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Did You Know? FDA Stats on Deaths Related to Marijuana vs. Other Drugs, on

Did you know the FDA identified marijuana as a primary cause of death in zero cases from 1997 through mid-2005, while FDA-approved drugs prescribed in lieu of medical marijuana are suspected of causing hundreds of deaths?

See Deaths from Marijuana v. 17 FDA-Approved Drugs, on the web site, part of the ProCon family.

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That was very enlightening! I know I would rather use cannabis with its non-existent risk, as compared to Neurontin. It killed thousands! But, getting any drug warriors to look at the scientific evidence is like pulling teeth! They would rather ignore their own evidence!


i feel the issue with drugs have gone to far its just a way to have a make people legal slave of the government while imprisioned and that drugs or not goin anywhere people use drugs for all sorts of reasons just to make it through the day enjoyment treatment of pain for the people who dont do drugs stop making laws on a policy you know nothing about you cant judge something unless you have tried it and really know about it i cant tell a doctor how to fix people if i havent any medical experienceand lets drug test everyone on capital hill and see who passes many cant read or try to pass a bill becuase they are to drunk to read the bill everyone knows someone on drugs well cetain drugs i agree shouldnt be legal but some shoould stop using methods from 80 to 95 years ago to rule a lifestlye completely different move with the time people learn then judge get the facts and be real and whats the sence of having a law with the marijuana tax stamp if its illegal to posses or grow someone answer that i feel its not the governments right to stop anyone from using what they want at their home or pesonal use its takin away my rights for my pursuit of happiness if the government takes all the drugs and makes them in a safe way it could be taxed and profitted to help the economy in jobs products too

Mara ja wanna


Weed related deaths vs. alcohol related deaths

Meanwhile alcohol claims the lives of approximately 75000 people a year and it's growing. I know a woman who because of alcohol has broken her shoulder and leg, and burned herself 2 x's in the kitchen all in 1 year due to alcohol. But it's legal. She got a fine for passing out drunk in front of a car while crossing the road and the cops took her home and tucked her into bed. Now she's talking about getting a car. She WILL kill someone. She can't even walk normally. I don't speak to her at all anymore.

She's been a drinker since she was about 15 years old. Her parents thought it would keep her home if they got her a bottle every night. Right. She had stopped drinking for a couple of years now that she's 50 and only smoked pot on occasion and was a much happier person as well as functional. She could hold a conversation, a job and perform normal everyday tasks without problems. But then stopped smoking pot, began drinking again and all of her troubles started over. She's as worthless as ever due to legal alcoholism. You got it all backwards morons.

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