New Zealand: New Anti-Meth Measures Set to Go Into Effect -- Tough Luck, Flu Sufferers

Under an anti-methamphetamine package announced last week by the government of New Zealand, popular cold and flu remedies containing pseudoephedrine will soon be available only by prescription after a visit to the doctor's office. The popular sinus treatment is also considered a precursor chemical for manufacturing meth.
"We're asking New Zealanders to band together and to accept using alternatives to treat their colds and flus to ensure New Zealand no longer becomes one of the countries most heavily affected by P [as the Kiwis refer to meth]," said Prime Minister John Key as he announced the a series of moves to combat meth use and production.

In addition to restricting access to precursor chemicals, the government will spend more money on drug treatment programs, create a 40-man police anti-meth task force, and charge police with drafting a new anti-meth law enforcement strategy by next month. The government said it would pay for the programs with asset forfeiture funds.

The pseudoephedrine announcement in particular brought a mixed reaction from the public. Some, especially those who had friends or family members who had had problems with meth, were supportive. But others were "annoyed," asking why law-abiding people had to suffer for the actions of drug users and some "voiced concern that it was a bit over the top."

Unsurprisingly, New Zealand police were happy with the new meth package. In a statement greeting the package's announcement, Assistant Commissioner Viv Rickard praised the "whole of government approach" as "more effective" in the battle against meth, but, as always, the police wanted more.

"Police support the control of pseudoephedrine as it would allow us to concentrate resources and work with Customs on preventing the importation of precursors from overseas," Rickard said. "Precursor control is a vital part of disrupting the supply of methamphetamine, but no one action on its own will solve the methamphetamine problem. Stronger legislation around gangs, the ability to seize assets and profits of organized criminals and enhanced treatment programs will all contribute reducing the supply of methamphetamine and making our communities safer."

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I sorry but that dude is an Ass****

What a bunch of Imbeciles, that is all you can say about them.


Crystal Meth, also known as Ice or P (Short for Pure Methamphetamine) has a long and nasty history. This drug pretty much ended the Hippy dreams of Peace and Love, in turning normal human beings into berserk killers capable of acts of horrific violence. In addition to the effect on users, the chemical processes required to manufacture Crystal Meth in drug dealers' homes are extraordinarily dangerous. Many people only find the house next door is a Meth Factory when it explodes. It is well known that gangs pay people to visit pharmacies buying up pseudoephedrine medicines for this purpose.
This new law is a smart response to a clear danger, and has wide-spread support.
In case you really don't know, there have been non-pseudoephedrine based cold remedies (SUDAFED and SINUTAB for instance) which work just as well as the older formula and cost about the same. You may also be unaware that the New Zealand Government is giving out free inoculations for swine flu - I got mine last weekend, so the move does not increase the risk of Swine flu either.

just so I am clear I am not

just so I am clear I am not in any way if favor of meth legalization but, WHAT??????!!!!!!! are you kidding me??????!!!! psudoephedrine ???!!! i was ( in terms of a cold) practically raised on that stuff. theres ridiculous and then there is extreme (WTF?????!!!! really???!!!!) this is messed up!!!

NO JOKE (or bad joke as Iam

NO JOKE (or bad joke as Iam hoping) where is common sense??!! is it just on vacation???!! or is it reality??????

Sharp Contrast with Amsterdam

In Amsterdam I’ve seen pseudoephedrine tablets made available from coin operated candy dispensers that sit on store countertops.  Some countries allow cross-counter, non-prescription sales of all types of medications.

A government either trusts its citizens, or it doesn’t.  New Zealand appears to have a government that doesn’t.  That’s unfortunate.  As bad as meth may be for those who use it unwisely, no freedom can ensue in a village that organizes itself around the village idiot.


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