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Do you read Drug War Chronicle? If so, we'd like to hear from you. DRCNet needs two things:

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I read DWC

becuase I find it a great source of new & views.

Keep up the good work!





Just donated. Keep up the good work.

* The site is fine for those hip to the message, but I'd like to see a prominent link for a gentle introduction to the subject of prohibition harms. The first sentence in the About Us link is succinct, but not followed by any rationale. A guide similar to would be helpful I think. A first step would be to select and highlight the most exemplary posts in several categories. Readers could help select the posts and contribute commentary.

* RSS feeds. You need them. :)
* Better rich-text editor, and at least buttons for links/em/strong in the comments.
* I have ideas for CSS improvements, just need to get around to working on them and testing them on your pages.

Oh, also

I read the site mainly for the excellent arguments and analyzation of the stories. As someone with no experience or interest in drugs, what led me to the reform movement was a head-shakingly dumb fallacy made in a local news report. I have a low tolerance for stupidity and outright lies, and drug warriors supply plenty of both.

I'm still gathering up the time (and a little courage) to take these views to my local papers, and no doubt DRCNet will be helpful.

Keep up the great work!

I read every issue. Gives me great material when bringing it up in a discussion. I work in a restraunt and try to being it up if ever appropriate. I even got a vice president of bank of america who owns a home in windermere, fl. who loves to chat on the various odvious topics.

I read DWC

Please keep the e-mail's coming. If it is too expensive to send bulky e-mail send only the short form with a link to a feee hosted copy of DWC. I am sure many businessess would subsidize your journal by hosting it on their website for public download or use. Yhank you for being at the forefront of this useless drug war.

Keep up the good work

I have never actually taken the time to comment but I must tell you that your site and your message of sensibility and harm reduction has taken my Northeastern Boarding school by storm. The News feeds and commentary are great, keep up the good work!

Thanks and more thanks

It's very comforting to know intelligent people are working so hard to bring attention to stop the absurd drug war. I always wondered why our own country started a war against it's own people.

Keep it coming PLEASE!

The short form is fine & anyone can access any links from there.

We need the intelligent conversations to continue, not be stifled! as many would like to see!!

Educucation & infomation are the key's to getting medical research on the many untapped resources that can be used to give relief to desease & illness & help solve the drug problems of our country & the world.
We have to stop using the outdated, strong arm, multi billion dollar losing prohibition policies that are *older than most if not all of the people reading this.

*I am going to be 50 this year.

keep it going

Beam me up! I do beleave there is intelligent life out ther after all!

BE NICE to all & we all can get better together!!

In Depth

If any news or facts brought to us makes it into the tv broadcast news, news papers or other sources commonly followed by most people, it is often short, biased or glossed over without anyway to back up what is being reported.

I depend on your site to bring a much more in depth report of any news or change in these issues. You back up your reports with links to the orginal stories, to info on those making or reporting the news and the issues which surround each subject in an factual, honest way which is not afraid to bring both sides together on issues which should be of interest to all Americans.

The way these issues are handled by our people and our government are only one part of many areas of our country that are being abused and mishandled in ways which harm our own selves and our neighbors and everyone should be made aware of what is truely going on so perhaps it will open eyes to ways to make our country better rather than letting small, closed minded, power hungry people run things according to their own prejudices that hold back knowledge and help for our brothers and sisters in need.

I am one of the poor and often have to choose between medicine or food for my family so I find it difficult to contribute money, but I do spread the word about your site and have seen the change in the few people who have found their way to the truth by reading your site. It is satisfying personally to know I have brought about some small measure of change in many who never looked beyond the outer layer of what is really a very big issue, effecting not just ourselves but friends and family members who have and are suffering because smoking pot has often held more penalties and punishments than many a murderer or child molester might recieve. I mean really, its beyond stupidity.

Please keep up the good work, it does make a difference. I will try harder to spread the word and perhaps contribute during good times. I can only hope this helps. I would miss not having the truth emailed to me each week and many would lose hope for change without knowing the fight is being fought out there.

Thanks again,

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