Alert: Keep the Promise, President Obama -- Stop the Medical Marijuana Raids!

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One of President Obama's campaign promises last year was that he would stop the DEA's cruel and senseless raids on medical marijuana clinics. But less than two weeks after he took office, such raids had already been conducted on two occasions, hitting several clinics in the Los Angeles area this month.

We are hoping this is just Bush administration holdovers at work, and an administration spokesperson yesterday had encouraging words to this effect in the media -- change is coming on this issue, the Obama administration says. Follow the link below to our feature report to read more.

In the meanwhile, patients and the people who serve them are being subjected to continued injustice. Please click here to e-mail President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to ask them to take action now to stop the raids sooner rather than later. Don't just click, though, use the phone too -- the White House Comment Line is at (202) 456-1111 (be persistent, it's pretty busy right now), and the Attorney General's office is at (202) 353-1555.

If you are on Facebook or might want to be, please click here to sign our petition to President Obama on this issue. Please forward both of these links to your friends too.

Click here to read our feature story on this week's raids and the administration's encouraging response.

Thank you for taking action to bring positive change to US drug policy now!

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Stop arresting the sick and infirm to show you're tough!

Nothing is served by raiding the homes and arresting the terminally ill because they happen to be using the one drug that works better than all others at alleviating the symptoms of their pain and suffering. To stand on the crumbling and shameful political platform of the so called "War on Drugs" and attempt to claim that these people are criminals is the height of ignorance. It shows a willful lack of compassion towards people who only want relief.
Not only that, the so called war on drugs has been a monumental failure, sapping our nation's financial resources with virtually none but the most token of victories to show for the expense.
For as long as the CIA is involved in the traffiking of illegal drugs, and as long as our government is complicit in keeping it a secret, this will be another in a long line of hypocrisies perpetrated by the US.

It has too end

Please end this war the only things that it does are evil, it promotes corruption in our under paid policemen , and give the pharmaceutical companies the way to charge what ever the _ they want. Legalize and tax the stuff , leave people alone to deal with their own problems ,start better education programs so the job market can change from prisons to treatment . I didn`t vote for Obama nut should have , I watched a movie called Sicko , then tried to find flaws ( I couldn`t ) I belive I see the Government for the Lies it has been spreading . I know understand that any of us could be in very serious trouble a lot faster than we think. I figure 3 months unemployed without insurance. and only a minor health problem could take everything we've worked our whole lives for. If France , Canada and England care enough to take care of their people and we shuffle them to the nearest cabby . Shame on us . Our Medical system is really bad if you have a problem , the doctors don`t work together to help you they plot too save their own Butts. If you have ever been operated on by one and had a problem , none of the others want anything to do with you . You have to find help your self instead of haveing a Professional helping you. and end upo being trapped.


I'm just wondering how long we the poeple are going to sit back and let these boobs run ( or should I say ruin ) our country befor we stand up and say ENOUGH!!!
I say hit them where it hurts in there pocket , if everyone in the usa refuses to pay taxes (income or otherwise) within 90 days we would bring them to there knees and they would have to do as we want NOT what they want , or better yet , lets remove all of them from office and start with honest people if there is such a thing
this government is the greediest in the world , think about this , what was the last major illness that was CURED in the country? give up? it was polio , POLIO!! that was almost 60 years ago!! after they did , they stood back and said "hay we just killed a multi-billion dallor industry!" sence then they only treat the symtom NOT the cause , if they cure you they won't get anymore money from you , who cares when you die , there hundreads to take your place
now lets talk about marajuana , did you know that this government says marajuana has no medical use ,, than explane to me why the us government holds 3 patants on marajuana? one is as a nero protectant , hummm no medical use , lmao.. Well in a nut shell , the american people have become fat and lazy , to lazy to handle there own affairs, they would rather the government handle it then complain about how they handled it
GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTT AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! before it's to late if it isn't already

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