Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

We have cops and prison guards getting into drug war trouble from coast to coast this week, from San Diego to Chicago and from Florida to Maryland. Let's get to it:

In San Diego, a San Diego police officer was arrested September 2 for allegedly tipping off drug dealers about an ongoing investigation. Officer Juan Hurtado Tapia, whom traffickers allegedly called "El Corrupto," was charged in federal court with obstruction, fraud and making false statements. A federal complaint said Tapia ran criminal history checks on a police computer for members of a drug trafficking ring and warned at least one suspect not to try to cross the border from Mexico on a particular night. Tapia is now on unpaid leave.

In Hagerstown, Maryland, a rookie prison guard was arrested September 4 for smuggling pot and cigarettes into the Roxbury Correctional Institution. Rookie Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Officer Krista Blank is charged with possessing marijuana and contraband, and with possessing the materials with the intent to distribute them inside a place of confinement. That is four separate charges -- two each for the pot and the cigs -- for which she faces up to 10 years in prison.

In Lakeland, Florida, a Polk County detention deputy was arrested September 4 for selling Oxycontin tablets to undercover detectives. Deputy Shawn Thomas Lucas, 30, was arrested after detectives received information he was selling pain pills and set up a buy, where he sold them six whole Oxycontin tablets and nine half-tablets, for a total of 4.4 grams, or about $200 worth. During a post-arrest search of his vehicle, detectives recovered a load .45-caliber handgun. Now, he is charged with armed drug trafficking. Lucas told detectives the pills had been prescribed to his deceased father and he was peddling them because he and his family were having financial difficulties. Lucas has now resigned from the sheriff's office.

In Jacksboro, Tennessee, two Campbell County law enforcement officers were arrested September 5 for allegedly stealing drugs from the Jacksboro Police Department and trading them for prescription drugs. Jacksboro Police Officer Ancil Parker, 30, and Campbell County jail guard Tonya Robinson, 34, are both charged with delivery of a schedule II controlled substance and official misconduct. Robinson also was charged with one count of theft under $500. The pair are being held responsible for marijuana and cocaine that went missing from the police department last year.

In Chicago, a Chicago police officer and another man were arrested Monday for plotting to set up the man's estranged wife on drug and firearms charges. Bogdan Mazur, 47, tried to set up his wife by scheming to deliver 44 grams of cocaine, 62 grams of marijuana and a gun with a defaced serial number to his wife, and enlisted Officer Slawomir Plewa, 30, to help him out. Mazur allegedly arranged with Plewa to have him detain and arrest his wife even though both knew the charges were false. The woman was acquitted of the gun and drug charges in January. Now Plewa is charged with official misconduct, perjury, obstruction of justice, unlawful restraint and false reporting. Mazur faces charges of filing a false police report, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to manufacture or deliver cocaine and cannabis, and unlawful possession of a firearm, according to police reports.

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Money , Money , Money

Never mind that the "Drug War" has cost the United States more than what going on in Iraq. we are obviously not paying our "Law Enforcement" people a good enough wage, so they don't have to resort to illegal activity to augment their income. Besides, it's easy for them to sell "illegal" drugs, because, we all know that they know who has the best stash.

sure thing

My son was pulled over by 2 cops in San Diego. They found drugs in his car. He was handcuffed and put in police car. They called another police vehicle to their spot.
They moved his car to a 'safe place' and told him where it was, took him to jail. They also took the drugs and money from him. They never charged him w possession or anything else..Where did the drugs and money go?
I am thankful for no charges but you and I know where they went!

Re: sure thing

I hate to tell you this, but the police will charge your son as soon as they get the results back from the lab. They will show up at his house with a warrant for his arrest and will invade his home in search of more drugs. So please make your son aware of this.

ha! F*ck the police

When i was 13 the police planted 200$ worth of crack on my skinny 110lbs white ass and sent me and my friend who playing hookie to juvenile jail, police these days are morally corrupt. After 2 weeks in a cell where some 17 yr old kid was detox off heroin I fin ally got to get out after a court appearance. Also when they arrested me they repeatedly gave me a local drug dealers name and told me thats where i got it from and that i should tell on him before it got a lot worse. Luckily my dad is a pretty salty guy and directed me through the bullshit and finally it got dropped due to lack of evidence. What had happened was that after i got taken back to my high school the officer did a quick search of the back seat and under the backseat apparently was the crack. So f*ck the police they're power mongering morally reduced people. Any cop that compromises his own moral's in order to catch a paycheck is a b*tch, any cop that doesn't feel like he is after all the kids going into foster care for parents being locked up for things like marijuana violations is just the kind of cop this government is looking for, MONSTERS, that should themselves be locked away from society.

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