Feature: Censorship in South Dakota -- Marijuana Activist Silenced By Judge as Condition of Probation

For most of this decade, Bob Newland has been the voice of marijuana law reform in South Dakota. The photographer and Black Hills resident has organized Hempfests, lobbied for reform legislation in the state capitol, relentlessly crisscrossed the state from the Black Hills to the Sioux Valley, and organized medical marijuana petition drives. He is the director of South Dakota NORML and founder of South Dakotans for Safe Access. As a marijuana reform activist, Newland has been unstoppable -- until now.

Bob Newland
Newland was arrested earlier this year after being pulled over while driving for carrying slightly under four ounces of marijuana on what his lawyer described as a "mission of mercy." Originally charged with possession with intent to distribute, the veteran activist accepted a plea bargain and pleaded guilty to possession of under a half-pound of marijuana, an offense that carries a sentence of up to two years in the state penitentiary. Prosecutors agreed to make no sentencing recommendations.

On Monday, Newland appeared in court in Rapid City to learn his fate. Judge John Delaney didn't throw the book at him -- he was sentenced to one year in jail, with all but 45 days suspended -- but threw him a curveball instead. While under the court's supervision for the next year, Newland must not exercise his First Amendment right to advocate for marijuana law reform in South Dakota.

According to the Rapid City Journal, which had a reporter in the courtroom, Judge Delaney had two issues with Newland's marijuana reform advocacy. He was determined that Newland not appear to have gotten off lightly, and he did not want Newland's words to encourage young people to drink or use drugs.

"You are not going to take a position as a public figure who got a light sentence," Delaney warned Newland before talking about how juvenile courts are packed with kids who have drug problems. "Ninety-five percent of my chronic truants are using pot," Delaney said.

The no free speech probation condition raised ire and eyebrows not only in South Dakota, but across the land. Concerns are being expressed not only by drug reformers and civil libertarians, but also by legal scholars.

"Surrendering our First Amendment rights cannot be a condition of probation," said Allen Hopper, litigation director for the ACLU Drug Law Reform Project. "The Constitution clearly protects the right to advocate for political change without fear of criminal consequence. It is a shame that the court feels obligated to muzzle protected speech in a misguided effort to guard society from unfounded fears of open debate. Bob Newland is just the latest victim of a baseless drug policy that continues to clog our prisons and trample our rights."

"Courts impose conditions on probationers all the time, but this sort of condition is very unusual," said Chris Hedges, professor of law at the University of South Dakota. "People ought to be able to argue that the law should be changed, but now he can't do that. We always have to be concerned when someone's speech is infringed," she said.

"Bob is a classic example of an individual activist who was one of the lone activists in the whole state and who now knows smartly the pains of prohibition," said Allen St. Pierre, executive director of national NORML. "Those of us familiar with South Dakota laws and practices were not surprised with the jail time, but clamping down on First Amendment rights is something else. Judges put all kinds of restrictions on people on probation, but they don't usually say you can't engage in First Amendment activity."

It was precisely Newland's role as the face of marijuana reform in the state that earned the censorious probation, St. Pierre said. "Bob's pot bust was hardly an aberration, but the judge recognized he had the state's leading reefer rabble rouser in front of him. Had the judge had Joe Blow in front of him, I can't imagine that he would be saying you can't talk to anybody about this."

"It's appalling," said Bruce Mirken, communications director for the Marijuana Policy Project. "I can't imagine any reason why anyone should, as part of a criminal sentence, be barred from arguing that the law he was arrested on is wrong and should be changed. This is profoundly troubling. Whatever you think of the individual or the law, we do have something called the First Amendment, and it should apply to Mr. Newland as well as anyone else. I can't imagine how the people of South Dakota could be endangered by allowing Mr. Newland to advocate for what he believes in."

"It's really sad what happened to Bob on Monday," said Emmett Reistroffer, who has stepped up to take Newland's place as leader of South Dakotans for Safe Access, which currently has a signature gathering drive under way to get a medical marijuana initiative on the 2010 ballot. "I've never heard of that before in my life. I'm not an attorney, but the first thing I think is what basis does the judge have for depriving someone of their First Amendment rights?"

Newland himself was surprised at the probation condition, but uncertain as to whether it was worth fighting. In what may be his last words on the subject -- for the next year, anyway -- he told the Chronicle he feared the "negative effects" of challenging it. In other words, he doesn't want to get thrown in jail for even longer than he will already have to serve.

"This seems to me to be a quite unusual sentence provision, of a sort I have never encountered in all my years of activism and watching other people get sentenced for illegal substances. It certainly plays at the edges of suppression of speech of the sort we expect to see in totalitarian countries," he said. "Judge Delaney wanted to make a statement with the sentence, and he surely did. If I were inclined to fight the provision, the immediate negative effects on my life would almost certainly outweigh any gain I could accomplish. Therefore, I must say that I accept the judge's decision in the same light that I accept all the other provisions of the sentence. If this statement so far hasn't taken me over the boundaries of taking a 'public role' in reform advocacy, I'd probably better wait a year to add to it."

But Newland may not be silenced just yet. Those words were written Wednesday, before the ACLU Drug Law Reform Project had a chance to discuss the issue with him. That organization is definitely interested in pursuing the case. If Newland wants to move forward with challenging the no free speech provision, drug reform groups will stand with him, said St. Pierre and Mirken.

"Drug policy reform groups have an immediate interest in this case," said St. Pierre. "It sets a terrible precedent and is such an aberration to be told what political subjects you can talk about. The right to exercise political speech is the fulcrum this will turn on."

Newland may also gain some reassurance from law professor Hutton. Newland should be free to challenge the no free speech condition without fear of legal reprisal, said Hutton. "If he just filed something to challenge that, it cannot be used against him," she said.

Ironically, the judge's probation condition may prove to be a boon to the movement in South Dakota, said St. Pierre. "Just the fact that this has happened has caught the attention of people around the world," he said. "Painful as this is, Bob is now probably going to raise the profile of this debate higher than 10 years of wearing out shoe leather -- and without saying a word."

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He doesn't need to publicly

He doesn't need to publicly argue for marijuana law reform, and for that matter anyone else interested in changing the laws should not argue that either. What we are fighting is the ridiculous notion that prohibition works. It doesn't, and deep down even most of the people supporting it know this; sadly, they are frozen in place by a misplaced fear of the unknown.

You might argue that if we don't have laws against these drugs, then won't more people start dying? Sounds logical, but as our new drug czar has already pointed out: it is the "illegal use" of legal prescription drugs which is now devastating the youth in our country. Nobody ever had kidney failure or died from using marijuana--unlike Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger and countless others who have fallen victim to the side-effects of modern pharmaceuticals.

What we need are public officials that are open, honest and--most importantly--accountable for their actions. Then, perhaps someday, it will actually be as our President once dreamed: "Under my administration, the days of science taking a back seat to ideology are over."

politics and potheads

This guy needs to be in Congress, not in court!
Feel free to send me your comments, brothers.

pot and politics, make him Senator, send comments to me

Make him Senator

pot n politics

Governor or Senator?

pot n politics

Maybe 2012 hopeful?

free speech and plants

Anyone that falls down on the ground in surrender over speech concerning the laws over a plant , should just go ahead and forfeit their Constitutional rights as an American citizen. Some so-called "judges" don`t know a damn thing about the U.S.A. Constitution.

Tell Judge Delaney how you feel

Judge John J. Delaney

Box 230

ZIP 57709

(O) 394-2571 (H) 341-4003

E-mail: [email protected]

I did!

I did! I thanked him for taking the idiocy of the Drug War to new heights and motivating not only Prohibition-repeal activists across the country, but 1st-Amendment activists as well...he must secretly be on the side of justice, or he's lost touch with reality...probably the latter, unfortunately.

Thanks for the addresses

I did email the stupid judge and thanked him for getting the troops rallied up.

RE: Bob Newland Sentence

Start filing grievances with/through the parole/probation office for a First Amendment Violation.

Since you are "in custody" albeit a low level. You have the right to complain about your conditions(even unduly) in corespondence= Letter to editor, etc.

Example: I cant consume cannabis because I gotta take UA's all of the time

Ref: Thornburgh v. Abbott,490 U.S. 401,413-14, 109 S.Ct. 1874 (1989): Procunier v. Martinez, 416 U.S. 396, 413-14,94 S.Ct.1800 (1974): Martucci v, Johnson.944 F.2d. 291,295-96(6th Cir. 1991)

you know your law

and are a much better composer than I. I just react to stimuli, which should then be edited for political correctness, and legal ramifications.

But, I just see it, and it just rattles out like a talking encyclopedia, with the curse words being inclusive.

Thanks for the inspirtion, and the beating! Both were equally appreciated.

420 4ever!

You should be in Congress!



But what a fucking headache. Last night was pretty brutal, but a learning experience, none-the-less!

You guys are brilliant!



Can you throw the area code in that last post so me and my friends can call this so called fair and impartial judge. this is a gross violation of this mans constitutional rights, this is the kind of thing that officials in communist china do to quell decent.

Hell on Earth

As a Minnesotan currently trapped in South Dakota due to work obligations this doesn't surprise me in the least. I am 24 years old, work a full time office job, and use cannabis every day after work. It has never had a negative impact on any aspect of my professional or personal life, unlike alcohol. When you mention marijuana to the people around here they look at you like you've just uttered every profanity known to man. The police officers around here are extremely aggressive, as there is not much serious crime and they are bored. Their main focus is searching your car and person for drugs, because a drug bust, even a minor one, usually makes the news. Not all, but many of the people around here are extremely backwards and conservative. Most people here are entirely uneducated on the issue, and still subscribe to the "reefer madness" school of thought. Marijuana use is seen as a serious offense. Had this man not been a public figure in the struggle, they would have thrown the book at him. I have no doubt that when the changes come, which they will, South Dakota will be fighting it tooth and nail. I suppose I shouldn't slam SD so much as the MN governor just vetoed our compassion bill against the will of the Minnesotan people. It's funny how drug policy, specifically marijuana policy, is the only thing completely barred from even being discussed or looked at objectively in politics. They refuse to acknowledge facts and continue to spew lies and rhetoric reminiscent of Joseph McCarthy. Keep up the fight people!!!!!!!!!!

Retaliation- Dont fear it Bob!!

" because the constitution protects an inmates ( parole/probation is in custody) access to the courts,prison officials(one would infer probation/parole) may not retaliate against those who seek or obtain such access -whether the retaliation takes the form of withholding property or privleges does not matter" De Tomaso v, Mc Ginnis, 970 F.2d, 211,214 (7th Cir.1992) Specfic, Mcdaniel v,Rhodes, 512 F.Supp. 117,120 (S.D.Ohio 1981)(threats of adverse parole action)

Start exausting your remedies by filing your grievance and appeals. Be a pain in the ass Bob!

Plain And simple go out and

Plain And simple go out and speak. Thats your right. A lower court cannot overide the constitution. This is not the United States of Judge John Delaney.

Bob Newland Probation

Bob Newland Probation conditions are a clear & belligerent violation of his 1st amendment rights The judge that passed down this sentence needs to go take to 1st year law school And be removed from the bench This Is a case that should be taken up with the appeals court immediately AS the sentence is isuch clear violation of this mans constitutional rights i 1st grader could seit

hang in there, Mr. Newland

and matthew, for a 24 y-o, u've definitely got something tween the ears ... Mr. Bob? if someone prints these comments b4 u go up-river; having been in similar straits, have empathy; agree w/ the position u r faced ... is those of us OUTSIDE which must carry on during ur absence ... hope the food is not as bad as is down in alabummer? ... TRY to obtain trustee status! will make ur stay MUCH less boreng .... need someone to mail u stamps, paper, envelopes ...

plus, advise against making "friends" while in -- w/ nothing to do to entertain, they will stab u in the back ... however, keeping eyes OPEN and writing letters to state's DPH ... ah, have done a world of good w/ that b4 ... somehow is meant to happen, u have to learn WHY

offasuhs are usually of the same economic status or worse than ur co-mates ... so beware of them ALSO!

volunteer for any job while in -- hopefully there will be BOOKS!

god bless, Mr. Bob,
deb in alabama

judge delaney's email


[email protected]

south dakota area code is 605


didn't he just suspend Bob Newland's 13th amendment rights and sell im into indentured servitude for the duration of his sentence/probation to recoup court and police costs. What an idiot. Stalin would have loved this guy.

Jus' Sayin'...

Folks, let's get our head outta our keister and put on our thinking caps. Let's hit 'em where it hurts, in the wallet! No more trips to the Black Hills or the Badlands. Kiss off Wall Drug and say goodbye to Deadwood gaming; the run in Sturgis is history except for drunks & cops lookin' for trouble with outlaw bikers.

Let's let the fine folks in S.D. know that The People in the U.S. have moved ahead of Harry Anslinger's vision of the world and it's time the people in S.D. stopped pissing & moaning about cowboys and Indians.

Talk about a bias judge

Delaney. what a bias jerk. A true example of narrow minded bigotry in our judicial system. This guy should not even judge a pie eating contest at the county fair.

Legal Precedents for Gag Order

There are legal precedents for the gag order decision by South Dakota Judge John J. Delaney.  However, the precedents don’t occur in the United States.

In Hitler’s Germany, Nazi minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, “believed that wartime propaganda must convince the largest possible segment of the population that every policy pursued by the government was correct and in the interests of the nation.  People must believe in the leadership even when the government cannot reveal its motives or purposes to the nation.  When propaganda achieved this goal, it had succeeded, for the leadership was free to act decisively without worrying about the moods and opinions of the nation.”

Wilfred von Oven, Mit Goebbels bis zum Ende, v. II, p. 14, Buenos Aires, 1949-50

What to do now inside and outside SD

1. The 45 days in the jug are a golden opportunity to lobby and instruct hundreds of prisoners-- not about cannabis, no, can't say that-- but against 2Wackgo (and don't forget those cigarette taxes pay crooked judges' salaries).

2. After release, go around SD campaigning against hot burning overdose nicotine cigarette addiction. Get informed about and legally advocate VAPORIZERS, E-CIGARETTES, and LONG-STEMMED ONE-HITTERS all exclusively from the standpoint of tobacco serving size reduction (destroys their profit margin!) without mentioning cannabis nary a bit. (Well, you have a right to refuse this assignment because that "industry" has ways and means for financing attacks on its adversaries even besides Judge Delaney.)

3. (As a "fine", if there be one) shell out for a computer if you don't have one already, and type hours every day on websites, forums etc. all over the world (except in SD) on behalf of cannabis law reform, and especially cannabis use methods reform (VAPORIZERS, E-CIGARETTES, LONG-STEMMED ONE-HITTERS-- every possible way of eliminating the hot burning overdose "joint", "spliff", "blunt" or any other device which causes health issues wrongly blamed on the cannabis and lures youngsters into the cigarette habit.

4. Raise some money and spend a sabbatical in Amsterdam running a non-smoking Vapouriser Clinic or Cafe where customers from around the world pay a modest flat fee for instruction and guidance in how to load and use a vapouriser, e-cigarette, etc.

5. Open a THC refining factory in BC, Mexico, Morocco, Lebanon, Afghanistan etc. loading liquid THC into E-CIGARETTE cartridges which can be shipped all over the world past the noses of drugsniff dogs to be used by fortunate owners of the ultimate cannabis serving technology, the e-cigarette with THC inside instead of nicotine.

Dishonerable Judge Delaney Is a Criminal

"Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience."—John Locke, 1690

Dissatisfaction with the common-law restrictions on freedom of speech and the press was an important aspect of the burgeoning resentment of English rule and thereby played a major role in causing the American Revolution.

The Bill of Rights is written on the presumption that politicians WILL regularly violate peoples' rights, so much so, and so often, as to warrant a prohibition of same, not in some minor proviso, but in the fundamental law itself - hence, the founders thought enough to make this RIGHT numero uno:

Bill of Rights
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Congress knows better than to challenge this Right and has made no law attempting to abridge it, yet the Dishonorable Judge Delaney feels he can violate the supreme law of the land and create his own personal legislation from the bench.

In and of itself this is a crime against society just as much as if he had declared that the court could take your property...simply because he said so, or that the age of consent in South Dakota is now twelve.

I say let's go to war on this bum! I think were all getting sick and tired of judges circumventing our constutional process and just making up laws to suite their likeing.

Good Reason

The judge has given the reform movement a great reason to begin to pound the "s*&t" outta his state to bring reform aboard. This judge needs to see what the "will of the people" is really all about because he has given us cause to believe he hasn't a clue as to why he shows up at work every day. Bring all platforms on station. Fire for Effect. This is proof positive that there is a movement to abolish the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution itself. How long are you going to wait? How much do you really have to lose before you figure it out?

Every activist in the state and those adjoining, plus those who can easily travel need to converge on the state to teach them the real meaning of "compassion" as there doesn't seem to be any there at the moment.

Times like this make me wish I owned my own "Spectre!"

Judge John Delaney's Sentence

I live in Nebraska,which is just below South Dakota.These states have small cities and towns,and even fewer people.Their are no really large cities in S.Dakota.It's not to say that they don't see and hear about all the crime in New York,L.A.,Detroit,Chicago,ect.and they like it like that.I personally think the US should legallize it,but probably not for the reasons you do.I can't see overcrowding our prisons for pot dealing,when someone dealing meth,crack,coke,or herion could be occupy that cell.Quite frankly,prohibition doesn't work.The states and feds could tax,and regulate it.Thus releaving the tax burden on poor and working class Americans.I understand the judge wants kids in his state to be clean and sober,but what did the judge say in his own words,''Ninety-five percent of my chronic truants are using pot.''Well,judge there not gonna quit cause you want them too!The states could impose regulations,such as must be 21 to buy marijuana packs,like cigarettes,and have the states collect the taxes.The black market smuggling of marijuana,would dry up and cease.Thousands of jail cells would be opened,making room for the hard drug dealers.The taxpayers would benefit immensely,not paying for their housing,and they would be out of business.Because they couldn't compete with the quality of the federal marijuana.The billions of dollars that currently go to drug smugglers could go to prosecute hard drug dealers,prisons,and cut the deficit.If people want it,they'll get it legal or not. My real reason for even commenting was,I see this as a case that if it went to a higher court,would be overturned in a minute.Thus,costing the taxpayers more money,and I also see this as an infringment on his constitutional rights.Mr.Newland is not the issue here.But the judge's ruling is! I can't believe the ACLU,or lawyers all over S.Dakota or nationwide aren't jumping on this?I guess,I'll just have to wait and see if anyone in the legal system gives a damned.Wait and watch America,and you'll get an answer to your question.Is America still the''land of the free,and the home of the brave?

It's time to start yelling

It's time to start yelling and stop ignoring. I don't smoke anything, but can't stand by and let some judge gut the Constitution. Email this jackass and tell him what you think. People in his state need to set up a recall drive. We the People need to take our ****ing country back.

We have to Keep getting the word out

The average citizen has no idea the degree to which the courts/DAs can and do run roughshod over your rights. They force you to accept lousy plea deals b/c the drug sentences are so ridiculously harsh, a person such as Bob who is clearly not a threat to either himself or society simply can't take the risk of spending serious time in prison. But once you plead guilty to a felony drug charge, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS. People think if you don't go to jail for a long period of time, somehow you got off, no harm no foul....BS probation is no bargain. First off, he is still a felon, so forget getting any kind of job other than menial work. He will be drug tested randomly, regularly, and any positive tests will lead to negative consequences up to and including more time in jail. He can't leave the state, will have his home searched randomly...to name a few things. Abridging his First Amendment right to free speech is of course ridiculous, but not surprising given how much power the Judicial system feels they have over felons. However, they only have that power if we the people let them have it. Get the word out. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

How can the judge tell him

How can the judge tell him not to protest or speak out the truth of marijuana?? Isn't that against the constitution?? I'd tell that judge to f*ck off and that until marijuana becomes legal I will not be silenced!

Norml believes in jailing drug traffickers

This could be Karma.I've always been dumbfounded by this anomaly in the Norml doctrine.Current administrations are doing anything and everything to go after advocates for marijuana reform.We often forget that to a lot of the public the objection to legalization is seen as some kind of holy war.We have to do a better job of informing a ideologically frightened public.The numbers are on our side and yet the majority is being preached to by a minority of very vocal and financially solid groups,including the united states government.As for the Norml stand,when marijuana was legalized in Canada,the government gave the job to some hack on the prairies.As a result the people with scripts were forced to purchase on the black market as the product being sent out was worse than the shake being dis guarded by local growers.Now,in the midst of the first real reform down south,Stephen Harper has a bill passed with the collusion of the Liberals,with mandatory minimums.

45 days and a year of

45 days and a year of probation without pot activism is a step in the right direction for 4 oz. It is very standard to keep people on probation from visiting certain individuals and communities to prevent a relapse, such as gang members are not supposed to hang out with gangs. He has a year to plan his next rally, so it can be better than ever. Now I dont think that the laws are right and sometimes unjust laws must be broken but the sentence could have been much harsher so if I was Bob Newland I would not complain about this.

a month and a half

maybe that the right direction for sodakota but any loss of liberty for 4 ozs of pot is insane


how can this judge stop this persons speech on a debate that is nation wide?there are people convicted of drunken manslaughter who never spent one day in jail.

even more disgrutled

No more censorship of sanity by the criminally insane. Legal or not criminal insanity and bullying are still atrocious and unwelcome everywhere.

We are talking about a state

We are talking about a state that still thinks that committing human rights crimes is acceptable if you are a european settler old blood family. Noone else there has any rights, human or constitutional.

A judge there stole every single thing I own, and placed a false $1400 debt on my credit report, for not paying his cousin a month of rent. She had scammed me out of a year's worth of payments for a home sale where she was supposed to get the inspection done. So she stole a year of payments from me, refused to get the inspection done, then had her friends and relatives running the corrupt courts there make a false judgement in my absence.

I went back to load my things up after a short trip and leave since she clearly didn't want to sell the place as promised, when the big bad cowboy crooked aZZ  sheriff showed up. I had just finished loading up my trailer of stuff from the house of my tv's, refrigerator, brand new washer and dryer, flat screen tv, computers, wood stove, Lionel train collections, beds, sofas, desks etc. Probably 15-20k in stuff. He started out by demanding I unhook the trailer from my truck or else. He then proceeded, with one hand on his gun, in front of my 9 yr old son and family, to poke me in my chest and try to bully me. I had made no moves or anything towards him, I was backing away. He stuffed a paper rudely in my face like the stupid redneck fuk he is, and said 'READ IT'. The paper was a shammy looking court document. It stated he had the right to collect my personal property due to a judgement against me in the amount of $4500. Nothing was on it about what that amount was even for and he refused to tell me.

He made me, with his hand on his gun, load heavy items into the trailer when I have a bad back. I crushed a disc serving as a defense contractor actually serving this country, something that POS doesn't know the real definition of. He made me pick up a WOOD STOVE and mockingly laughed at me while I did it. On the itnernet they portray him as this 'good old days' guy that is soo nice. What a crock. He is a criminal. Now my son will never trust a cop again, and I won't trust most of them either. SO a year later I check my credit report and guess what?? Jackass had the gall, after stealing tens of thousands of dollars of items from us, to put a thing on my credit for another $1400.

I feel sorry for anyone still stuck in that crooked, abusive, backwards azz state. It is a gang of criminals and thugs running it like their own little country, and stomping on other people's rights, trying to intimidate and control others inhumanely and in a psycho way, is all that state runs on. We really should kick them out of the US because they are not a part of it, as the constitution means nothing to them. On my way out of the state I ran into a couple from California, whose father was a WW2 vet. He returned home to find that the same courthouse that pulled that on me had taken his farm and given it to relatives of the clerks there in the courthouse. They had run him out of town, so he went to California to live. They had just visited the courthouse hoping to find the old address of where their father used to live just to visit and see it on their vacation. The clerk told them there is no records of their father ever having owned land or lived in the county. Even though they had in their hands his old land deed and his military service records show he did.

In other words, that place one big crooked POS and if someone is a judge there, it is pretty much almost a guarantee they had to be a crook to become one there. The pot issue I don't care about, but their human rights record is as bad as Hitler's, and they are running a state in our country. A country we tout around the world as being about freedom and rights etc etc. I have a cousin here in Va who is a police cheif, and the things they are doing day in and day out there, would never even think of flying here.

I personally don't think, given their human rights crimes against natives there, and against pretty much everyone else who is not one of their redneck hatefilled family, that they have any right to access to federal tax dollars at all. Not until they learn the definition of being american and act like it.

BTW bullying is the small

BTW bullying is the small cock's way to feel big. They pretty much give their real level of manhood away right there don't they???

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