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prohibition-era beer raid, Washington, DC (Library of Congress)

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Scott Morgan writes: "NJ Medical Marijuana Patient Not Guilty on First-Degree Felony Charges," "There's No Economic Crisis for the Drug Cartels," "Another Crazy Medical Marijuana Lie from the Drug Czar," "NJ Medical Marijuana Trial Takes an Interesting Turn," "'No One Threw Bong Water At Me, But It Came Pretty Close'," "Latest Drug War Lie: Debating Medical Marijuana Causes More Kids to Smoke Pot," "Man Gets Tased and Dies After Trying to Swallow Marijuana During Police Encounter."

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persecution post

I am a United States Navy Veteran, a certified perma culture-ist specializing in SUSTAINABLE living , a member of the First Federal Hemp bank of Oakland California since 2002, {though FEDERAL taxes were paid on our plants litigation has been ongoing & costly. Refer to Federal Hemp case#488924}, I am also a Medical Marijuana patient since 2002. Prescribed Marijuana as treatment for Chronic Pain associated with "Adenomyosis".A Corrective surgery via partial Hysterectomy was performed sept. 2006. Shortly after Surgery, {Scheduled at the Philadelphia Veterans Hospital}, I had a Garden of Medicine to see me through. This Garden was in NJ where Housing had become available to me. June 07 Federal, State & Local Police destroyed my Garden confiscating a bag of seeds from the homes Kitchen. Booked/finger printed and photographed, October I was arrested, Held in Camden County's most disgraceful/overcrowded JAIL until January 2008 at which time I was coerced to plead guilty to "Possession of CDC's with Intent to distribute". I accepted a double count plea in order to Free my Husband, Joe, who was arrested and served 86 days for a garden he could Not have known existed. Joe had spent ALL of June 07 in Kennedy Hospital on a ventalator owing to his ingesting a bottle of Thorozine that allegedly expired in 1976.
I had Paid representation by way of an attorney who is Now the Executive Director of NJNORML. I don't believe any measures were taken to seek Justice on my attorneys part. some Pitiful form of "damage control" only.
Basically folks, I was arrested for being a female as no mans uterus will ever grow into his stomach wall.. to be punished for the ONLY treatment available to me I find to unacceptable. So much for the right to LIFE. Liberty is as dead. Anyone paying attention here? The LAW is illeagal. How in the Hell have we as the Cradle of Freedom and liberty allowed our legislators to dismantle us?
I served 8 months in Camden County's Jail released July 18 2008 at which time I began meeting with a Probation officer. This was to go on for 2 years. She showing up at my home, me traveling to her office.. November I lost housing in NJ. I returned to California where I have friends allowing Couch space as can. I have Filed for housing, been homeless the YEAR required to file for Disabled housing through the Center for independent living & with the Veterans Hud Vash section 8 program. I am eligible but, (I wrote my Probation officer immediately when NJ Housing became an issue, and left my email, my ONLY form of communication NOT aware Judicial is forbidden email communication). In the Struggle to survive, applying for a gubernatorial pardon/Executive clemency was not able to be accomplished till JUNE 2009.
Meanwhile, unknown to me, February a warrent was issued for my Failure to make probation. Now a fugitve felon, my Social Security Disability insurance has STOPPED. This was discovered in JULY and so originally SSDI sought some 3 thousand dollars returned. I was able to get that waved but in doing so, discovered, my Children, now 17 and 18 yrs of age, for the past 5 years have NEVER recieved the monthly income they WERE to be getting.. The ONLY comfort I took away from being more of less ECONOMICALLY denied the privledge of raising them. It's an ongoing horror show. Housing is now come available, BUT it was based on my Monthly income that is now NOT in exsistance. I HAVE a Legal Aid attorney looking into the SSDI matter, Josh Orleans my Social worker at the Veterans mental health clinic doing his best to phone NJ Legislative to hopefully Prod the pardon into existence so we can at least get me housed. (Hope is the Pardon will see my SSDI reinstate). I am not feeling the grateful Nation. for Decades, I have pursued mental health care through the Veterans hospital and found it to be no more than a pharmaceutical drug sale. Nor am I understanding how in THESE times, while Veterans continue to commit suicide in such numbers, we who KNOW that Marijuana is an effective Treatment for PTSD that could quite stem the rate at which our Brothers and sisters/sons and daughters kill themselves, is let go on while LEGISLATORS (mostly who's son's daughters and other Family members are NOT suffering Service connected conditions) keep this most useful Beneficial plant "illegal". Anyone with any ideas on what MORE I can do to help me survive this to Justice, please, email me at [email protected] Thanks, peace Love and Healing, Evie Mcknight

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