) and woke up after fitting for 5 mins with a paramedic in my house, i thought the drug had transported me to a parralel dimension where i couldnt talk or even think. my heart was racing dangerously and now, 3 days later i'm really depressed and trying to rescue my marbles and relationship.....death is a real possibility, use with caution!!!!

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Jordan20 (not verified)

In reply to by Disappointed i… (not verified)

I have personally smoked 3 different batches of K2 (Serenity, Maximum Overdrive, and Buzzed) and while experiencing slightly different effects, have come to the same conclusion after doing research on other users: It is dangerous, and should be illegal SOLELY for the fact that you can OD on it.


Now before someone attempts to dispute what I have said, let me go ahead and shoot the argument down:

If you want to say, "there's no proof," that is false. Look at everyone's posts on here, as well as the Zimmerman et. al studies on JWH-018 and other "versions" of it, and you will see one general consensus: IT CAN ELEVATE YOUR HEART RATE AND BLOOD PRESSURE. Marijuana does NOT do either of these. And if you want personal relevance, I experienced an increased heart rate and slightly impaired vision, and almost had a panic attack until I calmed myself down for a long period of time. This means that someone who accidentally smokes too much, can literally have a siezure or heart attack. Put two and two together, I do not need to have a Masters in Biology to understand these simple facts.

If you want to say, "well, so what if it increases your heart rate, it is okay in moderation," yes, I entirely agree this drug is most likely safe in SMALL DOSES. However, how many 15 year olds do you think are going to try this drug for the first time and have ANY IDEA what a "Small Dose" is? They will most likely end up smoking way too much and going into cardiovascular arrest.

If you want to say, "It should be legal, because it is okay in moderation," I disagree because it is too easy to OD on it. I almost had a panic attack from TWO HITS of "Buzzed", a variant of JWH-018, meaning if I had done more, who knows what would have happened. The mind is a powerful thing.


Anyways, I leave you to your own decisions but if you are reading this to decide whether or not you should smoke K2, serenity, buzzed, maximum overdrive, etc. etc. etc. If I were you, I WOULD THROW IT AWAY. Which is exactly what I just did.

Be safe.

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Anonymouse (not verified)

In reply to by Jordan20 (not verified)

Yeah but some people just want to get high without losing their jobs or getting kicked of the sports team. It's a gamble since no test have been fully conducted but it's a gamble alot of people are willing to take since the drug war is still going on with marijuana. So people light up brands since it's legal and since marijuana isnt.
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notAgainstMaryJ (not verified)

In reply to by Anonymouse (not verified)

pathetic plug. "Some people are just willing to possibly die instead of get kicked off the sports team or lose jobs" yeah sounds like an awesome trade-off you jackass

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2brO2b (not verified)

In reply to by Disappointed i… (not verified)

Dude. We are not all Corn Fed, overweight, and under educated alcoholic, meth driven morons in the state of MO. I had a great experience with the stuff. Everything negative I have read has been (typical of teenagers) who smoked enough to kill Godzilla. As an publish writer, Mother and sexiest Grandmother you can imagine, I think it has been the coolest thing that  has hit the Show-Me  state in my lifetime. 47 years and counting. Why can't  all you superior, intellectual, artistic and egomaniacs just legalize the shit, and the rest of the country will follow. You know we all just want to be just like the Californians.

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notAgainstMaryj (not verified)

In reply to by 2brO2b (not verified)

Now you are in your right mind, my experience was just very unlucky in the fact that I had no clue that part of the batch I was smoking was going to be f**king horrible. But I couldn't agree more, California is very lucky.

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Equally disgusted (not verified)

In reply to by Disappointed i… (not verified)

Well put my friend, and new research has shown that marijuana does not cause harm to lung tissues, and may actually assist in repairing damage put there by cigarettes, as it contains an expectorant, and anti-mutagens which shrink and destroy tumor cells. Wanna know why there's no cure for cancer? It's not hard to figure out. Cancer keeps the drug industry rich. Can't have people curing themselves with the nutrients found in the cannabis plant (which by the way, contains nutrients that to this day, have not been found in any other plant.)

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Samantha Greene1 (not verified)

In reply to by Disappointed i… (not verified)

I am strongly against this "new drug". You say everyone is stupid for banning it because YOU had no bad side effects. However, drugs have different side effects on different people, prescription or recreational. I do live in the Midwest, but was raised in Northern California, while the Midwest may be more strict about drugs than California, they have good reason with this drug. I am not in agreement that they ban marijuana, in fact, I think it is a lot less destructive than alcohol, I mean, how many marijuana traffic accidents do you hear about compared to alcohol related MVA's? I will tell you, I am a Paramedic in both the St. Louis City/County area, along with two counties in the Metro East area, and have seen K2 and "Bath Salts" have devastating effects on people, including death. In fact, I had one patient die from K2 tonight and another one who's temperature is so high and is having so many cardiac problems caused by the K2 that he may not survive the night. I'm not saying this to take people's fun away, and don't believe it has this effect on everyone who uses it, but you can't tell what effect it will have unless you try it, which could end up being a grave mistake.
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Catlaboure (not verified)

In reply to by Disappointed i… (not verified)

I know an 18 yr old boy died from one hit a few months ago from it. He fell asleep, his friends couldn't wake him up so they called 911 and he was in a coma for 4 days, then his poor parents had to take him off life support.

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Anonymous1 (not verified)

I agree with all of the earlier posts completely.
It infuriates me that it is legal for me to buy a pack of cigarettes (which harm me and the people around me), and then still legal to introduce alcohol into my system and drive home. But yet marijuana is illegal and just having a small amount can send me to jail? Absurd.

I just heard about K2 yesterday and was able to try it. After first reading a little about it, I agree with the synopsis of it... A high that was multiple times better than pot and as I am a frequent smoker of such (for many health reasons), appreciated the substitute that left no negative side effects. The fact that this is a substance that will not show up on a drug test, that does not leave my personal business out for others to see - the same as if they were to check the BAC of an applicant as it is legal to get drunk consistently and it is not brought up.

I'd like to see some comparative tests between smoking herbs and alcohol/tobacco that the government would have to address as the old fuddy-duddies need to update their thinking... Screw it, they've had their chance -> it's time to go. Let's get some fresh forward thinkers into the White House!

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notAgainstMaryj (not verified)

In reply to by Anonymous1 (not verified)

Anonymous1, Lol wow... You say "A high that was multiple times better than pot and as I am a frequent smoker of such (for many health reasons), appreciated the substitute that left no negative side effects."  You must smoke extremely shitty pot. Lmao, me and a friend were just talking about people who say "Oh k2 is awesome its way better (or just as good) as weed!" Have obviously never smoked anything better than shitty sticks and seeds and leaves. But to each his own, stick with nasty JWH-### (synthetic cannabinoids) and schwag that's cool. And good luck if you really think it has no negative side effects. I'm sure you have already had a rude awakening.

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stlouisx50 (not verified)

I seriously can not believe it has came down to a ban on K2 and like substances.

NIXON is a total tool! There has been no scientific proof as the first post states , of any issues, heath risks ect from the use of K2 or the like.

Nixon is backwards, he still allows other heath risks.

Energy Drinks, Energy Pills, Tobacco , High Fructose Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated Oils, Caffeine Pills, Alcohol ect.

Why the hell are known heath risks allowed and not banned?

I urge everyone that reads this story to vote every and anyone out the next election ,

This is another example of Government Control way past their bounds.

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wootwoot14 (not verified)

Regardless of what people thing, K2 is drug. If it makes you high it's a drug. It's basically marijuana in a silver package, if you dumped it in a little baggie and sold it, you would be arrested for selling a drug. It's common freakin' sense.

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FunnyCide (not verified)

In reply to by wootwoot14 (not verified)

Ok right, What is the big deal....I dont know about you but being told how to live my life is bull sht.

What is the difference if you drink beer, or Jack to get "High".
Than if you Smoke pot or K2 to get "High"

There is none

Drinking at home and not driving and risking other people lives would be the same as Smoking pot at home and not driving

Not hurting anyone

Legalize everything I think Us grown ups can make are own decisions.......Without Uncle SAM telling us what to do...

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Stric9 (not verified)

I say F**k em all. People are gonna do what they want to. I think that has become apparent!!! Look at how many people go to jail or have to pay fines every day for this sh*t. Its all about the money!! The government knows that if they make it illegal people are still going to do it. There for, they have to pay fines and maybe even do time, in which case, the government makes money. Alcohol is the same way. You think the government really gives a damn how many people die in alcohol related crashes and what not. The answer is hell no. Think of the millions of dollars hospitals and the government makes on people getting drunk and getting hurt. Why would they out law it if the over head was so lucrative. I believe that its no longer we the people, it is rather we the government!!!! They make laws that contradict other laws, and we as tax payers pay them to sit there and think of ways to tell us what we can and cannot do. We as the people need to control the government not the other way around. I look at it this way, we as Americans may not be the best at anything, but we are freakin sharper than tacks!!! Someone out there will come up with something new and different and the government will out law it like usual. Then they will come out with something else. So to all the thinkers out there, get creative, and show the man, that no matter what they do, we will always get ours!!!!!

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Stric9 (not verified)

Here's the thing. If we wanna point fingers, then lets point them in the right direction. The pharmasuetical companies!!! I believe they have alot to do with it. They dont wanna give people the option to self medicate. They lose money and business. We all know that pot has been shown to help people with cancer and other disease. God made pot, man made medicine, who do you trust? Its funny me commenting on all this cause I dont even use! I just think that we should all have the right to chose for our selves. Some of the best people I have ever met were users. They would give me the shirt off thier back and not blink once. I dont judge, and niether should anyone else. I believe its their personal choice and no one should label them for it. There is lots of things that people do that are bad for them. Hell, just walking out my front door is bad for me. I could get hit by a car, shot, stung by a damn bee or a number of different things. Hell, the air I breathe is bad for me. I think that the government needs to focus on the most important things such as how we are gonna get all this oil cleaned up in the gulf. They are crazy if they think for one second that its not gonna upset the balance of things. Lets find a cure for cancer, lets find an alternate fuel and make it inexpensive and readly available, lets use solar energy, lets find more ways to clean up the messes we have made in the land fills and rivers and lakes. We may know how to do these things, but lets perfect it and make it affordable. Make our science work for us. These are the things that need to be talked about within the government, not about Ruppert and how he gets his jollies off by smokin a little of whatever!!!

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FKthagovernment (not verified)

In reply to by Stric9 (not verified)

Damn dude, you and me should get together and have a cup of tea. this issue is seriously fucked up. the government has taken its power way out of proportions. as you said alcohol isnt banned, and its because of its deep roots in history but mostly because of the money it pulls in. ive never used k2 or anything but i know its just a dumbass call to ban it because people smoke it. and saying that i dont get why marijuana is banned either. in the history of chemicals: Alcohol has killed millions from intoxication, not including driving, prescription medicines has killed just as many if not more, hardcore drugs can be a problem and have killed many on overdoses, but in the history of the world not one person has suffered or died or anything from weed. now people see weed conected with drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroin, and such so people are going to connect k2 with weed and weed with heroin and k2 with heroin. to me i say its complete bullshit. i think people need to quit fucking with weed and k2 and just let us run our own lives... seriously fuck the government. fuck them all.

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Hoffman (not verified)

You people do not understand that K2 (also basically JWH-018) CAN KILL YOU. You can overdose from smoking too much JWH-018 which means you can overdose on K2. Use your heads people. It's a drug, JWH is also an addicting drug. It has harmful side effects to your nervous system and basically can do damage to your nerves in your brain.

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FIRE!!! (not verified)

In reply to by Hoffman (not verified)

In my opinion, it's the people like you saying things like this that is the problem.  You have no idea what you're talking about and I am willing to bet you have never touched the stuff.  You are a sheep and make comments based on what some of the other sheep tell you.  Please link me your source of this deadly and vile chemical that is killing people?  The head shops in this area have been so busy these last couple months..  The stuff is flying off the shelves and the amount of money being made is crazy.  But ironically, I don't hear about all the people it's killing..  Go away sheep.

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concerned medic (not verified)

In reply to by FIRE!!! (not verified)

Well for all of you naysayers about "you can't overdose on K2", you are dead wrong and maybe soon.  I am a paramedic and just went on an overdose call involving "K2".  Guess what, he had all of the symptoms described above, nausea (vomited all over himself fun huh?), headache, hallucinations, profuse sweating, and was starting to crash as I loaded him into the ambulance.  He told me it was his first time trying the drug and he only smoked one joint.  Tell me it is not bad for you BS!!!!  Believe what you want but I saw it.  He had the silver package laying next to the chair I picked him up out of.  But as the saying goes "Try to argue with a fool and you end up with two fools".

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Jack (not verified)

In reply to by Hoffman (not verified)

I have smoked this stuff. And it's not fun. It doesn't smoke like weed and it's NOT natural. There are no tests to determine the long term effects, but I wouldn't need that because it only took me one time to overdose on this shit and I'll never smoke it again. The difference from MJ is that you don't get an immediate high so you smoke more. And more. After 15 minutes or so it'll hit you. And it stays in your body for a much longer time. In my experience, I tripped so hard I could barely see and from there went into a panic attack. It was also over about 2 hours which is not fun at all.  After passing out, I woke up feeling like a different person and it took days for me to feel close to normal. Seriously, people have gone to the hospital with increased heart rates and high blood pressure as well as panic attacks. Does weed do that to anybody? No. You can't overdose on weed because you'd pass out before. With 'spice' it contains chemicals 100 to 800 times stronger than the THC in weed so hitting it once is not the same as hitting MJ once. So you can shut the fuck up if you don't think this shit should be illegal. However, I think we can all agree that MJ needs to be legal.

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Jason Jones (not verified)

In reply to by Hoffman (not verified)

While I am sure there is a chemical in K2 and it is largely unknown of side effects, I still believe that it is a personal choice.  I smoked it a few times and had no negative side effects.  However, I did not just roll up a dubie and smoke it. Rather, I took just a pinch, which is common sense, smoked it, and then when I got a decent high did not smoke anymore that night.  I would imagine that the people that were having problems with it were not as careful as I was....

Anytime you try something new, a drink for that matter, you simply sample it and consume no more that what gives you a modest buzz.  I find it really absurd that society at large, who lives mostly in the surface world and has no need to elevate to a higher level of conscience would take it on themselves to ban a product for everyone!  I find it ridiculous  that since the majority sees Marijuana as being bad, that the minority is not even allowed to have the freedom to practice their own lifestyles in there own home.   Even more so, I find it absolutely wrong that majority conservative society owns everything and apparently everyone that just happens to exist on this land. 

I am a vegetarian and believe its wrong to eat meat.  My beliefs are well founded.  Suppose one day my kind becomes the base of our society and we decide for "everyone", that no one will have the freedom to eat meat!

If people are that damned concerned about safety,  why the hell don't they educate people of a more cautious way of using substances and put some minor restrictions on things.  But NO, they would rather make the choice for everyone and make it illegal. 

No one is free as long as three men can overpower and control one man.  It's a matter of their will over ours.  That is why I will not bring a child into this world.  I find this world not even fit for myself to live in.

Blessed be the free thinker.  God Damn! the the oppressors that control all man, woman, and child.

Society kills the planet and they are wrong.  Society at large makes arbitrary choices for all and even me, and their wrong.  Society used to enslave people of African decent, and they were "really" freakin wrong.  What's new!

Same shit! Same deal! 

It is time people come to common ground. Develope brains and grow Balls.


I support freedom of our own body chemistry!  To the people that dont like weed or weed-like substances; you have the choice to not smoke it.  Let others have the choice to smoke if they want to. 

Leave us alone!



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schrodinger_ha… (not verified)

Add Dallas, TX to the K2 ban list. They also banned Salvia divinorum. Effective Saturday, 8/14/2010, it will be illegal to buy, sell, use or possess Apparently, according to, Dallas went a step further and banned smoking accessories such as bongs and papers.  I have yet to verify that.  But considering how broke Dallas is, it would not surprise me in the least.  The Dallas ban provides for up to a $2000 fine for possession, and maybe the same for paraphernalia.  This seems like a chance for the city to make a quick buck, and given the huge number of people in the Dallas area who smoke "God's green" as well as K2 and synthetics, there would be a TON of money to be made. (EDIT: Confirmed.  Paraphernalia, other than papers, will also be illegal under the new ban, which goes into effect at midnight, 8/15/2010... the stroke of Sunday morning)

Yet alcohol remains legal.  Alcohol is known to be dangerous; we all know the damage it causes to the liver, the brain, an unborn baby, and so on.  I don't need to rattle on about how many people die or kill someone else as the result of driving while drunk.  People die or kill other people while driving stoned, certainly.  Yet alcohol is legal and cannabinoids (natural or synthetic) are not.  Why is that, do you think?  My guess is money.  Alcohol sales are huge.  The tax dollars from alcohol sales add up.  Alcohol is socially acceptable, associated more readily with high society, and more of our politicians drink alcohol than use cannabinoids (CB's). 

Pot, on the other hand, is typically a working-class indulgence.  The average pot smoker or CB user is generally of modest means.  Pot is also fairly easy to grow, easier to grow and cure than tobacco.  Homegrown pot for personal consumption isn't sold and no money changes hands.  There are no tax dollars to be made.  The government doesn't get its slice of the pie, and so they get peeved.  Pot remains illegal even though some states issue a freaking TAX STAMP for it!  Then the state busts someone for pot and if that person was the one guy in the whole state who actually bought the tax stamp, he's still busted and now the state gets his fine and costs on top of the tax money for the stamp.  What a racket! 

No wonder these cities and states want to ban synthetic CB's.  Dallas is getting greedy by adding "Sally D" to the ban list, and since certain poppies and other plants are already illegal to grow and possess-- it's only a matter of time before the only things any herbalist or horticulturist would be able to grow would be dandelions. 

Oops, no.  Sorry about that, no dandelions, either.  Dandelions are a weed, and weed is illegal.


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Socialist bullshit (not verified)

It all goes back to government trying to control lives, as stated in a few other earlier posts.  If they make it illegal, they can make money off the fines.  The way they legitimately go about doing this is because there are assholes out there who smoke this and then become unproductive well-fare cases.  Thus, ruining it for the rest of us and giving the government a great excuse to make the product illegal.  What the government refuses to understand is that these people were well-fare cases well before this product was available and they will continue to be well-fare cases.  If you are one of these people that live off the government, fuck you.

Sun, 08/15/2010 - 6:15pm Permalink
Gov. Joe (not verified)

I think since this new K2 substance came they should legalize Marijuana. People are going through great lenghts 4 the THC effect. And if people are dying from it then why not legalize the safe form of the product, which is marijuana. Some situations can be delt with so easily duuun.An yes I have had bad experiences with K2 also but more good ones.Just be safe with it.


Tue, 10/12/2010 - 1:25pm Permalink
DontsmokeitAnonymous (not verified)

I just woke up from a nasty high from the k2 garbage. I mixed a small amount in my cigarette and it hit me like a freight train. Similar to mj, except that my heart and eardrums felt like they were going to explode. I checked my pulse and I was at 150 bpm AT REST. you should be at 60-100bpm MAX at rest, 150 is a nasty experience even during heavy exercise. I was able to dink my head in cold water to activate the diving reflex (lowers bpm) and got my pulse down to 98, still uncomfortable. This stuff is not to be taken lightly. No dosage info, which means any Jo-blo can buy it at the gas station without any dosage warning and explode his heart. I love mj but can't afford the legal repercussions of being caught, so I get stuck smoking some garbage. Legalize mj and get this shit off the street and shut down. If you like this crap, you aren't just annoying mj. It was more like coke. I'm pissed off.

Fri, 10/15/2010 - 12:32am Permalink
Just Learning (not verified)

I am sorry to say the majority of smokers are going to defend what they smoke ... No duh. But you have to reaslise the people who smoke it and say "well nothing happened to me." May not effect you the same way. Because a chemical it effects your brain in differnet way because differnet make up of THC receptors. One person may feel high another may become feverish and pass out, vomit, extream migranes, and even fall in to coma. Thats why K2 and K3 are dangerious. Cannibous is much safer than anything else because it is naturally occuring. But K2 and K3 are made out of Chemical that were designed in a lab. (Not a Basement).  

Thu, 10/21/2010 - 4:01pm Permalink
Fuski (not verified)

If potential to overdose is the issue, then by extension I suppose alcohol ought be made illegal.  If nothing else it's just inconsistent to criminalize one chemical (this new and apparently potentially dangerous k2) and ignore the wild dangers of another commonplace helluva drug (alcohol), but what else is new.  I'm gonna go have another beer.

Thu, 04/07/2011 - 6:08pm Permalink
psa (not verified)

The fact of the matter is that spice (k2, magic, salvia, etc) are compounds that consist based on illegal substances.  There are few negative reports of the effects of the synthetics due to few tests actually being conducted.  Im not against marijuana in any way, I just believe in that old fashion saying dont talk to strangers. meaning in regards to this you do not know what's in these products or what effects the unknown mixtures may incur.  It is an incrimination on the peoples right to outlaw a substance without just cause, but for some it may be the best option (playing with fire will get you burnt).  For all those who do smoke this product please be careful. 

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 4:47pm Permalink
codytrey (not verified)

I have smoked k2 for almost two months now I always feel bad when im on it that sucks bad ive had panic attacks its got so bad I feel sick I have pians severe headaches and when I tried to quite it and it was worse than bein on it
Sat, 04/23/2011 - 9:00pm Permalink
Robert Hicks (not verified)

   After all these years has the lawmakers learned nothing..? are they stuck in the stoneage or something...wth..  if theyd legalize marijuana the spice wouldnt be such a big thing...then instead of handing our money to whoever in the blackmarket or mexico or could be helping to pay off our national for schools exedera!!! morons...ban spice ittl just be bigger along with all the rest they ban..takes brains lawmakers..learn from the past any?? evidentlly not..


Ive tried spice didnt like it as well as marijuana  small headache...but it did help to balance me out like weed does too...why not just legalize weed? be alot better for ya than spice..ive smoked weed for 29 years straight...only thing its ever done is help me out..except for the fines i got..govnt crooks is all that is..same as stealing..lawmakers should be locked up for that...

Tue, 04/17/2012 - 2:57am Permalink

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