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Marijuana: Washington State Decriminalization Bill Wins Committee Vote

A bill that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana in Washington state was approved by the state Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday. The measure now heads for the Senate Rules Committee, which must also approve it before it can head for a floor vote.
Washington State House, Olympia
The bill, SB 5615, reclassifies adult possession of no more than 40 grams of marijuana from a misdemeanor crime carrying mandatory jail time to a civil infraction imposing a $100 penalty that can be paid by mail.

A companion bill, HB 1177, has been referred to the House Committee on Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness, where it has yet to be scheduled for a public hearing. If a hearing isn't held by next Wednesday, the effort will be effectively dead because that's the day by which bills must be passed out of committee.

Twelve states have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana, the most recent being Massachusetts last November. A decriminalization bill is also being considered this year in New Hampshire.

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Decrim in other states

The decrim bill in New Hampshire is essentially dead. However, there is a medical marijuana bill in New Hampshire that is very much alive -- HB 648.

Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Montana, Hawaii, Tennessee, and Texas are considering decrim bills as well.

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Hey friend.

First of all, I agree with everything you say. I also agree with your sentiments, the emotions you feel, and when speaking with people who are friendly to the issue I even use similar language.

I hope that when speaking to less friendly audiences you adopt another tone? It's important that we anti-prohibitionists come across as reasonable and educated people, in order to win over the indoctrinated masses. For that reason I would encourage you to practice expressing yourself in a more palatable fashion when speaking in public forums.

But I understand the need toi vent, and I can empathisize with the feelings of impotent frustrations overcoming ones ability to communicate clearly. Happens to me often enough.


Does anyone know about what is going on with the recent drug decrim promulgated by the Cald. governent in Mex? I was under the impression that it was headed for approval. Does DRCnet have any breaking news on this?

It's decriminalized...

But give us your money?

What sort of bullshit decriminalization effort is that? Imagine the same scenario with tobacco:

Officer stops pedestrian with a pack of cigarettes:

"You know that cigarettes are bad for your health! Shame on you! Don't you listen to our public service ads? Give me that pack of Reds, oh and while you have your wallet open how about handing me a Benjamin. Then...well... you're 'free' to go."


"Oh thank you munificent representative of the state. I am so glad to not be thrown in jail for years and have my family torn from me for using one of God's greatest gifts. I am happy to give you your blood money! Now would you please, please, PLEASE take your boot off of my neck?"

legalized mrijuana

i think that we should legalize marijuana because it helps ceer pain


ceer what the hell is that and no it doesnt you need to stop smoking for a sec and finish school then make sure you use the edit button

lol yes it does

he means *cure. why do you think doctors prescribe medicinal marijuana? because it eases pain.

legalized marijuana

i love weed!!!!!!

Grown for a reason

All natural is much better than man made.It should be legal,much safer than pills.

common sense

Looking @ TV and listening to radio one would think that the only drug plague on the streets is marijuana. I understand that Pres. Obama has tapped the Seattle Chief as drug czar. Since Seattle has a "smoke fest" annually, there may be "some light" @ the end of the tunnel. The prohibition laws were started from a racist POV that has filtered down over the years from "elected" official to official that are taken $$ from beer & tobacco companies to keep thier "product" legit. Personally, I drive a truck and have to "P" randomly so I have no choice but to abstain. But I have been verbal with my senator via e-mail and of course no response. These people are afraid of losing face with their peers and the conservative front, but most of all the $$$. P N in a cup only proves previous "exposure". Why not have some one there to check coordination @ the time of work. Being a veteran of the USMC I've realized that anything dealing with the government that makes common sense, makes no sense to them @ all. Love and peace and blaze one for me.

“if alcohol is legal then why is Marijuana illegal”

The age old “if alcohol is legal then why is Marijuana illegal”, does not work nor has it ever! Plain and simple you the law makers of this corrupt society, have created Laws to drain its citizens of their personal wealth. Making the need for more law makers, defenders and victims in this chaotic mess of laws designed to take our Constitutional rights away from us! We have Medical Marijuana of which I’m against! I will vote for it if given the opportunity but I see it as just another way for BIG BROTHER to keep there thumb on me. Oh and don’t forget a Doctor controlling my ability to self medicate or just catch a buzz. Costing me for the doctor’s visit as well as loss of productivity while taking off work to pacify the needs of the Fed in controlling my every breath! I have been waiting for 30 years for the LEGALIZATION of MARIJUANA and I don’t consider Medical Marijuana as the long term fix. Medical Marijuana should not be in place but Legalization of Marijuana is the real answer to the problem. Let’s face it I like to catch a BUZZ but Alcohol has a tendency to make me loose control! Marijuana makes me relax enjoying simple pleasures. I have medical conditions that make it impossible for me to consume Alcohol and I want that FREEDOM to catch a BUZZ.
The details on keeping accountability! Liquor Stores/Weed Shops Market Marijuana at the same shops as liquor, No one under the age of 21 allowed. Use Micro Technology to insert a microscopic signature (ID) in all alcohol, Marijuana or tobacco products. When the buyer scans his Id to make his purchase it keeps the information along with the controlled substances Id numbers for, let’s say 30 days. A teenager is caught with a substance that is logged to you it’s your responsibility for supplying alcohol to a minor.
Use the billions of dollars that cross our border every year to purchase illegal Marijuana to supply the revenue to create a national health program. Legalize with Control, Tax for the betterment of our country, our home!

cops chase weed too much

i've heard of cases with cops arresting someone for pocession of Marijuana, yet there are other cases where there could be a robbery and cops would get someone with weed...i've have never heard of a pothead holding up a 7/11 or bank but i have heard of people getting arrested for a 20 sack...i have never heard of anything really being wrong with weed and if it was legal i say we should sell it like cigarettes cause tabaccoo causes more damage to the body then weedbut it's legal...even salvia is legal and it alomost has the same effect as weed but no one cares but people care about weed...if it was legal the government could tax it and we could maybe actually help the economy instead of putting potheads in jain for nothing but a 20 sack we could free up the people who would have been arrested for weed and put away people who have really done something wrong

Never heard of a 7-11 or bank getting held up ?

While I support legalization, I had my house broken into by a pothead that stole from neighbors, his family and my family. He had seven felony arrests all of which were deferred to the "Drug Court". In short, he got off without any penalties and is back to stealing again.... just for weed too. It seems that once a thief, always a thief. It is better that I didn't catch him in the act. This is not an isolated case either.

potheads are criminals?

your incident of a pothead breaking into your house and stealing stuff, while not isolated, is not a dangerous or even particularly common trend. the type of personality that is attracted to stealing may also be attracted to trying drugs which may include pot. weed does not make people violent or argumentative, it is not the fault of the drug that caused your break-in, odds are that it would have happened regardless of whether that person was high or not.

Man they need to hurry up and

Man they need to hurry up and make it llegal

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