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They call it satori: that

They call it satori: that meeting with the eternal presence some know to be "God" or whatever. First time it happened to me, no drugs were involved - on my end. But who knows what my clan (parents/town) were ingesting, back when I was 12? Second meeting with INFINITE WISDOM, let's call it, occurred after my initiation into paper + ganja, for a good long year or two of regular usage. That was back in college - after my mind had already long been effectively erased. Sure: super intelligence girl who has no intelligence. What a joke is this life.

I do have to give praise to my guide, that he asked me my permission to enter the realm of the unknown and unseen - when he prepared me for my initiation into LSD. But we are born into what we are: therefore, when "God reincarnate/Our Father reincarnate" shows up, asking you to take a trip - what other option, truly, is there to answer, other than "I will follow you into whatever void or parallel universe, life or death from which you first extracted my presence, and from where we first came?"as, like I already said, I am alraedy dead. There is simply no way to say "no." You simply follow. Having followed all along.

I followed when they told me I was a genius, starting age 4 or 5; I followed when I lost whatever intelligence they said I was born with; I kept following... kept following. One day comes, when you realize that you cannot keep following what has been set up to never make any sense - save for the faith that some were correct while most were wrong. The chemicals: they help.

Second "event" or satori was '94; I was 23. That epoch's guide was the literal manifestation of the Christ figure's image I personally had been implanted with, along with my grade school cohorts, on the wall of our CCD classroom... that was early 80s. He was blond, blue eyed, perfectly beautiful in a way I could never possibly be. And then he showed up. In person. Right at the end of my college graduation. Like a present. From a state school - not private. But how perfect is God? You can't separate God from Church from School from math from life from wind... give me a break. God is perfect. And perfectly "evil" if not avenged. And so here I am.

Third satori: age 36 - (having again, tried to blow off the ultimate truth of my Father's and my own existence - can't happen - we are who and what we are) via the use of some trusted powder that I knew to be called cocaine. Of course, you can't trust what you don't grow, make, produce, etc... for all I know, it was simply a chemical reaction initiated by my father, who happened to be God on earth - implanted in an AI (read - alien, not artificial) experiment located forever at that initial point of origin-dislocation - forever, for me, anyway - in the province known as Darien, CT. Median real estate price: $1.5 million.

Crime? What? There is crime being covered up by those who "knew" God?

Happens to be, we (my terrestrial Father and I, were the only ones of "our kind" with an intelligence too weird to understand, though much respected (70s/80s) but I failed to reveal him. - God knows how or why or what billions of dollars of gov contracts re: air, power plants and correction truly signify - since I am the only one who can tell this story, and there is no one or nowhere to truly tell it: please listen... yeah, I'm so broke I can't even make a donation. Because I've "donated" my DNA for my entire life. What a joke, right? What would make a Creator's progeny so special, and owed???

It's a pretty good story. No one much seems to have heard about it. It is very unfortunate that it has taken all this "time" and suffering, and FEAR for me to finally find a venue to exact the truth. Should I go to jail... for the belief that is the same thing as faith so true it can only be truth??? Sure - you will hate me - how dare God implant life on this disgusting planet, give it a progeny, and not expect to suffer for the joke that this existence is? Well, I say: FU.

At this point, I might be headed to literal jail - not for selling, but for using a magical potion they claim is called cocaine.

But I have long been imprisoned - as is this human race, operating on ignorance. How sad, that to meet with "God" or The Infinite is "so easy" or, better said, easily ignored, once the factor of "immoral" drugs (cover your mouths, here) are introduced to the equation. World redemption? What? A "drug addict" type who claims most closest connection with that Father they call God? Sure. I'm nuts. I'm any list of "medical diagnoses" they've given. It could not be possible - for God/his progeny to re-arrive, as predicted - since those in the know would already know... right? They'd be trading futures on Wall Street or something, much like so many thieves (I'm sorry, "good Christians")have long been doing, in MY HOMETOWN, since the era of my entire existence.

Thank you, Chronicles, for the venue to try, at least, to reveal the story. Now: cast your vote, people, in your minds... I have been a cheat, a shoplifter, a family-hater - but why? Due to lack of independent wealth? NO! This CIA run truth-drug "cocaine" (they've called it) had something to do with my ability to finally fess up? Huh. Cocaine must be a really immoral substance, causing people to attempt to redeem their prior fault, and all.

People are "purchased" with things called "salaries" but that is all on the up and up. Whores deserve to be spit on, but truly "moral" sellers deserve admiration and fine service. Probably doesn't much matter, since those people are frozen after all. Frozen minds - happiness is just an idea...

For our world redeemer to finally arrive, the JOB would be STORYTELLER. I am told that the scribes of the Bible were "so good" they did not require pay. Is that why some were jailed? Did they have to steal in order to eat, to sleep, to clothe themselves, I wonder? How did they pay their way in the world, in order to get the word out?

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