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Appeal: Did You Know That We Are WINNING?

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Dear drug policy reformer,

Did you know that we are WINNING?

No, I'm not joking. Yes, there's a long, hard road still ahead. Many lives will be damaged -- some ruined -- by repressive, prohibitionist drug policies in the meantime. Nevertheless, things are moving in our direction:

  • Medical marijuana dispensaries are now expanding to more states than just California -- east coast, Rockies, even Midwest.
  • Congress is moving on a range of important reforms -- three this very week -- that had previously been stuck for years.
  • Major media outlets are contacting us asking who the famous and important people are calling for legalization of drugs.

This is a critically important moment, and so I'm writing today to ask you to step up to the plate for drug policy reform with a contribution of $36, $60 or $100 to our 2009 "Changing Minds, Laws & Lives" campaign. Please join us and be a part of changing drug laws today!

Donate $36 or more and
you can choose any of
premium items --
books, videos, t-shirts
about the failure of
prohibition, more.

With nearly two million unique visitors to our web site every year, many of them journalists, policymakers and advocates themselves, (DRCNet) is playing a unique and important role in forwarding the drug war and legalization debates, building the drug policy reform movement, and advancing long-term legislative goals.

Your participation at this point in history is very important, and I'd like to send you some free gifts to show our appreciation.

For a contribution of $36, you can choose any of our many current membership premiums -- books, videos, t-shirts about the failure of drug prohibition, more. For a gift of $60 or more, you can pick any two items. For a contribution of $100 or more, pick any three.

By joining today, you will make an immediate impact by helping

  • Continue to reach major media figures like John Stossel and Andrew Sullivan with important information about drug war injustices and policies.
  • Build up our recently-launched News Demonstration Project.
  • Complete our Online Legislative Center.
  • Mobilize the campaign to roll back aggressive drug war policing, starting with the overuse of SWAT teams.
  • Finish our web site expansion making a true one-stop shop for all things drug policy.
  • Do all the things we've been doing for years to build the drug policy reform movement, reach hundreds of thousands of people online each month with the anti-prohibitionist message and more.

What you and I and our friends are doing together is working. We can't back off now. By taking advantage of the opportunity we have during this pro-reform climate, we can change minds, change laws and, most importantly, change good people's lives for the better.

Thank you very much,

David Borden
Executive Director, (DRCNet)

P.S. Thank you for your interest in the cause of ending prohibition and the drug war. Now is the perfect time to galvanize support across the country and prove that prohibition does not work. Please send in your gift today! Thank you!

Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
Looking for the easiest way to join the anti-drug war movement? You've found it!

CNN Offensive

CNN is running a massive propaganda offensive today.
I just watched Brian O'Dea blow Kyra Phillips out of the water.When Kyra suggested that a massive increase in usage would be the result of legalization,Brian countered with Portugal's experience and Kyra ran like a little girl.Brian also promoted LEAP.
We really need to pressure the MSN to invite opposing opinions and actually take them seriously instead of giving them unequal time and ridiculing them.

page not found

I tried to access the article:
Judge rejects move to shut pot dispensaries (The Orange County Register (CA), Dec-11)
and got a "Page not found" error

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

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