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Letters to legislators/editor re: marijuana

I have been getting the drc drugwar chronicles for quite a while now, and they directly inspired me to go on my own letter writing campaign to help the cause of marijuana legalization.
I have written to President Obama, Governor Rell, Senators Dodd, Leiberman, and DeLauro, and to the nj times editor responding to a letter by a local representative there. I also post regularly at 2 video blog sites, for legalization. I've reached a handful of people thru the vlog.

help full

i have also written letters to my local legislators because of this article i would like to see it in the future

IN N.M Treatment instead of jail bills and a bogus drug war

We are in session here in New Mexico and I also sent similar writings to President Obama.
Hello, my name is Ken Larson and I am from Alamogordo N.M. I am also a recovering METH addict (I survived 18 years), a constituent and strong community advocate against drug policies that are not effective and never have been effective. I speak in schools, community forums and yell to tell the truth about drugs and alcohol. I am also in a DVD (Just for Teens gone here in New Mexico. Here are a few reasons to support House Bills 428 and 441:
Offenders need treatment.
•In 2002, about 87% of state prisoners needed substance abuse services.
•Children of incarcerated parents are more likely to grow up and struggle with their own
substance abuse issues and become incarcerated as adults for drug-related crimes.
•By incarcerating mothers struggling with substance abuse, New Mexico leaves behind
hundreds of children. For example, the 600 women incarcerated in the NM Women’s
Correctional Facility collectively leave behind 1800 dependent children under the age of 18.
This legislation will make our communities safer.
•The majority of people in New Mexico and nationally support a shift away from incarceration
and towards treatment for non-violent drug offenders.
•This bill proposes supervised probation and appropriate community-based treatment, instead of
incarceration, for first- and second-time non-violent drug possession offenders.
•Nonviolent drug offenders need help, not jail. Offering treatment instead of incarceration would
enhance public safety by reducing drug-related crime and preserving jail and prison space for
violent offenders.
•Individuals struggling from substance use, abuse or dependence would receive the appropriate
community-based treatment services they need and learn how to deal with their addictions.
We need to break the cycle of addiction.

•Rather than sending individuals to prison to learn more dangerous crimes and not receive the
appropriate treatment, this legislation will help get the root of the problem – substance use,
abuse, or dependence.
•Treatment instead of incarceration will help people who are caught up in the criminal justice
system because of their drug addiction and get them the appropriate treatment services.
•People who receive appropriate treatment services are more likely to become productive
members of their families and society instead of committing future crimes.
Treatment will not be more expensive.
•The cost of probation and treatment is much less than the cost of incarceration. It costs $30,000
to incarcerate someone for one year and approximately $5,000 a year to provide someone with
substance abuse treatment.
•For each person who receives treatment instead of incarceration, New Mexico could save
between $22,000 and $27,000 per year.
•A study by the RAND Corporation found that every additional dollar invested in substance
abuse treatment saves taxpayers $7.46 in societal costs (crime, violence, loss of productivity,
Where will people get treatment?
•The bill calls on the Department of Health to create a plan to fill gaps in the treatment system.
•A proposal to have Medicaid cover substance abuse treatment will increase capacity.
•The Governor has pledged to triple substance abuse treatment in New Mexico.


Having been (what seems to be) the only American that went into Federal Court to fight the "war on drugs" it has now occured to me that "our" problem has gone beyond reason, logic, and lawfulness. The war's against DRUGS and ALCOHOL have reached the level of "high crimes and misdemeaners."

Treason is an ugly word, but anyone that puts their ideaology, religion, or other beliefs above the American People and our Constitution is by definition a traitor. Those who swear (or affirm) an oath of office to do one simple job; "preserve and defend the Constitution" but then run over and swear "alligence" to a flag, then God, have negated that simply oath completely. All the problems America faces this very day come directly from violating their oath of Office. Sorry friends but it's that simple.

Look up the Opium Wars of the mid 19th century and you see the same corruption, dishonety, and self delusion. It will end, or those responsible (Scalia, Hatch, Sessions, Spector and many, many others) must pay their debt to society. By covering up this conspiracy, by actively participating they are all culpable. You either have "liberty" or you do not. We the people no longer have liberty in any way, shape, or form. The trap was set by the same old familiar faces, and for the same old tired reasons and these people dove in head first. When does this cycle of corruption and treason finally come to an end? Now.

In preparation right this moment, I am putting forth a 1st jurisdiction jury case for the United States Supreme Court, A case to prove you can (and I will ) end criminal behavior by Constitutional Office holders. To bring into the open court of public opinion "that which is done in darkness - and shall be exposed to the light" once and for always. This is NOT the first time this has happened, historicallly it is peat and repeat.

The founders knew these people would come along sooner or later. They take over the law, the courts, communications, and the executive with a wink and a nod by the legislature. *Note: see NAZI Germany. Then they bring to life their sadistic vision for the common folk. They are cruel and unrelenting in what they do; we must remove their hands from the wheel of state. We must remove theirs heads for their treason. The only way to bypass the criminals, is to go directly to the Supremes. It becomes public record at that point and there's nothing they can do about it but openly admit their own treason. No lower level can take the case I bring forward. It is the sole duty of the Supremes.

Their methods are tried and true. History shows me that much; there is still nothing new under the sun. No metaphore (war on drugs) can cover up the war being waged against the American People. This is defined as treason.

"I am" G. Edward Fallon.

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