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Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

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From murder most foul to ripping off Crimestoppers, our corrupt cops run the gamut this week. Let's get to it:
evidence locker
In New York City, a former NYPD narc who resigned last year in the face of corruption charges was arrested Monday in the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend. Former officer Jerry Bowens, 43, was one of five officers arrested last year in a scandal in which they were accused of taking drugs and cash they had seized and using it to pay a confidential informant. After those arrests, the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office dismissed charges or vacated convictions in 183 cases involving those officers. That investigation is continuing, but probably now means little to Bowens, who is facing a murder charge.

In Philadelphia, a jailed former Philadelphia police officer was charged March 3 with plotting from his jail cell to assault two suspected drug dealers he believed were cooperating with authorities against him. Former officer Malik Snell is in federal detention awaiting retrial on charges he participated in an attempted robbery of a drug house and ripped off other drug dealers. He is now accused of threatening "to inflict bodily injury" on the two men he suspected were government witnesses. He also is accused of stealing $40,000 in cash at gunpoint from one of the men.

In Vivian, Louisiana, a Vivian police officer was arrested last Friday on charges he bought a stolen gun on the street and sold it back to a drug dealer when he found out it was stolen. Officer James Arthur, 34, went down after one of four rifles reported stolen in nearby Shreveport in March 2008 turned up in a drug raid in November. The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Department investigated and found out that Arthur had bought the gun, a Bushmaster XM15 assault rifle worth $1,250, for $300 on the street, but had then resold it to a "known drug dealer" after checking a national firearms registry and seeing it listed as stolen.

In Erie, Pennsylvania, a former Erie police lieutenant was sentenced March 4 for repeatedly stealing cocaine from the department evidence locker. Robert Liebel, 47, had pleaded guilty in January to nine misdemeanors for the 2007 and 2008 thefts. He was sentenced to at least 77 days in prison and between nine and 22 months on house arrest, plus three years probation. Liebel admitted stealing the coke for his personal use.

In Lebanon, Ohio, a Warren Correctional Institution guard was charged March 5 with trying to sneak 200 grams of marijuana into the prison. Guard Stephen Howard, 49, was arrested two days earlier after being caught trying to smuggle the dope inside hollowed-out markers and a Subway sandwich. He faces charges of attempting to convey drugs onto the grounds of a detention facility and possession of criminal tools, both felonies.

In Jacksonville, Florida, a Jacksonville Police narcotics detective was fired Wednesday over his role in a Crimestoppers hot-line scam. Detective James Narcise was accused of providing inside information on the location of criminals to a female friend, who would then use it to collect the reward money. The department apparently took that offense more seriously than his fatal shooting of an 80-year-old man during a drug sting in 2007. He was cleared of any wrongdoing in that case.

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Yea, the Cops Always get the Benifit of the Doubt. How about the Shooting Rampage a few days ago in Alabama by an Ex Alabama Cop where he started shooting Anyone he saw.

And the Authorities are saying " WE NEED MORE GUN LAWS" This Guy was a COP, and for whatever reason, got fired or let go. Yea, more gun laws would stop a COP from kinning people.

I believe it's time to take back our streets from these Jack Booted THUGS, Jack Booted Murderers, and Jack Booted Thieves, By Force if need be.

Police Corruption

And all of those arrested on nickel marijuana charges!!! what a waste of paperwork............... Then the cops are paid over time to be a witness in court on his days off to persecute thos nickel bags????


Please get the Story about the Alabama COP Gone MAD, who Shot to Death at least 15 people before he Killed Himself. I want to read about it.

It seems that the TV Media has pulled the Plug on this story BECAUSE HE WAS A COP.


I did find this statement about the Guy in Alabama. And it only says he killed 10 people.

" He was a very unhappy man. He had been booted out of law enforcement. He had been bumped out of the Marines. He had just quit his job. He felt his life was a failure," said Gary McAliley, the district attorney in Coffee County, where the killings began."

Considering the Success of

Considering the Success of Corrupt Police to Falsify Evidence

Police corruption abounds U.S. Cities: Citizens are illegally shot, falsely arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned. Every American is at risk of being falsely imprisoned despite the conviction standard “evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.” Frequently reported, Police falsify evidence and purchase testimony from paid informants to convict innocent Citizens. Considering the ongoing success of Corrupt Police to falsify evidence, imagine how easy it is for police to forge evidence to cause the “civil asset forfeiture” of a person’s property like their home. Civil Asset Forfeiture requires a lower standard of evidence than criminal evidence, “only a Preponderance of Civil Evidence” to forfeit someone’s property or other assets. Police framing property is seldom reported, probably because victims of civil asset forfeiture trade off not going to jail for giving up their confiscated property to Police Forfeiture Squads.

Americans should be alert to a problematic increase in “police property frame ups” to seize property as the economy worsens: Police departments having a budget crisis, faced with having to layoff fellow police officers, may increasingly look to seizing the assets of Citizens to pay their salaries.


Just because someone is a failure because they refuse to accept any other authority other than their own, does that make it right to murder others in hot blood to PROVE THEIR AUTHORITY...?

You Guys Suck

Whaaaaaaa, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, whaaaaaaa, what a bunch of crying little sissies. The police are mean; they take away my drugs and tell me to pull up my pants. Whaaaaaaaaa, whaaaaaaaa.

There are scumbags in every profession and some times one of your drugged out looser friends slip through the cracks of the hiring process and gets to be a Cop. When that happens, the good Cops will eventually discover the stoner in there midst and bust him. That is why you hear about the corrupt Cops because all of the other good Cops busted them.

Let someone rob you trying to score money for a fix. Come home one day and find your child missing, your wife raped or perhaps your favorite pair of Birkenstocks are missing and all of the sudden there won’t be enough police around. You will go crazy shouting about the criminals that run rampant and why will no one stop them.

You are the same fake intellectuals that look at elephant dung on a canvas and claim it to be modern art. Please, go back to your commune and leave the rest of us alone.

Are you serious?

The problems associated with "bad cops" is not "stoners in the midst"! Is that a switch and bait?

It is most often the brutality in the way they work. It is a "them against us" thing, as we have seen it to be. Cross a cop, make him mad, and you just as likely will get your ass whipped, or shot, or killed! People appreciate what law enforcement does. They just don't appreciate them acting like they are any better than all of the rest of us. Or, that they think they should be privileged, above that of any other US citizen. We know it happens.

One thing is for sure. With the way you present your comment, you certainly don't promote the thought that policemen can be, intelligent, mature, adults! That is the type of cop I want protecting me. Not some childish thug. You also seem to making some pretty stupid assumptions.

Why do you think people are getting more guns. They know they are going to have to take care of themselves. Who wants to call the cops? Even if you are the victim, you might turnout to be the cops' victim, too!

Re: you guys suck

There is not a *single* article here about any cop being "busted" for being "a stoner". Seems like stoners are the peacable ones, and cops are the murdering thugs. Who should be busting whom again, ya fucking troll?

Sense of Entitlement

When one is taught they're "special" they nget a sense of entitlement; NO ONE is so "special" that they can abuse another...


The way our white control law enforcement works in America is to target only blacks then report on the high number of. When the truth of the matter is that by NOT including everybody gives a fasle reporting of the facts. Which makes blaming blacks easy! The Bait Car program is down right racist! All the neighborhood they set the bait car in are black and latino. NEVER do the program go to a white neighborhood NEVER! Don't get me wrong I could careless about the black and latino people that are arrested for stealing cars. I care about fairness and equal treatment under the LAW. As I write black and latino men and women are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan
for the freedom of all Americans. They deserve the respect and equal treatment under the law in their country! The program has mostly white cops that made comment like" these hoolum" these animals" these people etc.. This is why and how racist white cops built their hatred and disrespect for all black Americans. They only target black and latino criminal. Whites are the number one in car thief NATION WIDE! Alot of time working with minorites to commit their crime! This program (BAIT CAR) should be cancel until it plays fair and plant the Bait Car in white neighborhoods TOO!

i think so to even if im a

i think so to even if im a white man the way they do this is jest what they call it bait but they  not only do this in black neighborhoods but in any low income neighborhoods and that not right there is a lot of rich white guys here that get yung boys to do there work so they get in truble and not the rich guys and the police here knows it and i think they get there part to they dont want to get the right ones if they did the courts would lose money and thats what its all about money.


The most corrupt town is Butler, Alabama USA Everyone is this town is scared to open their mouth, afraid of retalliation from the Sheriff. There should be someone out there that would listen, but all agencies do not want to hear it. Cops like these need to be off the streets!!! Worse that a drug dealer.

bad cops in saint clair county alabama

hey there or some bad cops here to theres a lot here theres 2 drug investigators 1 county cop and 1 investigator that dos is all he knows the girl that killed a man she was drunk at the scene and told the police she was drunk .and her brother has told over 5 people that she set it up and he killed the man but the investigator want do any thing because he knows her and her brother is a rat for the saint clair county police   they want even check out the car blood  that he said they put the mans body  in now thats bad i think that the investigators need to go to jail along with the girl and her brother this is a true story i know the man they killed and they called us to say the man passed out on the road and when we got there he was dead on the side of the road . i have tryed to get help here but no one cares its the good old boy thing . theres so many of them here covering up for each other and the ones that or trying to right or scared to say any thing i know this for a fact because i was told if i said anything they would try to get me set up .but i dont care the man they killed was my son they killed hem on 2-20-2010 the investigator want even talk to us but he did take the girls pocket book out of my sons car wile it was impounded for finger prints and took it to her knowing theres was $500.00 dollars missing from my sons pockets the investigator has been knowing her for over 4 month before this happened so you tell me why want the DA or the A.B.I do something to help us get to the truth i thing they no the truth but they know it will go againts them for letting it happened. the girl has set he up 3 times before but the police did nothing to help hem so i think they should go to jail with her and her brother and meat big they will no what needing help is all about they know who they or so god bless them cause no one in saint clair county will . it time to get the bad cops out and put some real men in who will do there  job and do it right no matter who,s invold killing some one is going to fare dont you think so lets remember when it time to vote we need to get them out of the police department here and put them in jail .

bad cops in st.clair county

I worked for them for many years, and I'm collecting info on the currupt things there If you have info please email at [email protected]

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