Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

What's up with Pennsylvania? Yet more ugliness from the Keystone State, as well as the all too predictable border guard in trouble and jail guard with a bad habit. Let's get to it:

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled March 26 that a judge could throw out as many as 1,200 convictions of juveniles sentenced by a Luzerne County judge who agreed to plead guilty in March to taking bribes from a detention center owner to ensure he had a steady supply of juvenile offenders to house. Former Luzerne County Juvenile Court Judge Mark Ciavarella and his colleague, Judge Michael Conahan, agreed to cop a plea to taking $2.6 million in bribes from PA Child Care LLC and Western Pennsylvania Child Care LLC to send juveniles to prison for months for small-time offenses including possession of a pot pipe. The two crooked judges are looking at 87 months in prison each.

In Philadelphia, a Philadelphia police officer was arrested last Friday on charges he dealt drugs both before and after he joined the force. Officer Alhinde Weems, 33, went down after an informant working with a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent snitched him out. That informant bought an ounce of crack cocaine from Weems in December and two more ounces in January. Later that month, the feds set up a sting in which Weems was videotaped selling what he thought was a pound of cocaine to a man he thought was a big-time drug dealer, but was actually an undercover agent. In February, Weems was videotaped telling the undercover agent he wanted to do a home invasion robbery of a drug dealer to steal his stash, and last Friday, as he was on his way to the fake bust, he was really busted. Now Weems faces up to 25 years in federal prison on conspiracy and drug dealing charges.

In Laredo, Texas, a former Border Patrol agent was sentenced Wednesday to 14 years in federal prison for taking a bribe to ensure a load of cocaine could move safely through Zapata County, on the Mexican border. Leonel Morales pleaded guilty in January to bribery after being caught on tape negotiating, planning, and accepting a $9,000 bribe to protect a 20-kilogram load. He also bragged that he could get other border agents out of the area when the load was ready to be moved. He must pay an $11,000 fine, too.

In Bellefontaine, Ohio, a Logan County jail guard was arrested Tuesday on charges she stole prescription drugs belonging to inmates. Guard Theresa Zook went down after inmates reported seeing her taking drugs belonging to someone being booked into the jail. After failing a polygraph exam, she admitted taking the pills, as well as taking drugs from a locked cabinet in the nurse's office. She was fired and now faces two counts of theft. She said she stole the pills because she was anxious.

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Those judges in Penn.

Are the most disgusting example of a waste of space. These M F'er's deserve the death penalty, or at least life, without possibility of parole, in general population. 7.25 years is an insult, a f*cking joke. This is the worst possible conduct imaginable, right up there with child molesting, it is child molesting, false imprisonment of a minor, kidnapping,abuse of power, accepting a bribe, violating the oath of office to uphold the law, not to mention destroying what little credibility the "legal system" had. Calif. has judges that take bribes too, and I'm sure there are a lot of kids in jail that don't belong too.
Face it, we live in a terrorist nation, our government is so corrupt,inept,incompetent,agenda driven,dishonest,lying,one way,sh*t eating,threat to the public,terrorist regime, in the world.
How can anybody be a proud Amerikan, with crap like this in charge of protecting the people.
When are we gonna do something about this kind of activity, like bring back public hangings?

and private prisons should be outlawed...

there is no cure for greed and corruption, but this avenue of profit can easily be replaced by only permitting public, nonprofit facilities. Release of all nonviolent drug users from jail will provide well enough room for the dangerous sociopaths.

The profferer of the bribe should also be sentenced to death for the magnitude and heinousity of this offense. It is simply beyond outrage.

Only "87 months each"? That must be a typo!

Those criminals in black robes can't be facing just 87 months for routinely and repeatedly violating the constitution they are sworn to uphold and protect.

At a minimum all involved should face 3-5 years federal prison... for each count... not 87 months total! That's just bad mythmatics!

The 2 criminal judges, and the people that bribed them, should be immediately imprisoned for purjury, bearing false witness, and bribery... just for starters. Obviously, capital charges will follow after the full extent of the constitutional violations are known.

Time to stop swearing on that stupid bible and time to start swearing on what really matters... the founding documents of this country... under penalty of death!

I would add:

for ALL elected officials in government, not just judges.

Violate the Constitution, in any way (including even merely proposing any unconstitutional legislation) and one becomes immediately subject to the death penalty, no appeal, no second chances.

I am usually an opponent of capital punishment (if the person turns out to be innocent after the penalty is carried out there is no way to bring them back to life), but if we are going to have the death penalty as a legal option in our nation, I think the crime of violating one's oath of office to be the most egregious crime of all, worse than mass murder, and totally deserving of paying that capital punishment price.

How many in congress would have to be immediately executed? All but one -- Ron Paul is the only member of congress who has NEVER violated his oath or the Constitution.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!


"First prize is one night in Philadelphia. Second prize, two nights in Philadelphia."
--W.C. Fields

target --- mifflin county

The county in central Pa known as 'mifflin county' needs a survellience (sp) or undercover internal investigative team in place to monitor corrupt goings on.
I've done what I can in regard to implementing an internal invest. within the county...contacted Dorbett, attorney gen. as well as other (aclu) advocated and have gotten little response.

Here's to more illegal goings on within the 'law enforcement' cohort here in central pa.



• Personal Defense
• It is above question that each individual holds the unalienable right to completely own and manage his or her body. No one is more qualified than you to manage your body responsibly and with dignity. The silly assumption that government personnel, who make as many mistakes as everyone else, can successfully manage their bodies AND yours shows the unmatched ignorance of government officials, especially judges and prosecutors.
• Constitutional Defense
• The Fourth, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments of the Bill of Rights make it clear that government has no authority to own or manage our bodies. Individual ownership rights extend to decisions for your body, defense of your body, health care choices, privacy, gun possession on your person, body decoration, alternative medicines and supplements, vaccinations, and more. Laws claiming government ownership of your body demonstrate that the greatest threat to human rights is always from one’s own government.
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• The last peaceful defense of our liberties is the jury. Writers of our Constitution understood that power always corrupts. The people must retain, understand and use all the processes to defend themselves from the greatest threat to liberty: one’s own government. Informed grand jurors and trial jurors can protect you from bad government laws.
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• As an adult, if you willfully surrendered your right to ingest substances of your choice, or to have a gun on your person, which are actions of the body that damage no other person, by not expressly objecting to gun and drug laws, you do not own your body. The government owns it. That concept in law has voided human rights, replacing them with privileges, because uninformed jurors have not protected the absolute right of all conservatives and liberals to own and manage their own bodies.
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• If you want to defend an individual’s ownership of his or her body, you must first get on the jury. During jury selection, lawyers and judges try to remove informed people from juries. Power-corrupted lawyers and judges depend on seating jurors who will do whatever they are told by government, even in violation of good conscience, reasoning, common sense and constitutional law.
• When called for jury duty and questioned about your understanding of the law or issues, consider stating that you do not keep track of political issues, and that you can apply the law as instructed by the court. If asked, suggest that you do not remember if you belong to any particular organizations because you get too many junk mail organizational solicitations. Imply an impartial attitude.
• You may be the only informed person on the jury. The judge’s instructions and oaths to the jurors are designed to fool jurors and protect the raw power of judges. Despite their official-sounding nature, these instructions to jurors cannot be legally binding, or there would be no need for the authority of independently-thinking jurors.
• You hold the absolute right to vote your conscience. If the accused did not identifiably damage an actual person, you can find him or her not guilty. Regardless of other jurors, you cannot be forced to change your verdict. You can state that the government prosecutor did not prove the government case. Or you can state no reason for your verdict, as is your right.
• Your body and minds right of: expressions thoughts possessions medicines recreation and work
• Government judges and prosecutors crave raw power beyond the legal limit to their authority. That power can only exist if the person brought before the court is deceived by process into surrendering ownership of his or her body, and responsibility for individual decisions about that body, to government and the courts. Informed jurors, who do not seek any power, can defend the right of individual ownership of the body for everyone, equally. Jurors can refuse to convict if the government’s case is based on the concept of government owning an individual’s body, or if the government judges or prosecutors pretend to have any right to make or enforce any decisions about an individual’s body.
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seizures shall not be violated ...”
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• The Jury is your defense.



Bad Side of "Privatized Prisons" Exposed

I was much distressed to learn of the two Pennsylvania County level judges taking over 2 million in cash from the PA and West Penn 'child care' reform schools; privatized limited liability companies which illustrate so well one huge pitfall of the prison industrial complex.

Is our lust for greed so terrible that we would throw 1,200 kids away like garbage over marijuana cigarettes, pipes, and other minor possession offenses ?

Your article does not specify what type of consequences face these two bribe-paying LLC's, privatized corporate reform schools for poor neighborhood kids, who will now have scars that follow them into adulthood, but I'm sure it won't be harsh enough.

The whole idea of a "penal-system for profit" has dubious overtones. Especially for juveniles from low income backgrounds over minor 'pretext' infractions.

How come this one story isn't on page one of the New York Times?

alhinde weems story

umm i do not believe this is true cuz alhinde weems got set up for robbery and drugs by his own best friend.. dey make it seems like he's a real criminal and if u guys get to no him you'll understand dis cant b true.. so don't listen to them, listen to his story and his family!!!!! dats what made me mad and wanted to send a comment to this thing. i will not tell u who iam

co zook bellfontane ohio jail thief.

I, am 46 yrs old and other than some traffic tickets some yrs ago I've never been in truble in my life. I, was sued by a hosp. I, had a horrible accident I, will never completely recover from. I, had paid on this bill for many yrs. After the accident I, was unable to work and had missed some payment so back to court I, went. I, was shoked to be told I, would have to serve jail time due to being late to court and even more shocked to find out once I'm in jail I, have to strip, squat and cough! I, never committed a criminal offense in my life but yet I'm being treated like a common criminal all because I, was late to court. I, have to serve my time at the same jail c.o zook, stoled meds from an inmate and the nurses cabinet! I, hardly find this fair. I, tried to get to court as quickly as I, could. I, wasn't purposly late not to mention I've never been in trouble in all my 46 yrs! What kind of a system are we running in anyway? This is why its so important to get out there and vote ppl! Now ill have a mug shot and contempt . Not beccause I, ran from court, only because I, was accidently late! Only in bellefontaine. Would a 46 yr old woman who's never been in trouble in her life be treated like a comon criminal. Not only will I, be required to strip ,squat and cough but I, will also be deloused! I, hardly find this fair! And this is in a jail where even the cos prove to be crooked

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