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Europe: German Parliament Approves Heroin Maintenance

The German parliament has voted to allow the prescription of heroin to addicts who have not responded to other treatments. The lower house of parliament approved the measure May 28.

Under the new law, heroin users who have been using for at least five years, are at least 23 years old, and who have failed to stop in other treatment programs will be able to receive pharmaceutical heroin in designated treatment centers. The law follows a German pilot program conducted in seven cities between 2002 and 2006 that showed impressive results in reducing crime, overdose fatalities, and HIV among hard-core users.

Similar results have been reported in Britain, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. Last year, Swiss voters legalized prescription heroin in a public referendum.

The news was welcomed by drug reformers around the planet. "The success of the German heroin prescription projects, combined with similar results in other countries, leaves little question that heroin prescription could reduce crime, HIV and overdose fatalities in the United States as well," said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. "And [the May 28] vote in Germany, combined with similar evidence of public support in other countries shows that the public will support even controversial drug policies when they are given a chance to prove themselves. There is no question that heroin prescription programs are needed and long overdue in this country. All that stands in the way is politics and the backward assumption that it can never happen in the United States."

The Australian group Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform likewise used the German vote to agitate for similar policies Down Under. "The German decision challenges Australia to remove John Howard's veto of this medical treatment and put humanity and social well-being first," said Brian McConnell, President of Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform. "The veto of the decision of the Australian Health Ministers in 1997 for a heroin trial must be reviewed in the light of the rising number of overdose deaths and the threat of a renewed flood of Afghan heroin," he said

"Excuses for not introducing it have become baseless given the overwhelming evidence that now exists in support of the measures," McConnell added. "Attracting the severely addicted into treatment, away from recruiting and selling to new users to support their habit, will surely allay parents' and governments' concerns about the provision of this treatment. It can undermine organized crime's profit from heroin, which is critical at a time when world production of heroin is increasing. Much is to be gained with this common sense measure: there are lives to be saved, individuals' health to improve and a huge potential for reduced crime and trafficking in illegal heroin."

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legal heroin

The fact that you'll never have heroin prescriptions in the US is driven largely by the years of propaganda and the doctors who are getting rich and killing people running methadone clinics (which are regulated, but the regulations to remain accredited are never enforced). In Columbus, Ohio, one doctor has been personally responsible for the deaths of at least ten people who were on the only methadone program in town. This program has existed for about 40 years, yet things were kept on a relatively even keel until a new doctor took over. This man instituted a zero-tolerance policy for any rules infractions. In other words, if you broke any of the program rules, this doctor would detox you at a rapid rate and force you to go out and buy heroin. One man that I knew personally for 20 years on the program had a stellar record, however, once he gave a dirty urine sample, the doctor refused even to give him a second chance. He begged the doctor, told him that he couldn't go back to that life after over 25 years on the methadone program, and that he'd end up suicidal. The doctor told him "Do what you have to do.", and dismissed him. So Dave killed himself. In short, a good man (Dave) is now dead (suicide), because of an egomaniac doctor who's not folowing federal guidelines regarding the operation of methadone clinics. There are many other cases where the same thing has happened either through direct suicide or overdose due to this one egomaniac doctor. There are no other methadone programs to serve the people of the 15th largest city in the US (not even counting the dozens of surrounding metropolitan areas). Yet one man can rule his little feifdom at will and directly cause the death of numerous people by violating the standards of care required by the federal government in the operation of methadone clinics. I'm lucky that this doctor (in violation of the law) solicited me to go through his private practice when I told him that I was going to another doctor to detox from methadone using Buprenorphine. He wrote a dollar figure on a piece of paper, slid it across his desk, and told me he could provide the detox at less cost than the doctor that I had planned to use. I think that might be a slight conflict of interest. Detoxing from methadone was the smartest thing that I've ever done, but I was on it for 12 years, and it did permanent damage. I now have a drug-induced sleep disorder. The Buprenorphine was a godsend in removing the withdrawal symptoms, but, after that, I couldn't sleep a total of 8 hours in a 2 week period, until I started taking drugs to help me sleep. At least now, I have a doctor who treats me with respect and concern, rather than as a "client" who must be punished if they exhibit symptoms of the very disease that they come to the clinic to treat. I feel very sorry for the people who are caught in this "doctor's" net. They are truly trapped in hell. By the way, the actions of this doctor are truly in direct contradiction of the federal standards of care that are in effect for methadone clinics. When they are "inspected" they don't allow any patients to expose their actions to the inspectors. If doctors could prescribe heroin for these lifelong addicts, they wouldn't have to endure that kind of torture.

whoah - informative comment

whoah - informative comment - so i want to understand - is only option for heroin addict to take methodone to get off heroin and then get off methodone? i am so glad you found GOOD dr. it makes ALL the difference. how can person get free methodone for a long time? show up at regular time and get scrip and fill scrip? heroin addict in AZ.

24 hour Detox from Methadone

I heard about a 24 hour Detox from Methadone that has not yet been approved by the FDA in the USA, but is approved in certain countries in Europe. I have no idea how to spell the particular drug, but it sounds like Iberdine, Abergaine, Ibergain hydrochloride . . .
Can you help me?

I believe the substance you

I believe the substance you are thinking about is "ibogaine". It has been used to treat addiction for opioids, alcohol, meth and a few other things. There's a documentary about it called "Facing the Habit". I think it's on Netflix.

This Is The New Face Of The War On Drugs!

I'm a recovering Heroin/Cocaine addict of 2 years now. I've been seeing more and more on this issue for the past few months now. I personally believe that it makes a great deal of sense. Think about it.... If society takes the "down and out" hard-core street addicts off the street, gives them their fix with a clean needle, and tries to council them while they are there, wouldn't it take a lot of drug related problems off of the streets? You just saw the statistics in this article. I also saw a story about this on National Geographic. I believe that this gets the addict out of their dangerous street routines and forces them a stress free opportunity to reflect and listen to the option of finally getting some real help. I personally got clean in an out patient Suboxone program. Maybe this would be a chance to introduce the street addict to Suboxone treatment.

H.A.T or Hydromophone IV needed!

I live in South Eastern Europe - Serbia. We also have buprenorphine (without that shit of naloxone added , destroying your kidneys) and methadone - but we are way off from other countries, just in region. For example, Bulgaria,Croatia and Slovenia have slow-release morphine capsules,or pills, for maintenance that are 10 times less toxic than methadone as an fully syntethic opiate. These are PARTIAL, and have truly better effect and close to heroin , than methadone.At the bottom line, SUBSTITUTION MAINTENANCE is meant to be as closest as it can be to heroin effect, but in same time SAFE! S.R morphine like mst continus and substitol are really great. Another great thing is H.A.T treatment and i.v hydromophone! I would sell my ass to be in H.A.T or Hydromorphone+Methadone, or Hydro itself! So, anyone did some research and know where to sign in to H.A.T or injectable hydromorphone? I am on mmt for a year and several months, and i am failing as a helll!!! I dont wanna die, but i am an opiatephile and ...that's it.. I AM CHORNICLY SICK! I REALLY NEED HELP! Please contact me at   [email protected] , if you know any clinical research where I could volunteer, or any clinical center which i could contact!!!  I AM READY FOR EVERYTHING! Thank you.

i would suggest looking into

i would suggest looking into moving to switzerland or england.  they have heroin maintenance there. that's what i would do if i could travel.


i suggest moving to switzerland or england. they have heroin maintenance there.

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