Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A quiet week on the corrupt cops front, but the two stories we do have share a common theme: problems with snitches. Let's get to it:

In Gaffney, South Carolina, a Cherokee County sheriff's officer was arrested Tuesday and fired Wednesday for exchanging drugs for sex with a female confidential informant. Now former Officer Troy Cooper, 56, is accused of providing marijuana, money, and other contraband to the informant in return for sexual favors between March 2008 and last week. Investigators from the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) were called in by Sheriff Bill Blanton. A search warrant in the case indicates that SLED has recorded telephone conversations between Blanton and the informant.

In St. Louis, police commanders are at odds with the police union over departmental demands that up to 20 officers reveal details about their confidential informants. The department has acknowledged in court filings that "one or more" officers "have included false information in affidavits" for warrants, and says the investigation is aimed at stopping "the concerns of police abuse and violation of civil rights." At least two officers, Shell Sharp and William Noonan, have already resigned, and prosecutors have dropped 39 cases in which one or the other officer was involved. But the police union has won a temporary restraining order to block the revealing of informant information, saying it would endanger snitches and officers. Whether they can win a permanent injunction will be decided next week.

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More Lawsuits Should Be Filed Against Snitches That Lie

In St. Louis, because police planted false information in affidavits to get warrants to search or raid Citizens' property, prosecutors have dropped 39 criminal cases. In light of this police corruption one can't help wonder how often police use "snitch information", (known to be false) not just to secure warrants, but to make Civil Asset Forfeitures using a "Preponderance of Evidence", little more than hearsay to take property. During this horrendous recession, budget strapped communities are laying-off police officers: there is a lot of pressure on police to keep their jobs. Have some communities made it tacitly clear to police, keeping their employment might depend on asset forfeitures? More lawsuits should be filed against snitches that knowingly provide false information to police; and against their police handlers. In this case, it would appear that persons in St. Louis who suffered searches by police resulting from false police affidavits, could sue St. Louis governments.

We need to imprison them for perjury... it's the law!

We need to imprison them for perjury... it's the law... even the 10th commandment against 'bearing false witness' morally demands they be severly punished... with long imprisonments of 5 years for each offense!

Either we need to remove the 'grand jury' requirement or we'll have to start assigning grand jurys to all public or political officals before they speak in public.

We see them lie to us through the camera everytime they open their mouths it seems... and we've been made powerless to stop these crimes... by those committing the crimes?

Punishing the Punishers,
Thomas Paine IVXX

Sez Who...

"The Constitution is just a scrap of goddamn paper"

George W. Bush, November 2004

The Bush probably did say

The Bush probably did say that...
Thank god he is gone.
If the founders of the country heard him say that,
he might have been challenged to a duel.
And he probably would have lost...just wishful thinking.
On a personal note, I think the Bill of Rights is one of the most important documents in existence.

Jefferson probably would have executed him on the front lawn...

Jefferson probably would have executed him on the front lawn of the whitehouse for his ineptitude, crimes, and treasonous ways.

How many times have i heard a general say if bush was a soldier instead of the 'demander-in-chief' he would have been court martialled... possibly executed for war crimes already.

Thank Thor, son of odin, for the after-thought of the 'bill of rights! Image how unself-evident our inalienable rights would really be without the 4th, 8th, and 10th amendments?

Personally, I think the Declaration of Independence (DoI), the document that is on display next to the constitution, is more important and represents the founding principles upon which this republic was supposed to founded - had religious bigotry, murderous greed, and the religiously inspired institution of human bondage not sunk its sick teeth into it!

"We hold these truths to be self-evident... all men are created equal... and endowed with certain inalienable rights... among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness... and whenever a Form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it..."

Sounds pretty unambigious to me and goes a long way explaining why the mj re-legalization movement is stagnant & seems to be stuck behind a mental barrier of its own design... a great place for lawyers, politicians, and authorians of all stripes to profit from.

Scary to think so many citizens and esp. lawyers and politicians ie 'liarticians' do not understand the law and are eager to dance around it for some percv'd good.. like advancing special rights that don't exist for special people!

Make NO Mistake... Uncle Scam is Hard at Work... screwing you & me out of the rule of law!

Back to basics ladies and gentlemen? Perhap we need to rethink the tax and regulate / control and appeasement stategy currently inplay by reformers because it's the common ground for democrats and republicans?

'Just Say No' to the unlawful dictates and regulatory bullshit marketed as promoting the genral welfare!

Truth is treason in the kingdom of lies,
Pastafarian Knight

B.S. With approx. 66 chemical compounds it's not the THC that scares the crap out of authoritarians... It's the BSB's... the 'Bullshit' Blockers'... that bullshitters fear most...and aid our third eye towards enlightenment!

U R da Greatest!

U R so good. thanx. (R U using the poor spelling for a purpose, or R U just that bad?)

Both... esp. when I do this all day and get lazy with editting!

Both... esp. when I do this all day and get lazy with editting... plus I don't use spell checking... to work the gray matter... which is important... now that I'm aarp eligible and technically a 'mature learner' He He He

It's the complacency of quick short posts everywhere vs writing an essay for your perusal... I'm also a fan of neologism and using antiquated or lesser known meanings which can confuse.

Always Dare to Disagree!

B.S. Besides a professor once told to not get so hung-up on historical dates (and spellings)... it's the culture and context that matters most... when studying 'cause and effect"?

I just reread my post and it don't look so bad to me...

Either I'm following my dad into dementia (poor bastard) or you're really much smarter than I?

Thanks Again,
Thomas Paine IVXX

The age of rugged individualism is over - joe biden

The age of rugged individualism is over - joe biden

The declaration of indepence and the constitution with its bill of rights are under constant criminal attack by those sworn to protect it.

But they only have to protect it, the constitution, to the 'best of their ability' which is the same as not all... and a lower commitment then service members take when they take their enlistment oath... how telling!

Think bush also said something stupid like 'there ought to be limits on freedom'. Which is part of the conservative platform of 'freedom with seatbelts on' theory of freedom?

As someone who'se been riding bikes for over 30 years I can tell you seatbelts don't help when they put mac trucks in your path... and look out for that conservative train wreck... seatbelts ain't gonna protect us from that either!

Recently heard about a group of historians that have already determined bush will be the worst president in american history... history, like us, won't need a 100 years to figure that one out!

Choose Reality,
Pastafarian Knight


Just so you know, I had a friend who was strapped down in a VA medical hospital. Because he couldn't move, it killed him. I'm sure they did it knowingly. It isn't much different from what the pseudo-liberals are pushing onto us. (I am VERY liberal, but not a pseudo). For an example, a pseudo is someone that knows the school system sux, but doesn't have any alternatives except to throw more money at it. An economics book I was reading, said that because politicians haven't got a clue, nor do educators, that they keep the system and just build bigger, better looking buildings. When I was in high school, we called them the PPP, public puppet prisons.

Not looking to pick a fight but I have a theory....

Not looking to pick a fight but I have a theory... about why the 'public puppet prisons' cont. to happen.

Lawmakers keep using 'mythmatics' instead of 'mathmatics' and are spending leveraged taxpayer money supporting an expensive system that arguably needs some overhauling.

When 1+2+3=123 it's easy to see why they think they can continue pumping money into this system. I already feel sorry for my 3 yr old grandson... I hate to see what his annual taxburden is gonna look like! LAst time I read it was going to be about double what is is now... and will be around 80% of gross income if things aren't dramatically changed?

Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. FYI: I responded to ur earlier post about my spelling. Scribe-On!

In Clark County, Nevada we

In Clark County, Nevada we have about 20 armed government police forces. I guess at 20 because there are federal forces that do not have a permanent presence here. But I can count at least 20 without referencing any documents, and lately I have noticed two more that use unmarked cars and pickup trucks. The trucks are designed to look like a vehicle that a handyman might use.
In addition, we have a number of private police forces that co-operate with the government forces.
The ineffectiveness of all of those police forces is plain. G S Wackenhut provides security for the court houses, and ride the public transit buses - armed and with the power of arrest.
Further proof of the ineffectiveness of our many police forces is the fact that paid informants are necessary to arrest alleged drug dealers, and even card cheats!
Thank you,
Robert Walker


I love you man, you are the greatest! When Clinton wanted 100,000 more officers on the street, I recognized it as a ploy to get elected. Unfortunately, it probably materialized. I think they need to get 500,000 cops OFF the street and into the prisons they most likely belong in.

in agreement

i just wanna say im in agreement with you.our judges.lawyers,cops and families are just as bad as our citizens.but do you think they do time or even a court cost.heck they are slipped through the cracks somehow or not even given a a ticket.weve even got cops stealing our drugs.who knows what becomes of them.cops even lie and /or plant things just so they get their man.i say whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

Heard a Drug Warrior say something asinine on tv...

Heard a Drug Warrior say something asinine on tv... last week.

He was the only drug cop in the town and stated that in his opinion only 1 in 10 illicit drug users is being caught (try 1 in 1000 bud?). Then to polish off his statement then claimed" "HE WAS ON TOP OF IT!' He He He

So, if this were a sporting event and the narc is batting just 1 in 1000 then the only thing he is 'on top of' is his own self-delusion... for a gov't payhcheck.

Police are Punishers,
Thomas Paine IVXX

B.S. And sadly delusion is often contagious in our western civilization!

Outsourcing responsibility and law enforcement too

Sounds just as illegal as using mercenaries in war used to be. Funny how 'Executive Outcome' like mercenaries remain illegal by international law but when clinton used them unopposed in the 'Bosnian War' the inept bush crew had a precedent that democrats couldn't and probably didn't want to refute. The cost effectiveness of outsourcing is obvious... but blackwater style mercenaries remains illegal by interational law... last time i checked anyway. The criminals in power could have abolished it too for all I know... standards did have to be seriously lowered to keep up recruitment quotas... just like after vietnam too.

The abnegation of responsibility in the form of congress signing a resolution giving the prez authority to do his own thing is criminal negligence and exactly how we ended up in another quamire known as a vietnam. Bush and LBJ with their criminally complacent congresses have seriously sullied our democracy and caused great injustices, death, and anomosity in the interantional community.

It's also important to know that hardline prohibitionists want more 'paramilitary' style drug warriors and soldiers on the drug war streets not civil law enforcement that has to worry about nefarious things like our rights and the rule of law!

Always Dare to Disagree & Flout It!

Jus' So Ya Know...

For the Globalists plans to succeed, they have to get rid of all the Free people in America. Both poitical parties have been complicit in it for over 100 years.

"I don't read books"
Geo. W. Bush

Always look to the $$

Follow the money--there is certainly something to be said for the federal government spending money--it makes the economy continue to grow or prosper or to pull out of economic morass. Usually, war is about other peoples property, even WWII was about other peoples resources. The present trend in more police and less freedom also comes from our government. It also has to do with the money trail--some of it simply to create jobs. But the problem is that some sort of research would do the world better, like the space race where all sorts of wonderful things were created even tho' it was a military program. Darpa also created the internet (not the former vice president.) Wonderful things have resulted in electronics that were undreamed of even 20 years ago. Unfortunately, I think, that we will soon have vid cams on every street corner and light post in America in less than ten years. Believe me, they WILL be looking into your windows. And watching every moment you are in your vehicle.

I think we should have government spending, but let it not be wasted on our horribly faulty schools, not on more cops, not of global corporatism. Spend the $$ on research--medical, space, jobs.

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