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Latin America: Colombia's President Wants to Jail Coca Growing Farmers

Coca farmers, typically peasants in Colombia's most impoverished regions, have never been considered criminals, but that could change if President Álvaro Uribe has his way. Not content with waging war on the coca plant and the cocaine trade, as he has done throughout his two terms in office, or with recriminalizing drug possession, as he is currently attempting for the third time, Uribe now wants to go after the bottom of the drug supply chain too.
coca seedlings
In an interview Sunday, Uribe said he wants peasants "who persist in growing coca to be put in jail." The change from current policy is necessary, said Uribe, because without drastic measures like sending peasant farmers to jail, the government will never be able to stop coca planting.

Under Uribe, Colombia has wholeheartedly embraced the Washington-inspired Plan Colombia, which has seen nearly $6 billion spent in the past decade, mostly on military and police equipment and fumigation of coca crops. But despite all the years and billions of dollars, Colombia remains the world's largest current coca producer, and production levels are similar to where they were a decade ago.

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Uribe- U.S. puppet on a string

Uribe need to go into retirement ... in prison for being such a US-jesuit Georgetown tool!

We need to legalize Coca. Where are the drug policy reform movements on this?

Hey Uribe!

Uribe is just another pawn in the game. He is what we call here in the South. An "Uncle Tom".

Two hours and a half away

Two hours and a half away from Florida, colombian powerful illegal paramilitary groups, increasing drug trafficking, rampant corruption, democracy annihilation, bloodshed, displacement of millions by force, poverty, every type of human right violations, all faces of violence and cruelty, millions of acres of forest and virgin lands annual devastation, and much more, are consequences of DRUG PROHIBITION, a Washington directive effective since Reagan administration.

Colombian democracy is expiring. HELP REQUIRED!

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