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Weekly: Blogging @ the Speakeasy

Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #585)

Along with our weekly in-depth Chronicle reporting, DRCNet also provides daily content in the way of blogging in the Stop the Drug War Speakeasy -- huge numbers of people have been reading it recently -- as well as Latest News links (upper right-hand corner of most web pages), event listings (lower right-hand corner) and other info. Check out DRCNet every day to stay on top of the drug reform game! Check out the Speakeasy main page at

prohibition-era beer raid, Washington, DC (Library of Congress)

Since last issue:

Scott Morgan writes: "Increased Marijuana Potency is an Argument for Legalization, Not Against It," "Wall Street Journal Thinks Americans Still Love the Drug War," "New Drug Czar Says 'War on Drugs' Mentality is Over," "CNBC Attacks Schwarzenegger for Endorsing Marijuana Legalization Debate," "DEA Agent Indicted for Framing 17 Innocent People," "Who Put Stephen Baldwin in Charge of Opposing Marijuana Legalization?," "Former Mexican President Calls for Drug Legalization Debate," "Obama Claims to Support Needle Exchange, While Telling Congress to Ban It," "The States Don't Need Federal Permission to Legalize Marijuana" and "How Much Money is Marijuana Legalization Worth?"

David Guard posts numerous press releases, action alerts and other organizational announcements in the In the Trenches blog.

Please join us in the Reader Blogs too.

Again, is the online place to stay in the loop for the fight to stop the war on drugs. Thanks for reading, and writing...

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Anonymous (not verified)

There is no valid argument for not legalizing all drugs that come from natural substances; i.e. things that grow out the earth. The transformation would have some slippery slopes no doubt, but there are still people that drive today in cars that have no idea of what they are doing and cars have been around for over 100 years. You get the idea. Even if these things were all legal and obtainable there would still be "accidents" but there would still be more people in danger from driving to work than there would ever be from using drugs. It would give all the countrys where stuff is grown a farming export, we could let approximately 50% of the prison population out, and the money from a very low tax (I know-dirty word) would allow everyone free health care. This may not happen and probably won't happen anytime soon but my belief is that it will happen eventually and I just believe the process needs to be sped up. Education is the key as long as the information is correct. Remember 500-600-years ago everyone thought that the earth was flat. Nuff said...............

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