Europe: Britain Could Save $20 Billion a Year by Legalizing Drugs, Study Finds

A regime where currently illicit drugs are regulated and legalized would provide numerous benefits to Britain, not the least of which would be up to $20 billion a year in savings to government, crime victims, and drug users, according to a comprehensive comparison of the costs of drug prohibition and drug legalization.

The figure comes from A Comparison of the Cost-effectiveness of Prohibition and Regulation, a report released Wednesday by the British drug reform group the Transform Drug Policy Foundation. The group says it is the first time anyone in Britain has attempted an across-the-board comparison of the differing approaches to drug use and sales.

According to official British policy, policies or programs should be assessed by a cost-benefit analysis or impact assessment, but that has never been done with drug prohibition. Instead of evidence-based policies, the British government has relied on mere assertion to justify maintaining prohibition and to argue that the harms of legalization would outweigh its benefits.

Now, Transform is calling the government's bluff. According to its analysis, which examined criminal justice, drug treatment, crime, and other social costs, a regime of regulated legalization would accrue large savings over the current prohibitionist policy.

Transform postulated four different legalization scenarios based on drug use levels declining by half, staying the same, increasing by half, and doubling. Even under the worst case scenario, with drug use doubling under legalization, Britain would still see annual savings of $6.7 billion. Under the best case scenario, the savings would approach $20 billion annually.

"The conclusion is that regulating the drugs market is a dramatically more cost-effective policy than prohibition and that moving from prohibition to regulated drugs markets in England and Wales would provide a net saving to taxpayers, victims of crime, communities, the criminal justice system and drug users," Transform found.

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The LOSERS in legalization is the LEGAL SYSTEM, the CRIMINAL (in)justice system which includes the STATE BAR MEMBERS (& their enablers), the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS
(that will NOW have to really do their job - "to serve & protect") &
the prison institutions (including Wardens, their staff, Guards, Medical Personnel, the commissary) & the illegal drug trade (gangs, & insiders accepting payoffs.)

I SAY FUCK THEM ALL - legalize & regulate the quality!


The WINNERS are We the People whose taxes go down, (IFF you pay taxes), We the People will NOW get better better quality products & are NOT subject to ORGANIZED CRIME - (i.e. POLICE DEPTS.,

The economic boom created will give an boost to the scagging economy created by the ATTORNEYS who sold US out the criminal banksters!

99% of LEO are ignorant of the law & it is impossible to find an incompetent, qualified, effective ATTORNEY -
(they DO NOT exist - it is a myth)


PROHIBITION KILLS! Free drug users, help abusers...decriminalize &
watch drug lords weep! (T.Green, the millennium whole earth catalog)


It's about time some group finally provided a quantitative analysis of just how wasteful marijuana prohibition is.

I feel this is the kind of work organizations like NORML should be focusing on. It's one to thing to assert, publicize, organize or just rant but laying out the reasons with solid supporting numbers goes a hell of a lot further.

How long until a parallel study emerges in the US? I'm sure our savings would be several times higher (since our policies are several times more draconian).

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