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Medical Marijuana: Alabama Bill Wins House Committee Vote, But Unlikely to Pass This Year

For the first time ever, a medical marijuana bill in Alabama has won a legislative committee vote. HB 207, the Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act, was approved Wednesday by the House Judiciary Committee. But even the bill's sponsor, Rep. Patricia Todd (D-Birmingham) has said the bill is unlikely to pass this year. The legislative session ends next week.

The bill is named after an Alabama man with a brain tumor that caused frequent seizures who fought to legalize medical marijuana. Phillips died at age 38 while attending the Drug Policy Alliance conference in New Orleans in 2007.

Under the bill, patients suffering from cancer and other serious ailments could, with a doctor's recommendation, possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and could grow their own medicine if they so chose. The bill would also allow for licensed dispensaries where patients could obtain their medicine. Patients would have to obtain a state-issued identification card.

Rep. Todd told the Montgomery Advertiser that with only five days left in the session, the bill was unlikely to move further this year. "I know this is not an easy bill to vote for," she said. "My intent is to help people who are hurting."

Alabama most likely won't see a medical marijuana law this year, but with the winning of the House committee vote, the movement has advanced further than ever in the Heart of Dixie.

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bye bye

Patricia Todd. Another Democrat that will be losing their job in the next election. Bye bye demo's.


With 22 years of experience in the medical profession, I feel justified in my informed opinion. I have seen the benifits of responsible use of cannabis and I have seen the overwhelming ignorance surrounding this issue. Compare the side-effects listed on pharmacuticals advertised on televison as well as the class-action lawsuits filed against big pharma for the harms their "medications" have inflicted. I have never seen one patient with an allergic reaction to cannabis, overdose or fatality. Cannabis is an herb put here by God for us to use. Question for the Bible Belt: Does God make mistakes?

Legalize it

I totally agree with you. I am an herbalist and know that marijuana has many natural effects to help the body. It is a great pain reliever without any harmful side effects. It also calms nerves. I feel legalization would eliminate the drug cartel, bring new tax revenues to our state and overwhelmingly be a positive change.

the reason for it taking so long

i agree about this whole thing. weed was made illegal in 1935 because of racial issues between whites against Latin American and African American people. the best way to under stand this is to go on hulu. com and look on the movies section and type in marijuana it tells you everything you or i could possible want to know about weed or pot.  

I want to thank the Dr. for

I want to thank the Dr. for his comment.Ive tried other legel herbs for pain reliefe with no results so Im forced to use narcotics that are bad for me not to mention dangerous and there legel but not marijawana?It has to be because there afraid of loosing money.It would make my life easier.I need to use pain meds & anxiety meds now& would agree with the Dr about side effects.No side effects with marajiwana.This is a medicine from God.It says in Genisis He created All seed bearing plants.Plz legelize! Thank you.


Amen. Pot needs to be legal so all can smoke whenever where ever

22 years yeah right.

you say you have 22 years but the first thing you jump to is advertisements on television. what side effect hu?

Get a clue.

He probably said that because most of us aren't in the Med field. How do we hear about side effects? Tv! You are probably a bible thumper that takes xanex and Vicodin for anxiety and pain. Getting mad because our state MAY take steps out of the dark ages? There are 16 states +DC that have legalized Med Marijuana. None in the bible belt. Also, cops won't be able to harass and put in jail the 80% of people caught with weed. Get a life. I hope you never get seriously I'll and need med marijuana cuz if you are in Alabama, yer only option is to get on highly addictive, pharmaceutical heroin.


I have a disease called ELHORS-Danlos, never heard of it. It only happens to 1 in 10,000 people. Basically my body is turning to mush. Every joint in my body dislocates. In recent months the bones in my feet are separating and tearing thru the soles of my feet. Sound painful? You have no idea. I was using painkillers that made me itch like crazy and made me sick to my stomach. I have had to give them up because they were shutting my kidneys down.

  Marijuana is a God send for someone like me. It allows me to live a somewhat normal life, but because I live in the great state of Alabama, I am geographically stuck!!! Do I pack up and move away from my family because my Governor thinks I'm a pothead? Or, do I stay here and suffer?

Ok, how about a former legal assistant

My work as a legal assistant dealt with the class action cases of the life changing side effects of the drugs that pharma companies market as safe.  One particular stop smoking drug manufacturer failed to warn doctors about serious potential side effect and the worst side effect being suicide.  My job was to interview the victims and the families who survived these devastating side effects.  This is just one example of one particular drug that effected thousands of people.  Can your simple brain even begin to comprehend how many prescription drugs are out there and the infinite number of potential effects on different people's health.   The doctor is right! 

just because you're a doctor

just because you're a doctor doesn't mean you're right about everything you idiot!

You are a pompous Ass

You are calling someone with a phd an idiot.. that makes you by far the dumbest person on the planet.. that man probably has more experience than anyone in congress... his opinion succeeds your small minded thought. Even in the bible it states god made herbs... pot is an herb asshole.. are you calling the LORD an idiot aswell.

Idiot response to MD


Just what qualities you to dog a MD response. Try the meds they now give me for 7 broke bones then say marijuana '


is bad for you.

anwer from the bible belt

Nope, last I checked God knows what he's doing.

There's no god.

There's no god.

No God...Really?

Dear Mr. or Ms. you are sadly mistaken... I noticed you said there is no God...I pray for your benefit that you are correct (despite how wrong I know you are) because you will definitely stand before Him one day and face your judgment. Everything was created for Him and by Him and He can do what no one else can. I am grateful that He is full of grace and mercy because He loves everyone...even the idiot that says He doesn't exist. The bible says "only a fool says in his heart there is no God." How are you breathing? Well, know this my friend...the same God that gave you life and breath will one day say "breath come back..." When this happens-it's called death, you will no longer be able to correct what He has obviously given you the opportunity to do now. Tomorrow is not promised!

There is a GOD.......Really?

So there is a GOD?  sure I'll believe that under 1 condition.  Show me some sort of proof.  I will admit I can not prove there is no GOD however, you for sure can not prove there is.  The thing that you don't grasp is that you are making a claim and I am not so that leaves you with the burden of proof.   What I have seen in life and all I have read about there is no evidence at all not one bit that there is.  So a rational person will not accept someone just saying so as truth, faith however does require belief without evidence.  "Because I say so its true"

  If you want to even think about trying to say I hold the burden of proof then no problem, I can capitalize on your logic!  You owe me a million dollars.  Want proof that you do, sure no problem.  I will use the same rational that you do.  I say you owe me a million dollars so since I say you do then its true.  See the asinine logic there?  If you want to say "well the bible is proof" all you are doing is saying that all other religious books are also true since they have the same claims.  So if you would like to attempt to give some sort of actual proof of your claim go rite ahead I'll wait...............

There is a GOD.......Really?

So there is a GOD?  sure I'll believe that under 1 condition.  Show me some sort of proof.  I will admit I can not prove there is no GOD however, you for sure can not prove there is.  The thing that you don't grasp is that you are making a claim and I am not so that leaves you with the burden of proof.   What I have seen in life and all I have read about there is no evidence at all not one bit that there is.  So a rational person will not accept someone just saying so as truth, faith however does require belief without evidence.  "Because I say so its true"

  If you want to even think about trying to say I hold the burden of proof then no problem, I can capitalize on your logic!  You owe me a million dollars.  Want proof that you do, sure no problem.  I will use the same rational that you do.  I say you owe me a million dollars so since I say you do then its true.  See the asinine logic there?  If you want to say "well the bible is proof" all you are doing is saying that all other religious books are also true since they have the same claims.  So if you would like to attempt to give some sort of actual proof of your claim go rite ahead I'll wait...............



Marijuana and Politcians

Yeah these low lives that represents our states, they can order up their prostitutes on the Internet and go get some cocaine for the whore that seeing them. Cheating on their wives sucking on some guys dick like that senator up north. Driving around drunk all the time and get away with it. What these politicians are really saying is fuck the public and their need. What the politicians say is they are going to take care of themselves first. That's how it really is. I smoke and it only takes the edge off of the severe pain I'm in and keeps me from throwing up all the time from a genetic disorder I have that mimics MS. I personally defy cops and will light up whenever I can regardless of the law that I have no respect for anyways. No perscription I have ever been givin stops me frOm vomiting. The government is loosing a lot of money not legalizing it, but who ever said that there were any smart politicians anyways.

you fool

As gov't see how much COIN the decrim states like California are getting, and they keep having to cut cops/teachers/fireman/judicial staff etc they are gonna bounce too.  Quit hating.  It's better for society than alcohol or tobacco.


watch "Marijuana Inc."    the Oaksterdam guy spend 6-7  hundred thousand a year in taxes.   a pity ass state like alabama could really use the 300,000 a year in state taxes.   then our congress man and senators and so forth would not have reasons to "steal"  college funds ect.   pass this shit  we need some help down here.  think about the jobs it would create.  the cartels wouldnt even have a stake in american pot money this way.

End of the Bigots reign

I'm a 23 year college student from Alabama. I was raised in the most conservative religion I can think of , Free Holiness. It is very similar to Pentecostal churches but it is stricter and the dress code is absurd, but you can judge people, talk-shit, and  smoke cigarettes buts that okay right?

 I smoke marijuana everyday to relieve the stress from being excommunicated from my church, family, and friends,  and I believe it is a miracle plant. i have been completely shunned from my family and religion because I do not deny my love of this God given plant. Stop the ignorance and bigotry!  However, I hate the culture surrounding the black market and I hate drug dealers. Marijuana is bad when it is put in the hands of street thugs and lowlifes. It's time to make this wonderful plant available to the people who can use it responsibly.

The south needs to loosen it's belt with its hypocrisy. I really don't know how to put my feelings into words but I'll be damned if a bigot cop who thinks he saved by Jesus Christ pulls over and calls me a criminal for smoking grass. It's time all of us free thinkers to stand up and actually do something and defeat the hippie image that marijuana is associated with. And by the way, Jesus Christ would approve this message.


The South shunned the Native Americans,

Enslaved the African Americans, and now it's Marijuana Users. This is a civil rights issue.


God Bless Real Americans

whats that smell prescription lol

legalise medi pot please ,god is great, pot is good .side effects:laughter munchies criminal records .....stop the bs and tell a freind so police can focus their efforts on more important stuff.god doesnt make mistakes but backward thinking polititians will quite frequently ..they made it this far.lets try to keep up the GOOD WORK ladies and gents

Your Ignorance causes people misery

Marijuana for medical use? Legalize it. FIrst off this should not come down to a Democratic vs. republican arm wrestling match. Im not asking for cannabis to be completely legal, but there are far too many people in my life that would benefit from legal medical marijuana. I have one friend who suffers from IBS and a tiny piece of natural herb does everything to settle his stomach that an intense manufactured regiment of about 6 pills a day can't do. Marijuana is natural and works. If you or some one you know suffers from diabetes, IBS, affects of chemo, nausea, migraines, and other numerous chronic illnesses or conditions, regardless of their or your own political preference, then you know some one that can be positively treated via medical marijuana. The passing of this committee vote is only one small step, however, any victory on this subject offers some hope to those who suffer. Keep up the good work.

Medical Marijuana is a big

Medical Marijuana is a big big step down the road to legalization. There is no good reason for pot to be illegal... we've just been lied to for so long, we started believing this insane lie.

To people who are against Marijuana's legalization in Alabama, I just want you to understand that when other states talk about the south being "backwards," this is what they were talking about. If you look at both sides of the argument, there is an overwhelming conclusion that Marijuana should be perfectly legal. See, legalizing the plant is not the same as Advocating it's use. It merely protects our family, friends, and neighbors from undeserved consequences.

It's a safe, useful, and highly demanded PLANT for crying out loud...

Pain Killers & Muscle Relaxers vs. Marijuana

I'm a 42 yr old Social Worker residing/working in Alabama and suffering from numerous spinal problems/conditions/disorders.
The pain is so bad that I am usually nauseated....pain pills make me nauseated too....knowing that I have a future filled with limited fun and plenty of pain is nauseating which just sucks...the adjustment in a less appealing lifestyle was enough to break my I get a future filled with rehab...OMG...I don't wanna be stuck in rehab with this pain.
If the the State of Alabama continues to make poor decisions for my health care by insisting that I use addictive medications vs marijuana to alleviate MY pain and that would eventually require me to spend MY time in a rehab facility drying out and/or to prison for using marijuana illegally is insane....(the pain makes me irritable too)
I'm responsible and in charge of my health care....I'm won't stay where ignorance prevails...!


I am young. I've just turned 21 and my life is good my family loves me and so do my friends. I smoke pot to help me deal with my sever adhd and type 3 bipoler just to name afue things "rong" with me. I do have one adiction, ciggs. And smoking pot is not much better for my lungs if there was a way to get what I needed I could eat it instead and it would not just be another thing tring to kill me. This is just my own selfish reasions for wanting something to be done this year . Ps:my spelling is apart if my learning disabalitys.

Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana is a HEMP plant which is the dried leaves from the flowering tops of the female hemp plant which is grown in the ground just like potatoes, green beans, okra, hay, soy beans,corn sweet potatoes,carrots,cucumbers, watermelons and much much more, that most of these we use all the time. It was originally a tall widely grown" ASIAN HERB" related to the mulberry plant, which is an edible berry like fruit. It is also related to the Herb CATNIP a marijuana substite you can buy in capsules to help with calming ADHD. I have a lot of health problems from herniated disks in my back, hernias in my stomach, ADHD/BIPOLAR, anxiety/panic attacks, bad nerves, vascular dementia,due to a stroke that put me in a comaIf you want to know for 1 and a half months, that did damage to one of the cells going to my brain and much more etc.....I believe in the GOOD BENEFITS of LEGALIZING MARIJUANA in ALABAMA, I smoke it for my pain, and migraines when ever i am around it . It helps me out so much, there is NOTHING wrong with smoking it or taking it in pills, take it from someone who knows and has been there and still there.

cigarettes are muchh worse

cigarettes are muchh worse for you than smoking weed

lets talk

huigh im tripp. about 9 years go i got rsn over by an elderly lady , crushed both my legs and poped my hi out / i took the pain pill but thr made me feel down and i still hurt, a friend told me smoke some pot . i did . now sence i been smomin i can function more i can walk after being paralized in my legs . somthin pain pills wouldnt do . so commin from a person who takes 30 min jst to get my legs workin please help medical marijuana become legal in the state of alabama. hemp also has good uses, from clothes to runnin cars
the ford modle t was ran on hemp . it will make a cleaner inviroment and help ppl who need it for medical use. i will fight for my right to get medical marijuana . and if noone stands with me then its gonna be a long battle, but its worthit for ppl who need it and for the inviroment.

Medical Marijuana

It is about time!!! I moved to Alabama from a medical marijuana legal state where my disabilities were under control enough that I didn`t HAVE to take so powerful pain killers and other major meds. Now ,living in Alabama the past 3 years I have HAD to go on major pain meds ,etc. that now when I go to get off them,I`ll have to go through a week of serious DT`s in a hosp. just to clean out. I was told when I moved here that Alabama has "backwoods,redneck polititions" and medical marijuana will never be legal here. I guess "MAYBE" they aren`t so backwoods after all. Check out what LEAP says about it.

legalize marijuana

my name is andrew i am currently 20 years old had a massive head injury i was thrown 165 feet into some electrical lines and then into a briar patch broke all 5 right toes left hip 7 vertabraes right rib punctured lung and cracked neck i am not lieing and thats just what happened physically all i can say is legalize it please im in pain please call me if you wanna talk to me about anything 1205 292 7234 this is not a scam i dont like lieng thanks

Andrew it sounds as if You

Andrew it sounds as if You are going through a lot.... if You need someone to talk to shoot me an email... [email protected]

hey what are yall trying to

hey what are yall trying to do let everyone suffer for the next year i mean it takes alchol one to two weeks to be in stores just let us smoke my god

Medical Cannabis is the Answer

I myself suffer from high anxiety, paranoid personality disorder, skitsofrenia (to a small extent, but could get worse with age), and type 1 bipolar disorder. Smoking Cannabis is the only outlet I've had that's worked far beyond any anti-depressant or anti-psychotic that I've been prescribed in the past. I also have R.L.S and pretense to what will either become gout or arthritis of the knees. I work hard, have an I.Q. of 156, and I'm extremely goal orientated, Cannabis does not hinder me from working hard or achieving my goals (except drug tests lol). I have long since quit my Cannabis use and now I have to battle my anxiety from self propelled paranoia, with type 1 bipolar disorder and slight skitsofrenia it's extremely hard to sleep or stabilize my mood, and my knee problems are a constant pain. Cannabis helped soothe all of these woes with no side effects or addictive draw backs. Anti-psychotics are not an option due to the fact that they mentally drain me taking greatly away from my quality of life. Sleeping aids are not an option because I'm easily tranquilized with hangover effects, and I refuse to take any pain pills of the sort because I've seen how that DESTROY people's lives. Please do the smart thing and make this medicinal herb legal and attainable to people like me and the rest of the people that has posted on this, so we can have a somewhat normal life like the rest of you politicians and other government officials, it is because of us that you have a job.

we need this now!

Hi, my name is Gary. I live in decatur in north alabama. In june of 2009 I was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 47. I had to have the lower lobe of my left lung removed. The surgion was in a hurry because of a procedure before me took longer than anticipated. so he did'nt put as many stitches as he should have and as a result the incision tore open. I was told this could be fixed with another surgury but would have to wait til after chemo as the chemo was more important. I spent 6 months going through chemo. Constant pain, nausea, weight loss. a friend going through breast cancer gave me a joint.I can not express how much this helped me. I was able to eat again (and keep it down), it helped with the pain better than any legal drugs i was prescribed. So what did I do? after 47 yrs of being a law abiding citizen I became a criminal. Now the cancer is back. So again I will go back to breaking the law. I know it will be too late for me when and if they get off their asses and fix this law. But for gods sake hurry up there are people suffering out there!

IBS and Marijuana

Hi, I am an IBS sufferer and I turned to weed since I live in Alabama and I dont like taking the medications like loratab that is addicting and I dont like anti-depressants because they are the ones that will drive people crazy. I mean altering your brain? THC doesn't, well besides the giggling, being able to eat now that I hate food, I have more energy, it helps me cope, I dont get depressed and helps with my anxiety. So please Alabama dont make me move LOL

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

I am  a 43 old male with a wife and two boys. My boys are 13 and 10 and are very active in sports. I've had several spinal fusions over the last 3 years. I'm in constant agony and I can't toss a ball with my kids all I can do is sit on the sideline and watch. I've been taking Loratab 10's for over 2 years on a daily basis as well as Soma and various anti depression medications. 2 months ago I started smoking marijuana instead of taking the pills, instead of walking with a cane, which I had to do while taking the pills, I can walk like a man without a limp. I can't bend nor do I expect to be able to since the joints are fused, but I can at least through a ball with my boys again. I may be breaking the law, but I will gladly sit in jail than not be able to throw a ball with my children.

Please for those of us in pain, legalize medical marijuana.

I have glaucoma and I am

I have glaucoma and I am prescribed eyedrops which I have to take twice a day. And for me they cause styes which rubs against my eyes all day. And when I use my eyedrops it feels like alcohol in a open wound in my eyes,twice a day! And the pressure in my eyes goes up and down all the time giving me headaches and ultimatly cause vision loss by due to the pressure on the retina. Since I started smoking herb I have not had any of the symptoms. And my eye doc is very impressed my pressure has been stable for this long. it was never stable using the drops. And I haven't taken my drops in over a year! However now I got to change jobs and have had to go back to the drops and once again the styes and headaches are back. Even when medical marijuana is passed you will still be fired for failing a drug test if you test positive for thc. But that's another story. The only way this battle will be won is for everyone to get out and vote the supporters into office.

I know I'm young, but listen


I know I'm of a very young age and this may not apply to me even if it is passed. I reside in the state of Alabama, and I am only 15 years of age, but I promise you I'm not just a pothead teen. In fact, I am an A student with an IQ of over 130. I've suffered from manic depressive disorder, chronic migraines(both classic and optical) and nausea every day of my life for as long as I can remember. I had my gallbladder removed at the age of 10, which did nothing to help the nausea(though according to my doctor it had completely shut down and literally rotted inside of my body, so it greatly needed to be removed). I started using cannabis occasionally at the age of 14 because it is the only thing that has ever worked(it helps all of the problems I have mentioned above) and offers much less of a risk than the medicines prescribed by my doctor(currently I only take paxil 25mg for manic depression and antivert to prevent the optical effects of my migraines such as black out spells and mild hallucinations[which are normally bright colours and moving lights that block out my vision], though it doesn't tend to work). I understand why people want cannabis to be limited and why they think teens shouldn't use it, but I believe that I have a legitimate reason for it. It's definitely less harmful and addictive than the multiple prescription drugs I've been told to switch between throughout my lifetime.

It needs to be legal

I have had migrains since I was 12 and now I am 22 in all that time I was in pain till it natrually witch took about 24 to 48 hours and have been so bad it took down the same 200lb kid that went head first in to a tree do to a horiable accident and WALKED away, went away at one point i was on like 6 asprin a day and then got a perscripion pain killer and even that suck witch one side effect FOR A MEDICIATION FOR MIGRAINS WAS MAY CAUSE HEADAKES and this is from my doctor then one of my buddies was smoking and so I read up on it first (because you need to learn the facts first hince why I dont drink and I dont smoke ciggs) than gave it a whirl and I have never needed to go back to the doctor and there has never been any situation that I could not handle perfecly since and it helps me focus on the task at hand because I also have ADD but then again who doesn't but please be responsible like the way it should be remember its litterly all natural.

Are you kidding me!? LEGALIZE THIS CRAP!

Prohibition won't work. And do you know why? What was the very first prohibition?"Thou shalt not take from the garden". Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. And who was the cop? That's right, God. And how many people did he have to keep an eye on? Two. And they still did it anyway. So what chance do we have?

And as for all you people saying it can be abused and is a "dangerous" drug. Well shitt you can abuse cheeseburgers too but you dont go around closing burger king, because you can abuse something, you can take a fucking fork and jam it in my eyeballs does that mean forks should be illegal? you know i can jump off a bridge should we outlaw bridges? lets nerf the world!!

And omg...if its so so dangerous. explain this.

Cigarettes-430,000 deaths a year in the USA
Alcohol- 85,000 deaths a year in the USA
Caffeine-1,000-10,000 Deaths a year in the USA
Asprin/Pain relievers-7,500 Deaths a year in the USA.
Since Marijuana is Illegal to 'keep us safe' I should obviously have staggering numbers in the death toll right? Ready for the big number?

Marijuana-..0 Deaths a year worldwide...Wow.

Dr.Paul Hornby-
"You have to smoke the equivalent of 15'000 joints in under 30 minutes for it to become lethal...I dare anyone to try that hahaha."

your post

I think that you hit that nail on the head. The reason I don't smoke is the fact the pain clinic I go to is piss test crazy. To be truthful about my situation the morphine does not help at all. The last time I actually smoked, I got decent sleep and I wasn't pissy when I woke up the next morning. I was able to get rite out of bed.

legal weed

for probably 12 years i have smoked marijuana everyday. i don't have medical problems because of it, and i am not a bad person for smoking. the reason i smoke marijuana is because of terrible lower back pain from an injury on the job. the pain medications that the doctor i was seeing at the time caused severe stomach pain which was more irritating that my damn back, i don't think the government should decide on if a hard working american man should or should not smoke him a joint every now and again. so please vote this bill in. there are people out in the world that this plant helps!

Please wake up Alabama... we

Please wake up Alabama... we need this for many obvious reasons.

legalize it

 I support the legalization of medical marijuana. I have no interest in using it for recreation purposes. I would however used it for pain medication if it was legal.  I try to never use the prescription pain medications I am prescribed because they are so harmful to the body. Oxy, hydrocodone, oramorph sr, and other pain like this have severe side effects and withdrawal problems, cannabis does not.


Other than the medical legalization I would support a legalization of the recreation use. The recreational use of cannabis is no worse than the recreational use of alcohol. I would say alcohol is the worse of the two. However because of myths, folklore and typical hypocrisy people want it illegal. We have way to many citizens in prison over simply cannabis possession. This cost them their lives and cost us billions in tax money to house them. Like I said I have no interest in the recreational use. I don't drink alcohol nor would I smoke pot, but its ridiculous that people are imprisoned for it.

legal marijuana

I'm a 36 year old male, that broke my back about four years ago. After having a fusion (L5 to S1), I have scar tissue that has grown in my spinal canal and is exerting pressure on the nerve down my left leg. The pain is horrible. The pain medications that are written to me are worse. I have been smoking pot for three years now and cannot believe the difference that it has made. Most days I don't take any painkillers, I smoke pot. I cannot function normally on the painkillers but manage very well after smoking a joint. I was a very active person before my injury, and have two young children who are involved in everything. Without the pot I would be missing out on 90% of their functions and would not be able to do any of the activities that I enjoy. This needs to be passed asap. I'm really growing tired of buying this on the street. I have a constant fear of being caught with it, but I continue because of the relief that it gives.

It Helps Us.....

I was diagnosised with epilepsy in 2006 and was have seizures atleast 1 to 2 times a week along with having anxiety and also chronic pain due to 9 knee surguries. With all this going on I got very depressed and none of the anti-depressants seemed to help. I was giving several different types of seizures medicine and also plenty of pain medicine but when I started smoking marijuana my seizures where reduced to maybe 1 every 2 to 3 months and I very rarely take any pain medicine. Also my anxiety and depression is not even an issue any more. Thank God For Marijuana!!!! Please give us are medicine we really need so we don't have no issues with the police.......

what about jobs?

think about it people what if marijuana were legal. do you have any idea how many jobs that would produce, how much revenue that would bring into alabama? hooka stations, herb stores, THE MUNCHIES DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THE MUNCHIES ALONE COSTS A SMOKER LOL and i know you have but have you ever been on a munchie run YEAH! how much did u spend?exactly! thats a boost for local restraunts ice cream shops pizza parlors convenience stores everywhere. what about the crime rate huh? you think there would be any overcrowding at all if they let out the people with simple possesion or perifanilia charges? no we would actually have room for that crackhead running the streets everyday stealin all our stuff. but hey it doesnt matter right? lil jonny pothead brings in the same amount of money yeeeeaaaahhhh just let bob the ripper go he represents everything productive in america yeah we'll be fine.Ha! oh and yes im saying it! alot of stoners are lazy but guess whaaaaaaaaaaatttt? while im chillin on my couch with a bag of funions your sons and daughters are getting drunk (LEGALLY!!!!!!!!) and killing people namely you. personally pot doesnt affect my driving because im focused and paranoid as hell mainly.but to end this discussion i'll tell you the main thing that bugs me about all this.............YOU! yes you sitting there reading this guess what if you go to the capitol and fire up a fattie someone is gonna notice if you organize a public charity drive for smokers to come eat and be sociable guess what people will come guess why because its you if you could go to event as such would you hell yeah you would please please please quit bitching and do something we have the right to protest ANYTHING as long as its civil so why not protest the fact that pot isnt legal??? yeah i dont know either. especially those of you in critical condition and yes its harsh but bear with me if you are gonna die in three months and weed is the only think that keeps your life from being completely miserable and you do think it will help people... make a stand fight for your freedom (again) THEN DO WHAT OUR GRAND FATHERS AND GREAT GRANDFATHERS DID FIGHT FOR IT EARN YOUR PLACE IN THIS WORLD AND FIGHT! its about time we took back our balls america DO SOMETHING!!!

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