Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

It's been a relatively quiet week on the corrupt cops front, with just two stories this week, but one of them is a real doozy. Let's get to it:

In Memphis, a former Memphis police officer was sentenced Wednesday to a whopping life plus 255 years after being convicted of 44 counts of civil rights, narcotics, robbery, and firearms offenses. Arthur Sease IV was one of a group of rogue Memphis police officers who from November 2003 through April 2006 robbed drug dealers of cash, cocaine, and marijuana, and then sold the stolen drugs for their own profit. Sease was linked to at least 15 armed robberies during the trial. Three other Memphis police officers and two civilians have already pleaded guilty and been sentenced in the case, though none to anywhere near as long as Sease.

In Bentonia, Mississippi, a part-time Bentonia police officer was arrested Monday on felony drug charges. Officer Carl Fleming, 49, is charged with two counts of selling cocaine. He will remain behind bars until trial. He is not eligible for bail because he is already under indictment for assaulting a school teacher and was out on a felony bond at the time of his arrest.

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Corrupt Cops

Here in Florida a Tallahassee Police Officer is being charged with Spouce Abuse. He claims he was accusted by his wife who had a gun pointed at him, and he took the gun then beat the hell out of her, busting her face up, breaking her arm and a few ribs.

From what I can tell, the Jury will Convict him of Spouce abuse, and give him Life in Prison. Good for the Jury.

I HATE Corrupt COPS. I DESPIZE THEM, and I Feel Good when One of them GO DOWN for being CORRUPT OR ABUSIVE.

to the talahassee moron

you hate cops so much i bet you've never called them when you needed help.

dumb shit.

lumping everyone into a single category to fit your simple-minded worldview.

Actually, calling police

Actually, calling police even for help can be dangerous 95% of the time. Remember this is a war, they lie, cheat, and, steal behind the protection of a federal law. Know your enemy


i'm glad that people (as your self) can see thought the fog that is let out by "all the people in power". this statement could be one of the best that i have ever read here. PEOPLE WAKE UP!

dumb ass

He said "corrupt" cops dumb ass!!

[quote]you hate cops so much

[quote]you hate cops so much i bet you've never called them when you needed help. [/quote]
thanks to the drug war, entire regions of the country are awash in crime and violence. citizens aren't allowed to take back their neighborhoods from the hoodlums and the cops are powerless to stop the growing crime epidemic which resulted from their beloved war on plants. either "win" the goddamed drug war or get the fuck out of the way and let the citizens deal with the problem.

Hate Speech

The key word here is "corrupt". I'll go one further: I HATE ALL corrupt Civil Servants...

Cops Selling Drugs

The Fremont, CA Police give and sell drugs to the public, then try to bust them later.

Corrupt Cops and Government.

For in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery.

They work alone

with nobody else. They work alone all by themselves. And you know when they work alone it's a lone man theft. See cops never do drug raids as a group otherwise there would be charges of conspiracy to steal drugs and money. It would be gangs of cops beating unconcious perps after high speed chases. How silly. They work alone so who's gonna police them? Single rogue cops working alone. Simple!!

Breaking laws inorder to protect the law endangers society!

Corrupt individuals & institutions that violate clearly self-evident inalienable rights should never be tolerated... the populist poiliticians that claim to represent us are required to govern within the strict confines of the constitution they take an oath to protect.... but only to the best of their ability... no matter how feeble or insincere that may be!

Bottomline: Cops too often are required to enforce illegal laws not of their making, or understanding, by politicians and religious leaders operating outside and contradictorily to the constitution... our supreme law of the land!

Why bother with something as time consuming as constitutional amendments when liarticians can pass unlawful abendments to the constitution... like the 'control of some substances act'!

Time is money... and congress has little time for passing 'lawful laws'! Besides why bother 'promoting the general welfare', as the law requires, when you can 'mandate, proclaim, and dictate' as tyrants do?

End Prohibition OR Perish!

Report A Crime, Go To Jail

Reporting anything to police can be contaminating, like going to the hospital for an injury then learning you got streptococcus while being treated.

It is frightening how many police try to prosecute Citizens on the basis they had knowledge about the crime they reported; a CATCH 22. Citizens reporting crimes to Police are often shocked when police charge them with being a co-conspirator because they were privy about a detail of a crime they did not report sooner. What “is sooner” may arbitrarily be decided by police.

dumb shit no more....

I had trouble when a neighbor threatened to shoot me 3 times and I called the cops. As revenge, the family accused me of being a "kiddie moleseter"; subsequently, I was dispossesed by the state and haven't been able to meet a basic security check since. Do yourself a favor and begin to listen to your brothers that have been to prison!

What do they really do to protect and serve

I have called the police out when my children where in harms way they did not a dame thing they don't protect! They make you feel bad for calling only bust people to get more money why do we pay so much in taxes? I have never had a cop be anything but rude and show off their power! Congress should make new laws for citizens who have a complaint about a police officer. If one is treated poorly in any business they can make a complaint to someone higher up if you do this to a cop WATCH OUT they will remember you and target you. We pay the wages we should have more protection when the police don't do their job!!!!!

lossing the battle! can we win the war? cops V.S. MC CLUBS

July 14, 2008
The Oakdale Leader / The Modesto Bee (News Editors)
The Oakdale Leader “community comments, and or opinions”
122 South 3rd Ave
Oakdale, CA. 95361
The Modesto Bee “community comments, and or opinions”
P.O. Box 5256
Modesto, CA. 95352

J N M Somewhere in
Oakdale, CA. 95361

Dear The Oakdale Leader / The Modesto Bee team (News Editors), Opinions
I would like to voice my comments on the article ‘Bikers Tired Of Treatment; in the Modesto Bee Local section B dated Wednesday July 2nd, 3rd in 2008.
In reading the article that Wednesday I was happy yet saddened at the same time. I have been riding since about 1974, and my 74-year-old father still rides in the wind today.
It’s been quite awhile that I’ve thought about writing both the Modesto Bee and the Oakdale Leader in the honor of motorcycle riders with or without patches on their jackets or vests. I truly hope each and everyone that reads this has a much better understanding of Motorcycle clubs and their way of life, Harley riders and club members alike.
My personal experiences come from the Silicon Valley/Bay Area, through the Central Valley including meeting many others from time to time around the States. These Motorcycle clubs are Men’s clubs no different then the elks, the Lions club or the moose lodge, even somewhat like the Clampers, which are very well known. Although I must add, you don’t have to bring your Liver to a motorcycle run like you would a doin’s at a Clamper function (sorry guys)
They have family’s they are great parents most have average salaries between $42,000.00 and $78,000.00 a year, most of them DO NOT drink, or do drugs, and if in fact if they do have a few cocktails, do have a designated driver. Most I would even describe as workaholics, they have tattoos that simply symbolize their individualities “the love of artwork no different than artwork some love in sculpture, or paintings. These men and their women have pretty high standards when it comes to respect, morals, and values that we were taught as children, and still hold with us today.
Let me clear up a few things here first of all there is good and bad in everyone, in every field, organization, and Government. There are good and bad doctors, lawyers, bikers, and ‘yes even Police Officers, sadly enough more times then not. It’s appalling to me that it has even come to a point that at times children are afraid to approach a Police Officer because they are frightened with some of the things they have read, or have even witnessed. Again let me point out this is NOT a letter bashing Police Officers! I have met some very down to earth cops as well, the ones that went into their fields for the love and safety of people, however I have also come across kids that went all the way through the Police Academy, then decided not to go into the field because of politics, the stand by and back your fellow officer, wrong or right.
Here are some things to ponder:
Most bikers including the Hell Angels do not start fights or get into confrontations; in fact they try hard to avoid it altogether, but they are certainly not going to back down from any wrong doing in the areas of injustice, or disrespect. I can assure you that if your 70-year-old wife is stuck on the side of the road it will be the big hairy biker that will come to her aid before most anyone else. I can also assure you that our neighborhoods are significantly safer with a biker on your street more so then not. I also want to point out the large amounts of money these clubs raise every year for all kinds of benefits, mostly favoring those that involve children.
The parenting skills of these gentle giants are unbelievable, they stick to their guns when comes to the rules, you will never see the out-of-site out of mind motto in these families. They do not go on vacation to the Bahamas and leave the house to the kids to have free range, they have strict rules, because they have seen first hand the far from perfect world we’re forced to live in today. They are family oriented, territorial and protective of the ones they love, “and that my friends is the way it should be!
The kids of these family’s are taught wrong from right, to treat people the way they would want to be treated. We talk to them about life we tell them that sometimes the person you least expect to hurt you probably will, that two wrongs don’t make a right, that money doesn’t by class, and yes how to protect themselves in the far from perfect world we live in today, and that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Bikers give their kids a day “if you will “ they are old school boys, they spend time with them, they don’t buy them a car they help them build one, and they had to have earned it...
I beg each and every one of you, hopefully reading this today, Police Officers as well, to take a real good look at today’s new generation of parents, and adults, they may appear quite a bit more conservative looking but looking a little closer, underneath you may find this doesn’t make them any better at parenting, or a better person. If you could find the time, and have the respect to get to know one someday, you’ll find that they help more so then hinder our community!
My wish is for all of you to look beyond this rugged exterior so that you will have a true understanding, and find they are more of a benefit to our society much more so than a burden. For God sakes let’s stop the subjectiveness, the status quo image, the biker trash theory you have been lead to believe for too many years now.
I can list many things to center your attention around in areas of crime, drugs, drinking and driving. Please stop wasting your precious time, and our tax dollars on hassling innocent Bikers, and or Bike Clubs and their families.
There are so many other things Law enforcement can focus their attention on in these areas. EXAMPLE: look at our 20 year old and under crowd, there, without a dought is more trouble during spring break, and rodeo weekend then there are at any Biker rallies! And this my friends is a fact.

Please remember the Oath you took to serve and protect! NOT to discriminate, or place judgment. Remember our constitution, and the wise words of our forefathers, now rolling in their graves. The wisdom of these men on freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and the security we should all have in our own homes.
Life has put all of us through test after test; please let our Motorcycle clubs and their members raise their families in peace, without the fear of being criminalized by society, and law enforcement alike. It’s hard enough to teach our children morals, values, and respect these days. After all it’s the constant harassment placed upon our bikers that has forced them into watching their backs, not placing much trust in mankind. Unfortunately society and Law enforcement alike have played big roles in placing this burden upon them. I would hate to think it’s come to cops against bikers instead cops against robbers.
Which reminds me of Two Motorcycle clubs, Wind And Fire is one of them, they’re firefighters that get along just fine with the (so called) outlaw bike clubs. And may I add that the motorcycle riders that have Billy clubs, and guns on their vests! Are??????????
You guest it, your communities Police departments.


Jeanine Nacarato, Messmer

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