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prohibition-era beer raid, Washington, DC (Library of Congress)

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Exposer In A Small Town of Politics

In Athens Township Bradford County, Pa; the son of a well respected head of the local unemployment office was arrested, for alleging selling prescription medicine and getting 5-6# of Marijuana thru the mail last week in March of 2009..

If this had been anyone else, the persons name would have been all over the two papers(the Morning Times in Sayre, PA & Daily Review in Towanda Pa); I would be really nice, if in this war on drugs...that all are treated the same....He will more than likely get off with probation and put into the first time offenders program...and the records will be sealed.

It's about time that the back dealing politics of small towns that are havens for Meth Labs & other drugs get exposed...A little... it would appear that there is politics ..from the Old-Boy network that shield these people...Maybe it just a case of a lot of dirty hands in the pot.

Someone should ask; why they only arrest and print the names of the poor people!

I have!....To Big to expose!

It's about time everyone is treated fair!

And yes I read the Drug War Chronicles!


Isn"t this all just a case of the United States doing what it has always done, protecting the world from the evils of democracy one gigantic lie at a time ? It is not now, nor has it ever been the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is an empire built, from the beginning, on using the same laws that were supposed to protect us from tyranny, to crush anyone who actually understood that the people came first and the role of government is to protect the rights of all of the people, not just the rich and powerful.

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