Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Cops pocketing drug money, cops ripping off drug dealers, cops protecting drug dealers, cops stealing dope, and, of course, another dope-smuggling jail guard. Let's get to it:

In South Memphis, Tennessee, a Shelby County sheriff's deputy was arrested last Friday for pocketing money seized in a drug arrest. Deputy Jeff McCall, who worked for the Shelby County Narcotics Unit, went down in a sting after the sheriff's office received tips he was stealing drug money he confiscated on the streets. The sheriff's office and the FBI set up a phony traffic stop where it was McCall's job to inventory the $4,200 in cash and marijuana seized. Only $3,800 made it to the evidence room. When confronted later that same night, McCall admitted he had taken the money, left work, gone to a local mall, and used the money to buy a Playstation 3. Officers found the game in his work vehicle. He is currently facing state charges of official misconduct and theft of under $500, but federal charges could follow.

In West Manchester Township, Pennsylvania, a former West Manchester Township police detective was charged May 27 with stealing drugs from the department evidence room. Former Det. Steven Crider, 54, has admitted to state police that he stole and ingested cocaine, heroin, and marijuana from more than a hundred cases since 2001. He allegedly replaced some of the stolen drugs with chalk and tampered with records to cover it up. The 32-year veteran was fired last month.

In Texarkana, Arkansas, a former Miller County jail guard was arraigned May 28 on charges he smuggled marijuana into the jail for inmates. Adrian Trevone Tate, 24, was arrested after another guard saw pot inside a soda cup from a convenience store that Tate had brought into the jail. He has pleaded not guilty to two felony counts: furnishing a prohibited item into a correctional facility and possession with intent to deliver marijuana into a jail. Tate is free on $50,000 bond.

In Los Angeles, a former Huntington Park police officer was found guilty May 27 of ripping off cocaine and methamphetamine from drug dealers. Former Sgt. Alvaro Murillo was convicted of two counts of drug conspiracy, one count of extortion, and one count of submitting a false tax return. Murillo was a member of a multi-agency federal drug task force and used his job to recruit informants, then used them to help steal dope from dealers and traffickers. He and his informants formed what they called the "black tactic group" to identify dealers they could rob. Among the thefts were five kilograms of cocaine in 2002 and two kilos of methamphetamine in 2006. Murillo went down after attempting to steal cocaine from a dealer who turned out to be an undercover DEA agent. He faces a mandatory minimum 10-year federal prison sentence.

In Lake City, South Carolina, a former Lake City police officer was sentenced May 27 to 20 years in federal prison for conspiring with drug dealers to help them avoid getting busted. Shanita McKnight had been convicted in October of drug conspiracy and extortion, tipping off local dealers to impending police actions. McKnight must also do five years of supervised release after finishing her prison sentence.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, two former Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers were sentenced May 27 to nine years in prison for conspiring to distribute cocaine. Former officers Gerald Holas and Jason Ross admitted they protected a cocaine dealer's operation, but claimed to no avail that they did so in an effort to gain information they could use to arrest his suppliers and customers. Holas tipped off the dealer about police activities, and both officers helped him get revenge on a rival whose home was firebombed. Some 50 criminal cases in which the pair were involved had to be dismissed after they were arrested.

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The "People" Have Lost Control Of Their Police

Illegal-drug abatement isn’t impossible when police are more corrupt than the people they are suppose to arrest. More frequently, reports of police corruption show law enforcement more interested in promoting illegal-drug sales and falsely forfeiting property, than protecting the Citizens that pay them.

It is interesting one of the reported cases of a cop being arrested for illegal-drugs was charged with “filing false tax returns.” Could the cop have not declare his illegal-drug profits? That information was not provided.

West Manchester

So a 32-year veteran was fired for stealing and ingested cocaine, heroin, and marijuana from more than a hundred cases since 2001. Then he allegedly replaced some of the stolen drugs with chalk and tampered with records to cover it up.

So, how did he get caught ?

She got what she deserved.

While I disagree with the severity of her punishment, officer McNight violated the public's trust and should be punished. I would've personally been OK with five years. That would have been enough to get her attention.

On the other hand, I spent a little time at a private meeting with a vice cop in Orange County, California. One of the criminals, whom he eventually put behind bars, kept an active tab on who was getting out of jail and when. After the information went on line, I suppose because we're living in a democracy, that this is to be expected. My point is that he knew exactly when his little pals were getting sprung out of jail, so that he could recruit them into identity theft crime "work."

Hey, she did a terrible thing. That's life.

Cops on Drugs

Cops have been drug-dirty for over 40 years, so we should not be surprised. Outraged, yes - but not surprised.

"Cops on Drugs" is a new segment on my online talk show, The Opium Den. I'll be discussing a few of the above mentioned cases tonight, and invite everyone here to call in and join the conservation. The show is live (every Thursday) at 9pm eastern at Turn on and tune in - it's usually a lot of fun.

Corrupt Police

December 2, 2005 Lake County Case

I was profiled, Caller stated driver swerving off the road Dispatch stated well is he driving over the double yellow? Ohh yeah he did that too.

Accused of Evading, Officer stated that I drove 1000ft and made a right on a dead end street into a driveway. The officer didn’t even give me time to think, never allowed proper Terry Stop.

Pepper sprayed, you can hear me in the background that I am saying to the cop I live right here. Officer is hiding behind trashcans showing nothing but threat of his gun so I open my door and hear it comes.

Beaten by cops, they reported me hostile and pepper sprayed. I gave up to the arriving officer and everything became a blur from there.

Falsely Arrested, I was hand cuffed to the gurney at the hospital and the officer starts in on me to find probable cause, and fish for it.

Dissuaded Witness, Officer harassed my grandmother not to say anything in the investigation.

Every Lawyer states that this county is corrupt. They threw away my blood sample, and forged that I am a .10 BAC. I have forged documents, statements, and false charges against me. Just like Bismarck Dinius, they are charging me to protect them selves. I am still fighting this case for 4 years, and the Lawyers are pleading the 5th Amend., and they are calling me a criminal.

January 12 2008 Lake County Case

There was a call to the police that two individuals walked out of the apartment and one person bumped the arm of an elderly woman and drove off in a blue car. Not knowing.

The police came. I was barbequing in the backyard and hear the commotion. I walked around the fence and see the cops going to the front door. I walked up to them and asked if I could help my Fellow Peace Officer. They asked for my ID and I stated that I didn’t have any and that I can get it from inside. They stated that I resisted and arrested me, and when arrested they say that they can smell the order of Alcohol on my breath and gave me a public intoxication.

The Police graciously arrested me again on my 4-year case, it is good to see new faces there at the jail, and I was proud to say that there is some training being done with the new Officers. The problem is the Good Old Boys. There are still some in the DA’s Office, sitting in the Judges Chair, Driving Police Vehicles in Many Cities of the Lake. I can point them out. Who will care?

February 2 2008 Napa County Case

My Story
I deal a lot with wineries in Fire Suppression Systems. I was walking to a building to look inside for design purposes. I was on the phone with my grandma and an officer was walking up to me when I was walking towards the building. He told me to come to the back of the truck and asked me what I was doing there, I stated that I was wine tasting, asked if I have been on probation or parole, I stated that I have done both, he asked if I have my Drivers License, I stated that I don’t have it on me, and I told him why are you walking up on me? He asked why are so nervous I told him that I was beaten up by two cops and that by just walking up on me didn’t put me at ease. He told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back. I did and put my phone on the tailgate telling my grandmother that I was getting arrested and don’t know why. He stated that he could only get one handcuff on and that the other one was only on with no safety lock. He then twirled me to the ground and put my knee in my back at the same time bending my arm up. I was getting agitated and started to have it in on him on the way he was handling himself. He brought me up and shoved me onto of the hood of his car and started to slam my head into it. So I helped him out a couple of times. I was then grabbed by two officers and thrown into the back of the car where my head and shoulder blocked the way. I then got up and literally threw myself into the back of the car, since that was where they were aiming. The arriving officer drove me to the jail where I posted bail in an hour, by a friend where I still couldn’t pay for my registration. On my truck.

I wrote the check out for the registration since it is due in December, but had to post bail in Lake County the month prior, where the check bounced. The registration was not paid for but he didn’t pull up on me in a traffic stop. He walked up on me.

Officer’s Story
He states that I was at the back of my truck and that I had both my hands in my pockets. That he asked me the same questions with some what different answers stated that I pulled out my phone and called my grandma before I put my hands behind my back and put my phone on top of my tailgate stated that after getting both hand cuffs on stated he couldn’t get the security lock on one of them. Then he directed me to the front of the police car and that I started to pound my head into his car rear kicking backwards and grazing his inner leg and then I threw my self into the back of his car even though that I was trying to get away.

Increased Charges on me to Felony Vandalism Assault on a police officer. The officer did 5 years in Lake County. I was pulled over on Tubbs Lane. I drive this road 6 days a week for work for 3 years.

I went and plea bargain and wanted to with draw my plea because of the probation officers report of a 60 day mandate was false and that there was no actual reason behind the time.

Upon the with draw of plea the District Attorney didn’t show to the hearing, and was put off to the next week.

The day before Napa hearing, I was in Lake County my council stated that there was going to be a continuance upon the DA request. I was prohibiting the request that I was ready for trial and that I wanted to subpoena the dispatch and the wife to the stand. Thinking that finally everything is coming to an end. I told the lawyer to at least give me time, so I can I was in the Law Library. I was only gone for a half hour and came back at 8:45. The lawyer was at the door of the courtroom and stated that I needed to come up with $2000 for bail, and the judge gave me a FTA for not being in the courtroom. I left and called the bail bonds man and they stated that they will honor the bail and to reschedule the court date. They didn’t post the warrant due to me rescheduling.

Back in NAPA the following week it was the first rain and the power went out so now I am really late to court another FTA. The following day I paid a lawyer for a special appearance. I showed that the bail bonds man honored the bail and reset the hearing date for the following week.

Now in Napa again and the District Attorney was asking for felony FTA charges Judge stated that I have never been late to court for the year and a half that I have been attending. The DA then blurted out that I have been late to Lake County 6 times and that there were FTA charges there as well. There was no warrant posted due to me rescheduling. There would be no way to know that unless the DA’s from both counties were in corroboration. It was not granted any thing and the judge gave me 60 days.

Back in Lake County Council relieved them selves, stated that I was in court during the time frame and then pleaded the 5th Amendment on the reasons why that I didn’t walk into the court room. I put the time for my council to show on 11/23/09.

Back in Napa During the time frame that I have had to turn my self in, I have been trying to obtain council to appeal where the attorney in SFO said that he didn’t want to do it and that the case in Lake County is more important. (my life is more important)

I wrote a Habeas Corpus Motion due to recent events that occurred on the property that I rent, In Clearlake. There was a man that my wife spotted and ran to call the Police at the same time I ran to his location, with a pipe. There are other tenants that live on the property and stated that they would give a statement to the event. I stopped him without waiving the pipe. He said that I need to get out of the way, stated that he was with the Clearlake Police Dept, and Satan’s Circle? Every time I bring up the word of Saintins Circle people look away, like that of Norstrudomus predicted. I have a witness to this Satan’s Circle. No relation.

If you want to look away I can understand. Socialism will lead us as Nostradamus for seen. It is not the way of my life. The love of the Lord is only thing that I can carry on and pass on to my kids. No matter how many lies, I can’t stop telling the truth and that my crime.

All this leads to be Conspiracy, U.S.C. 1983 No lawyer wants to fight these Counties.

Edgar Hernandez

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