Medical Marijuana: DEA Raids San Francisco Dispensary Despite Holder Vow

One week after Attorney General Eric Holder said the federal government would not raid or prosecute medical marijuana providers unless they were breaking both state and federal law, DEA agents Wednesday evening raided Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco. The clinic is a cooperative operating under temporary city permits as it completes the city licensing process and thus, apparently legal under state law. Now, medical marijuana providers and activists don't know what federal policy really is.
Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic (from
The raid on Emmalyn's was done by the DEA only -- no state or local law enforcement was involved -- and the DEA, typically tight-lipped, has not explained how or whether Emmalyn's was in violation of state law.

"Because so little information has been released thus far, we have more questions than answers," added Aaron Houston, director of government relations for the Marijuana Policy Project. "But with an actual shooting war along our Mexican border, not to mention federal law enforcement there being so overwhelmed that traffickers coming through the border with up to 500 pounds of marijuana are let go, it's very hard to believe that this is the best use of DEA resources, especially in a city with an active program to license and regulate medical marijuana providers."

"It's déjà vu all over again at the Justice Department," said Stephen Gutwillig, California state director of the Drug Policy Alliance. "The ink's barely dry on the Obama administration's kinder, gentler approach to medical marijuana, and the DEA is up to its old tactics. San Francisco sets the standard for medical marijuana dispensary regulation. Surely, state and local authorities are capable of policing their own system, just as the feds surely have more pressing issues to address."

"It is disturbing that, despite the DEA's vague claims about violations of state and federal laws, they apparently made no effort to contact the local authorities who monitor and license medical marijuana providers," said MPP California policy director Aaron Smith. "For an agency that for eight years said it couldn't care less about state law to suddenly justify raids as an effort to uphold state law simply doesn't pass the smell test."

Holder has twice made remarks suggesting a shift in federal policy toward medical marijuana providers in states where it is legal, but only in response to direct questions. He has not issued an unsolicited policy statement or issued any policy directives.

"Attorney General Holder needs to be specific about when federal law enforcement will and will not harass medical marijuana patients and their providers," said Bill Piper, director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance. "The Justice Department needs to prioritize. Even if a medical marijuana patient or provider is in technical violation of some state law or regulation, that doesn't mean the federal government should be wasting scarce resources arresting people over it. Doesn't the Obama Administration have more important issues to deal with right now?"

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come on, seriously??

this is the type of response that we DON'T need! While Holder [[has]] said comments that could be taken positively, there have been no actual policy statements that say medical marijuana clinics will not be raided. Of course all he cares about is his agenda, but the difference between him and Bush is that he will actually listen to the people when they don't agree with his agenda. We have to be more can feel the rumblings everywhere that people want marijuana legalized. This is not going to happen overnight. It may not happen while we're alive. But our job is move ever steadily closer. We can tuck tail and run and blame Obama every time something doesn't go our way. Obama HAS been rather honest. Look at some of our other presidents and see how honest [they] were. Obama has clearly stated his religion. We do not need small-minded, close-minded individuals to keep going back to that one point. All it does is make the accuser look ignorant. Which IS how you look. Learn to spell.

Obama apologists

I know how to spell, and even I am tired of Obama apologists. He’s a fake and I'm sorry to have ever supported him.


Seriously, would you have preferred McCain/Palin--the other choice..????


Seriously, how can you even think that tripe? There was no good choice. They both are law and order, against drugs. Both damned parties! Obama suggested he would change things. But, the political statements were just made to get him elected. They were really pretty vague and don't demand any action be taken, with what he said. I think he got most of the anti-drug war vote. And those guys are mad! Anyway, those votes that did go to a write in for Ron Paul or a vote for a third party candidate. Then again, even Ron Paul's party worked against him! I wonder why? Maybe because he cannot be bought by lobbyists, for one? It certainly would not have been politics as usual.

Ron Paul was the guy who ran on the Republican ticket, to end the drug war. I would have expected better from him. He is one of the few honest men in Congress!

Obama is just acting like an "Uncle Tom". But, I guess that would not apply since he is half Caucasian. Making sure he gets elected to a second term is more important to Obama and his party. And, that is just, politics, as usual!

Unfinished thought?

"Anyway, those votes that did go to a write in for Ron Paul or a vote for a third party candidate."

There had to be more to that thought, the sentence seems unfinished. If it had been me who started that thought, I would have continued "aren't even counted in most precincts, regardless how many of them there are".

I really hope that everyone who voted for Obama because of his "change" mantra (followed by absolutely no details about what kind of change) have learned their lesson and will refrain from voting for ANYONE, at ANY level of government, who is supported/endorsed by either major political party.

Even tho the voters do not elect the president, we do elect congress. So, if everyone who has recognized the duopoly for the two sided authoritarian coin it is, and votes for the most libertarian leaning candidate who is NOT suported/endorsed by either major political party (that would be Ron Paul in this last election) instead of opting out completely or choosing to "vote for the lesser of the two evils" in the next election, it would send one hell of a message to those two parties, as the ballots would be, at least, 2-1 against the major party candidates. So, when only one out of three ballots is a vote for either party, will they still refuse to count the others? I don't think they could get away with that. Tho they may try to lie about the total of votes for each candidate, in order to try to cover up that they disregard votes for anyone else. But judicious oversight by voters in the counting rooms would overcome such an attempt, and show the lie for what it is -- a manipulation to get the SoWs in office over the honest candidates.

And we might just get a congress that actually represents us for a change, and come the next presidential election perhaps our choices will be better, perhaps we won't be offered the choice between two sold out whores as we have been ever since Ike.

In the meantime, it wouldn't hurt to start recall petitions on all three of your members of congress.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Tell the DEA to stop raiding or the raiders are fired

The subject says it all. The raiders should be fired for insubordination.

President Obama: What Is So Funny About Taxing And Regulating

Sorry to disappoint the person who anonymously posted the comment above me, but President Obama has already proved your statement of, "...the difference between him and Bush is that he will actually listen to the people when they dont agree with his agenda."

I will paste some of the article, but go to and read more about the issue.

Under Update Update Update in the first paragraph you can follow a link and send an email or directly write the president about this issue.

Read more here:

Speaking live moments ago President Barack Obama pledged “to open up the White House to the American people.”

Well, to some of the American people that is.

As for those tens of millions of you who believe that cannabis should be legally regulated like alcohol — and the tens of thousands of you who voted to make this subject the most popular question in today’s online Presidential Town Hall — well, your voice doesn’t really matter.

Asked this morning whether he “would … support the bill currently going through the California legislation to legalize and tax marijuana, boosting the economy and reducing drug cartel related violence,” the President responded with derision.

“There was one question that was voted on that ranked fairly high and that was whether legalizing marijuana would improve the economy and job creation, and I don’t know what this says about the online audience,” he laughed.

I am one of the 3 Million who qsked that question.

And was laughed at.Canada is looking better and better every day.

Administratively Cut the D.E.A. Budget

Administratively cut the D.E.A. Budget to ban them from spending money on raiding anything medical marijuana the local or state authorities have NOT requested their help on. Policy change from now on! See how much money they save by not picking on responsible cannabis users in a year by encouraging them to keep a surplus, and then cut their appropriations by that amount year after year. They will have to keep all of the U.S. competitors' cannabis out for the Americans to get the money and end the Mexican drug war insofar as cannabis is concerned, then in full legalization allow for legal channels with Customs for importation, taxation and the whole nine yards. They'll have to turn their attention to doing their job at the borders, mostly the southern border, as opium poppies and coca are not cultivated to the north.

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