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Public Opinion: Majority Support for Marijuana Legalization Nationwide, Poll Finds

For the first time, a national public opinion poll has reported majority support for marijuana legalization. According to the poll by Angus-Reid Public Opinion, support for marijuana legalization now stands at 53% nationwide. The poll did not provide a regional breakdown.

In May, a Zogby poll reported support for legalization, taxation, and regulation of marijuana at 52% nationwide. The Angus-Reid poll asked only if respondents supported marijuana legalization.

In the Angus-Reid poll, among Democrats marijuana legalization garnered 61% support, with 55% of independents agreeing, and even 43% of Republicans.

Marijuana legalization bills have been introduced this year in California, Massachusetts, and Washington. California will also almost certainly have a legalization initiative on the ballot next November.

The poll also asked about legalizing other drugs. Fewer than one out of 10 respondents supported legalizing heroin, cocaine, meth, or Ecstasy. (More work to be done on that front.)

Finally, the poll asked whether the "war on drugs" has been a success or a failure. More than two-thirds (68%) said it has been a failure, with support for that position constant across geographic regions.

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Poll on Drug War

OK, 53% think marijuana should be legalized. 68% see the War on (some) Drugs as a failure. So we can assume that 15% think we should continue a failed policy? America, gotta love it!

Stick with getting Riefer passed

a. Chances are some breed of cannabis (more or less THC, CBD etc.) can be produced that does anything good any of those pHARMaceuticals offers anyway.

b. Start promoting Appropriate Equipment Industry: 25-mg.-serving-size dosage-regulation utensil (long-stemmed one-hitter), e-cigarette with cannabinoid formula, vaporizers etc. Handmaking 8 billion* utensils from wood, bamboo, clay, glass, metal etc. is the jobs program the Administration needs to keep its promises for the economy.

*US can create terrific export industry serving all smokers, including 1.2 billion $igarette addicts worldwide. Typical reforming addict will need several dosage-reduction utensils, one at bedside, one in the john, one in the car, one in the office etc. to combat urge for a $igarette anywhere it occurs. See wikiHow "How to Make Smoke Pipes out of Everyday Objects" and related articles.

legalize already

Marijuana Is Good , It will allow people with minor aches and pains to access it's medicinal qualities as well as an alternative to others who are using narcotic pain medication. The effects of the marijuana are slightly different to each individual however I think over-all the High is generally the same, but the pain relief varies greatly from person to person. For some it instantly can relieve a migraine and others who have the nagging arthritis joint pain. Although in another instance it may give the user a headache. Generally this can be fixed by changing the strain of the marijuana there several original strains who have been bread to be superior in psychological effects. It also in moderate use can be used to change the mood of a person. Most all people get kind of a mellow mood from it. As is the same with different breeds have different effects. Some make people want to get up and do something stimulating others become musically enchanted either by playing their own instrument or the radio. Others even yet make you sleepy and mellow. I guess the large benefit is the change of attitude it mellows people out better than Valium or Xanax. It greatly reduces aggressive behavior. I know the Smoking health risk has been an issue but now most of the old heads are using Vaporizers where the Pot is heated to a desired temperature much less than combustion and it releases it's psychoactive cannabinbols with the harmful effects of burning it left in the chamber therefore eliminating most if not all of the harmful toxins. I could go on and on I just think that we are to far of an advanced society to allow ourselves to be governed on a weed that helps many people in many ways but by it being illegal it becomes a target for the gangs to profit and buy more guns and kill more people. See how deep the effect of illegal drugs goes. If we take the profit out of it they will not be able fund their illegal activities. Let's Stop trying to save everyone from themselves, let them choose but surely educate them with true test results. Remember the only reason this prohibitions started was because of one man who became the first leader of what is now the ABC Dept. He had a personal war against it he financed and distributed the movie Refer Madness. To watch this movie today most just laugh hysterically at it it portrays people smoking marijuana and going into fits of rage and promiscuity and made it seem as if you would become insane from using it regularly. This was being distributed by the Government so people believed it and became highly, highly against it. So many peoples lives have been ruined and they have been labeled as criminals/ felons you never get your god born rights back .I am getting sick to my stomach writing this I think about it. What an unjust  thing one man has caused by giving us false information to even have this Law today is Government at it best . I like to "TRUST BUT VERIFY" I think our representatives should actually go out and find out themselves what the people want and Vote accordingly.

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