Feature: US Sentencing Commission to Examine Alternatives to Incarceration

The US Sentencing Commission, the panel that sets sentencing guidelines for federal courts, has signaled that it intends to focus next year on developing alternatives to imprisonment, a move that is welcomed by reform advocates, but opposed by conservatives and, likely, the Justice Department. The commission's intentions were mentioned in a recent filing in the Federal Register and come as a September 8 deadline for public comment has just passed.

Created in 1984, the Sentencing Commission consists of seven presidential appointees who are then confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee. The panel is charged with making sentencing recommendations which automatically take effect unless Congress proactively votes to reject them.

While Congress has repeatedly enacted tough new sentences in bouts of anti-crime or anti-drug hysteria, the Sentencing Commission is less prone to political passions and more likely to act as a restraining influence on congressional incarceration mania. The commission, for example, has for more than a decade urged reforms of the crack/powder cocaine sentencing disparities that have seen thousands of African-Americans imprisoned for years for crack while mostly whites holding similar amounts of powder cocaine do far less time. Last year, the commission enacted changes in the federal sentencing guidelines to reduce sentences for crack offenders.

Despite objections from the Justice Department, the commission then went a step further, making the reductions retroactive so that some of the thousands of long-serving crack offenders could get out of prison a few months early.

But with some 2.3 million people behind bars in the US, including more than 200,000 in the federal system -- more than half of them drug offenders -- the commission signaled earlier this year that it wants to see more efforts to reduce those numbers. This summer, it hosted a two-day symposium on alternatives to incarceration, and now, with the Federal Register announcement, it appears the commission will continue down that path.

"The summer symposium was a really good coming together of criminal justice experts," said Kara Gotsch, director of advocacy for the Sentencing Project, a Washington, DC-based think tank. "There were judges, probation and parole people, law enforcement, academics, and advocates there to talk about what the states are doing in relation to alternatives to incarceration. They discussed successful programs that are diverting people from prison. The commission has demonstrated its interest in this issue and has said it would distribute materials from the symposium, so we are hoping the commission will look to apply some of this to alternatives to incarceration at the federal level, including expanding the sentencing grid to include alternatives."

Not everyone was so excited. In a weekend story in the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department seemed decidedly unimpressed. Spokeswoman Laura Sweeney said that while the department is interested about the use of expanded monitoring technologies, "we do not believe the use of alternatives should be expanded without further rigorous research showing their effectiveness in promoting public safety."

Similarly, Michael Rushford of the conservative, victims' rights-oriented Criminal Justice Legal Foundation warned that resorting to less mass incarceration could result in rising crime and violence. "I'm old enough to remember the 1960s and the sky-high crime and murder rates we had then," he said. "While there may be a role for diversion for young offenders, serious felony offenders need to be behind bars."

While it is unclear exactly what the commission might recommend, the summer symposium heard lots of talk about drug courts, residential and community corrections, and other alternatives to incarceration. It does seem clear that the commission wants to reduce the flow of new inmates before they get to the prison gates.

"We're going to be looking at what might fit at the starting point, before somebody is sent to prison," District Court Judge Ricardo Hinojosa, chairman of the commission, told the Wall Street Journal. But the commission will move cautiously, he said.

"The commission's priorities for next year are not yet finalized," said Gotsch, who is hoping it will also consider further reforms of crack sentencing and the mandatory minimum sentencing structure. "But we are encouraged by the symposium and this announcement. Advocates like us and Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) will continue to push for modifications of the sentencing grid to make including alternatives to incarceration a priority. The issue is clearly on their radar, and that's a good thing," she said.

The Sentencing Commission can -- and should -- have an impact on Congress, Gotsch said. "If we can get them on board for alternatives to incarceration, that will be huge. When the commission speaks on a sentencing issue, Congress should listen."

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crack powder disparity

I have a daughter in federal prison not because of her disregard for the law but because she had a boyfriend who was a drug dealer. It was truly not an application of a "drug kingpin law". She was in the wrong place at the wrong time and did not have information that would help the federal prosecutor so she did not get dealt down to a lesser charge as were other persons in the same vehicle. Some with prior convictions. Even the primary violator was not a "drug kingpin" but rather a street dealer. He is scheduled for release before my daughter. I fail to see justice or rehabilitation in this sentence. 63 months for being with a boyfriend who had 50+ grams of crack cocaine.

RE: crack powder disparity

Thousands of women are sent to prison as a result of situations described above. In 1988 Congress added a conspiracy provision to the Anti-Drug Abuse Act. Under this law, anyone convicted of conspiracy can be held liable for the actions of all the defendants involved in the alleged crime, regardless of the role played. This means that low-level traffickers, living with someone involved with illegal drugs, or simply keeping track of bank accounts or money makes an individual subject to the same mandatory minimum sentence as the top organizer in a drug operation. The result is very long sentences for those with minimal drug involvement, despite the fact that the original mandatory minimum sentencing laws were implemented to target "king-pins."

Similar to the situation described above, WOMEN are the targets of these laws. The percentage of women serving time in prison for drug offenses is now higher than the percentage of men, and the RATE of imprisonment of women for drug offenses is higher than that of men, thanks to laws such as these.

In my opinion this is one of the least talked about issues in the war on drugs, and one of the largest mishaps of justice in our system, especially considering that 80% of these women have children.

We must continue to expose and educate people on this discrimination.

Yet the Drug Dealer & Addict Cynthia McCain makes Millions

Yet Americas socially acceptable drug of choice, alcohol, remains legal and killer supreme in the land of legal drug abuse.

John McCains rise to political power has been funded by his wifes alcohol drug money... just like the Kennedy family did a generation ago.

Billy B. Blunt
Tacoma, WA

Best alternative to

Best alternative to incarceration is to REPEAL PROHIBITION, period!

I realize anything I write here to that effect is merely preaching to the choir but what we really need to dwell on in our debates, talking points, etc. is how all the Republicrats and Democans have been doing for decades is grandstand for ever-longer sentences AS IF IT COST NOTHING to investigate, prosecute, incarcerate, and post-release supervise drug offenders.

And, last time I checked the BoP figures inmate pop was around 220,000 with 52.5% being drug-related so what that means is the US Gov't has around 115,500 inmates at, say, $30,000 per year and that, good people, comes to around $3,465,000,000 (check my arithmetic if you will but, to me, it looks like almost three and a half BILLION dollars) . With the federal budget the way it is, I suffice to say that is mostly BORROWED MONEY.

The US Gov't is a morally --and soon to be financially-- bankrupt entity and, in my opinion, the latter can't happen soon enough.



amen to that bro!!U.S.A. Sucks and you aint free if you cant smoke weed wich is to me the holy plant of the world.

WIN/WIN For Informed Americn Citizens

I sit and watch ad after ad on TV for this drug and that drug to cure anything from ED to legs that will not be still. It makes me think I need to make another plea to other Americans again today. I fight the War on Drugs (US) it waste 100 billion and ruins thousands of lives every year. We could fund universal health care for all Americans then the drug users that want or need help could get it. All we ask is stop putting us in jail. For against, or neutral ending this war would be a WIN/WIN for every American!! Please help if you can, read the facts look back in history its all there..

WAR ON DRUGS (for idiots or perhaps just uninformed citizens)

Legal Drugs = Made and patented by major drug companies and thanks to our leaders (house/senate) they can charge what ever they want 1000s of percent bringing them billions in profits. Part of which is spent supporting PACs (political action committees) they pay our leaders (house/senate) to keep a few drugs illegal and keep putting non-violent good Americans in jail.

Illegal Drugs = Originally made illegal because they were enjoyed by mainly people of color the poor and powerless (it was used as a new way to enslave them). The most used drug, the Hispanics introduced marijuana and blacks enjoyed it then as today. It was said (in1937) marijuana makes darkies think they are as good as whites! Our FED government already holds the Marijuana patent! The major drug companies cannot make money on our Herb of choice. It is estimated the major drug companies (legal drugs) would lose 80 % of their profits if marijuana were make legal. It cures or helps with insomnia, depression, chronic pain, headaches, minstrel pain cramps, muscle spasms, and thousands of other day to day problems or if you just want to get a buzz like drinking a few beers without the health problems (marijuana has no down side like liquor no hangover cannot overdose will not kill you or your liver kidneys like alcohol does it can be ingested or smoked). Also the buzz, sorry, but if you use it every day as a prescribed medicine you do not get the same buzz just relief from your particular problem (mine is depression). We do not have a PAC and cannot afford to buy the vote of our so-called leaders. But we are the estimated 75% that our so-called leaders keep ignoring, jailing, lying to, lying about, and enslaving. We are tired and need your help please!
Get rid of drug deals and drug dealers over night sell it over the counter in Wal-Mart for Gods sake (the legal drug guys do). You can also grow it yourself if you are so inclined you could have free medicine. That is why the major drug companies do not want it legal neither do the major alcohol pushers, GEO corp. they run the private jails and charge as much as 45K a head per year (over 2,800,000 of your fellow citizens are casualties of the War on US so far). They all have PACs and our leaders are bought and paid for (they lie) please help us stop the madness called the War on Drugs (US).

I am speaking form the heart and consider myself an authority on this subject. I come from a line of people that had trouble with depression. I first tried marijuana in 1971 just to get a buzz as many of us did (I was in the military during Vietnam 68-71). But I noticed I no longer felt depressed. I smoke it almost every day now that I am retired and do not have to worry about losing my job (thanks FEDS). All it does for me is help me not be depressed it does heighten my mood a bit, who would not want that? I am not stoned just not depressed. It is not addictive I still lay it down on a regular basis (I do not like to feel anything has control over me) but then I miss it my depression slips back so I go back to a herb that helps me. I am 60 and all I ask is stop putting us in jail!! I bother no one but I see and read about the destruction it does to our country every day. Our leaders lie this harmless herb that anyone can grow does no harm it only helps!! So help STOP the War On U.S. (drugs) the illegal kind not the millions taken daily by everyone and provides billions in profits to the drug dealing giants) They spend a lot of money selling there legal drugs (TV) must be profitable not to mention the millions they spend to support their PAC??


Like Bob Mare I have a new rule.
Free Americans taught the Bill of Rights and the Constitution in school if you paid attention you may be able to relate to the following.

Our representatives are sworn to represent us is this correct? We are the 75% of free Americans that say end the War on U.S. (drugs) let the marijuana people live in peace. Free the millions you have jailed based on the lies behind this War. We will give you six months or we the 75% will band together and prosecute you for not doing as sworn!

Too often, Americans forget

Too often, Americans forget that they have a right to rally, a right to demonstrate against the governemnt for unfair and unjust laws. We can say that we will rally against the government but America's people are so scared. America has succeeded in brainwashing their citizens to t he point of no return, many of them walking around fighting a useless drug war anyway. So, I will rally and I will fight for the death for what I believe in, the question is just how to get more socially conscience people together and help the ignorant masses!

Surely you jest...

"We will give you six months or we the 75% will band together and prosecute you for not doing as sworn!"
My friend, you make the assumption here that power is somehow related to numbers. Sadly, I disagree. Power is related to authority. Those who have a lot of it want more. Your proposition would cost them, not enrich them. Numbers without leadership and the ability to communicate the common goals simply lean to the wind.
"He who joyfully marches in rank and file
has already earned my contempt.
He has been given a large brain by mistake,
since for him the spinal cord would suffice." -- Albert Einstein

Organized crime "controlled subsances"

85% of all illicit drug use is cannabis/marijuana. Legalized this one substance and 85% of the artificially created problem goes away. Cannabis is far safer than tobacco or alcohol. Cannabis use is an established fact. Install true regulatory controls via legalization. Keep the price (including tax) low enough to drive out criminals by removing the profit motive. As it is now, our government is only reactive and punitive. This has not worked, as illustrated by the 4000% increase in cannabis use since Nixon declared the war on drugs in the 70's. Our government calls cannabis a controlled substance. This is true if they mean it's an organized crime "controlled substance". Only when cannabis is re-legalized will we the people regain true control over cannabis. The remaining illicit substances should be dealt with first as a healthcare issue. Law enforcement has successfully caused merchants to be compliant for age restrictions 90% of the time. With few criminals willing to risk jail for little profit and merchants unlikely to sell cannabis. Our kids will find it far more difficult to get cannabis. Isn't this the message we want to send to our kids? The U.S. Sentencing Commission is constrained to reducing the harm that sentencing does to our society. But, only the legalization of cannabis will ever have the desired effect of reducing cannabis use. Cannabis use may go up initially with legalization. But, as Amsterdam proved, cannabis use went down there by 40% when cannabis use was permitted at home and in select coffee shops. This is because cannabis use is boring when it's no longer the forbidden fruit. Get rid of scare tactics propagnada and replace it with fact based education. Don't allow the advertizing of any drug. There's much more to solving the problems that prohibition created. But, we must start with a national dialog, now.

I differ I feel if one is legal they all should be.

If one drug is legal all drugs should be legal. Why would anyone want to jail a rock smoker or meth addict they have enough problems as it is. Like I say save the 100 billion and use it to provide national health care for all citizens of our great country. If some one (very few) gets hooked on the bad drugs that includes the so called legal ones. They can get help if they want it or need it. But if they do not choose to get help unless they break a good law (like you shall not steal) leave them alone if they steal then jail them!! If we jailed all people with a drug problem, legal or so called illegal, we would have to lock up about 85% of the population. From those that are addicted to nasal inhalers, over the counter drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, as well as the so called illegal drugs. So why are only the illegal drug folks jailed see above WIN/WIN post. It is social problem I do not have room to go into but not a reason to enslave the poor, black, powerless people.
But don't give a heroin addict methadone it is legal and our government provides it to the heroin people at great expense to us. It is stronger more addictive and harder on the user. Other countries have discovered this and taking care of there people by giving them cheaper and less damaging heroin. Our country still gives the methadone to support the big drug company that makes it and get the kick back to them via PACs. Proves one more time our leaders do not care about us they sacrifice our lives on a daily basis.

to Surley your jest

No I have a dream of an America a free America that is not run by greed and power as it is today. We could all prosper and live a better life if we could only take back control of our country. Take it back from the greedy power hungry leaders we have today.

To Surely your jest

I second your motion. Give us back our Freedom of Choice. And not what the system says we can choose from but what we want to choose.

I was just released from

I was just released from county jail about 3 weeks ago and while I was there, I found that 99% of the women with whom I was incarcerated were all there for the same reason that I was: probation violations due to simple drug possession charges. Non-violent drug offenders, living their lives as they so choose. Someone PLEASE tell me where is the harm in this?!?! We're all being locked up in a maximum security facility like ax murderers for doing what we want with OUR bodies!!

Incarceration is NOT going to solve the drug problem in this country. If an addict is not ready to quit, then there is NOTHING that you can do to make them. Hell, you have better access to drugs in the jails and prison systems than you do sometimes on the street. Heroin runs rampant in the prisons where I live!! If you don't go in with a habit, you sure as hell have one by the time you leave.

These institutions are crime-schools; there's absolutely NO rehabilitation going on. Inmates are being schooled by fellow inmates on how to do their drugs better, so they won't get caught. There ARE 12-step groups, however here in Orange County Jail(CA), ONLY 2 women (OUT OF 40) per tank are allowed to attend and usually these spots are taken by inmates who go only to converse with women in other tanks. And in the "substance-abuse" class, you are forced to sit thru episodes of the TV series "Intervention" which depicts addicts glamorizing their addiction and close-up shots of IV drug-use. As a Heroin addict, I can tell you that seeing someone fixx is NOT rehabilitation; it only makes me WANT to use that much MORE.

As we learned in the 1920's with alcohol prohibition, IT DOESN'T WORK!!! It's basic supply and demand. As long as there is a demand, there will be a supply. Are we going to incarcerate all of America before we start doing something about this insanity? What will it take before our "leaders" are awakened to the reality of their "drug war"? How many more botched DEA raids, or families ripped apart due to incarceration and/or overdoses?


Our so called leaders do not care about U.S.

They (house/senate) take their PAC checks and laugh all the way to the bank. They have limos at their disposal. They have the best benefits of any job available. They can retire and make more than they did when they were working. They work 167 days a year.They can vote themselves a raise or better benefits. They have a full staff paid for they really have not need for the 170K salaries they can live off kickbacks. They have their campaign paid for by PACs and lobbyist if they vote to support the ones giving them the money (and they do). They live in a totally different world than U.S. They can pocket the millions left over from a campaign donated by corporations they support with their votes.

We are considered by them as expendable they are willing to sacrifice U.S. at the rate of one every 38 seconds and feel no compassion. They are sworn to represent U.S. the people but they do not they support corporations that pay them and enslave U.S. We must unite and stand as one in order to obtain justice. They must be held accountable (house/senate) they are not doing as sworn to do. If we had a vote of the people they would say end the War On U.S.(drugs). It is a total waste of resources and manpower that could be used to help U.S. the American people rather than put U.S. in jail, ruin our lives and steal our property! We must find a way to unite and force them to represent U.S. as sworn. We need a truce in the war so we can stand up without fear of being thrown in jail or losing our job. One thing we can do is vote this November please vote against every returning (house/senate) member that does not represent U.S. and votes to put U.S. in jail.

the bottom line is........

pharma industry, military industry, criminal justice (cops + prisons + dea) industry, tobacco industry, alcohol industry, and more.

they all have a lot of money staked on drugs staying criminalized.

if pot, and/or all drugs, are legalized.... all of the industries listed above lose money.

the question is.... is it better to let stoners smoke pot even though they're not really harming anyone.... or is it better to keep the people who work for the DEA, prisons, etc., employed?

hard question to answer, since it seems that the people who make money (and maybe even just an honest living) off of pot (and other drugs) being illegal are honest cops on the street who risk their lives every day to keep us safe and probably other mostly-good-intentioned people who honestly think it's better to have drugs criminalized than to have them legal

for sure, there are people who want the drug war to go on so they can make millions. but there are a lot of people who want the drug war to go on so they can simply go on feeding their families.

the real question is not what to do with people who use illegal drugs. the real question is how we keep the people who rely on the drug war for money (and yes, even for making an honest living) from losing out by drugs being decriminalized

maybe some hefty retirement benefits are in order?

at any rate, drugs being illegal is just as stupid as abortion or alcohol being illegal.

legalization makes things safer, easier to regulate, and it takes away money from criminals and gangs. if you are in any way afraid of the "inner city" or "gang violence," you should be 100% for legalization.

the fact that we need to legalize drugs is clear. it's the way we're going to go about it that's not. we should be focusing on how we are going to deal with the unemployment that results from the drug war ending...... not the sentences that people are going to get for exercising their right to the pursuit of happiness...

if we could convince the military and drug-war industrial complex employees that they would be taken care of (or at least have jobs to fall back on) in the event that ending the never-ending "war on terror" and the "drug war" costs them their jobs, the fact that the fat cats don't support legalization wouldn't matter.

problem is, the fat cats control the media, and most people these days get their news from television.

makes me think the best thing to do isn't to vote for obama or a third party, to demonstrate, or to whine on some message board.

maybe it's time for a revolution....

the bottom line is

I am with you. When can we join forces with others and go to the White house or Capitals of each state and stand up and Fight for our Rights on this issue. I am willing to light one up right in front of their faces. I would love to find others who would do the same. This is the only way I know of letting our Government know we are tired of their dumb laws and prosucution of innocent peoples that just like to get high. Give me a date Give me a time and give me others that are willing to do the same. Stand up for your Rights! Quit being scared of our Government. Do you think they can arrest all of us at one time? Let the People Rule.

I will be there

Count me in. I am tired of our country being out of control. It is time for the people that this country belongs to, to take it back!

Not even close to what we need

It may seem like progress that a government that opposes the will of the people is now looking at alternatives to prison.Bullshit!Pot smokers are committing no crime and should be left alone.Period.There is nothing to be gained from acceding to anything but freedom for all drug offenders and amnesty for any records on file.Treatment is currently for the rich because all the money goes toward putting people in prison.Legalize everything Under proper medical controls and use the money to fund treatment on demand for those that cannot handle their drug of choice.It works with alcohol and it'll do the same with drugs.Heroin should be dispensed daily in whatever manner the addict chooses.Prohibition will fail no matter how soft they try to sell it.


Our leaders the law makers (house/senate) seem to have the majority of Americans confused. They are sworn to represent us the majority of citizens.
But seem to think they can overrule our majority vote. In states where medical marijuana has be made legal by a vote by the people. Our so called leaders will send in the FEDS to arrest you. If we allow them to get away with this any longer I and others will be forced to take our money and move to another country. Where personal freedom and a vote of the people must be respected not overruled. By our out of control law makers that insist on putting non-violent Americans in jail for one reason GREED!

Sentencing Commission decision

Good news indeed about the Sentencing Commission.

The Prison Industrial Complex is pitching a fit. Talk about bureaucracy!

Simple facts

Jails do not rehabilitate inmates, they harm them. They employ guards and make money for investors.

If our government really cared, it would find a way to rehabilitate people instead of harming them and impose sentencing based on how long it will take to rehabilitate offenders, not based on how bad of a crime people think they committed.

If an offender is likely to harm others again, they should be isolated from the rest of society for safety's sake, but there's no reason to throw anyone in jail who doesn't represent a threat. Especially since once someone who doesn't represent a threat goes to jail, the chances of them representing a threat when they get out are far higher.

Jail sentences are used as a silly means for putting people in "time-out." Current sentencing practices are a remnant of the ancient, ill-informed philosophy of "eye for an eye." The sentencing in our country is designed to harm people to the extent that they or others will be "deterred" from committing a similar crime. This has been shown not to work over and over (not only are people not deterred, but after going to jail, people are more alienated from society and probably more of a threat). Yet, sentencing stays this way because people are too busy watching television to care about trying to demand and bring about change. Moreover, the government is so complex these days that if you're not a lawyer, chances are you couldn't understand much about how to go about changing our government even if you tried.

All of the backwards policies we have were decided on however long ago by people who obviously either weren't aware of or just didn't care about the effects of their decisions on society. Either way, our entire system needs comprehensive revamping.

If you really care, get in touch with your representatives in congress, your local officials, and your neighbors, and start causing a stink. Call them or write them as often as possible. Have your friends, neighbors, etc., do the same. The more people are aware of the problems inherent in the system, and the more those people do about it, the more likely the system will change.

I would say we should try to incite a revolution, but the military is too strong. Any revolution would be quashed within seconds. I would also say we should nonviolently protest, possibly through civil disobedience, but you can be sure they'll ignore your cause and throw you into the broken legal system you're trying to change.

The only way to fix the mess this country is in is to educate yourself, your neighbors, your friends, and your family, and then DEMAND change from your local officials and representatives in congress. If even 10% of the people in congress are made aware of issues that people want addressed, and if they feel like they might get voted out if they don't address them, the issues will get addressed. On the other hand, if congress thinks that these issues are "fringe" issues, just because only a handful of us are exposed to them and informed about them, they will continue to ignore them. We need to find people who are unexposed & unaware of issues that are important and MAKE them aware.

Turn off your television. Start doing something about everything you don't like about this country. If you don't, no one will.

The longer we wait to act on things that need to be changed in our government, the more people we lose, whether by people moving to other countries that have more just and reasonable systems set up already, or by the prison ("justice") system eating them alive, or by some other ill-effect resulting from our sad, broken government.

I have to say, after seeing 1-2 presidential elections "possibly" stolen, important questions about the events of 9/11 going unanswered, and Iraq being invaded, decimated, and occupied by our military, all without a massive outcry from the populace, I'm starting to think that most Americans are just ignorant, lazy, television-watching drones who would just as soon have a broken, unjust government as do anything about it. The sad thing is, the people in power would probably just as soon have it that way. I'm sure a lot of people will lose a lot of money if/when the government is revamped or even slightly modified, but that's something that we're going to have to deal with when it happens. In the meantime, don't let the media-military-prison-industrial complex executives & employees convince you that the status quo is the best we can do.

We can do better. The question is, do we care enough to make it happen? Or will we resort to being ignorant, lazy, television-watching drones? The odds may seem insurmountable, but we have the power to throw officials & representatives out of office and replace them with people who will actually do something about fixing things. If enough of us get active, we have a chance to fix this country. If we don't succeed, may God have mercy on this country's soul.

STOP! The War On US (drugs) NOW!

I am lucky I do not need drugs legal or so-called illegal. I have health and wealth so I consider myself very lucky. But what about the millions of Americans that take drugs everyday the rich take the legal the poor get the illegal drugs. They seek the same relief for there suffering be it physical or mental. But why treat the one (rich) and jail the other (poor)? Who has the right to say your choice is illegal and I will put you in jail? Who made these laws and for what reason? I have read every comment on this site and others it gives me hope! More Americans are becoming aware of the truth. You have looked at history and understand the truth today. Our leaders are enslaving the poor for pure greed. They feel (house/senate) that they have the right to overrule a vote by the people in states were medical marijuana has been make legal by OUR VOTE they do not! They continue to sacrifice the poor, black. Hispanic, and powerless Americans while the rich bible thumping hypocrites look the other way. Our leaders (house/senate) using fear propaganda pass laws that take away our freedoms guaranteed by the constitutions and bill of rights and we do nothing. They own the media and you only hear what they feel you need to hear; freedom of speech is in jeopardy. They say if you take the blue pill you go to jail if you take the red pill it gives billions to the so called legal drugs dealers and that is legal, because they fund our re-election. Stop enslaving our fellow Americans and respect a majority vote by the people or there will be War On US (drugs).
I am ready to fight for the right of all Americans use the old “TAXATION WITOUT REPRESENTATION” logic it applies today for sure!

Mien drug czar I found my UNICORN

I found a unicorn mien drug czar! A man paralyzed from age four doing something that made him feel better and you bible thumping hypocrites killed the poor young man. Of course he was black so what does it matter, right? When you die you will be haunted by the souls of men like this one.

Twenty-seven-year-old Jonathan Magbie died while serving a 10-day sentence for marijuana possession in a Washington, D.C., jail. Magbie, a quadriplegic since age 4, used his chin to operate a motorized wheelchair and required a ventilator to help him breathe. The jail could not provide the medical help he needed, and by the time he was taken to a hospital, he was dead. Magbie was a first-time offender who told the judge that marijuana made him feel better and that he didn’t think there was anything wrong with using it.

Can you find one? Mien drug czar said anyone jailed for possession was a unicorn and did not exist?
Help end the War On US (drugs)

Cherokee Fred Hussein aka Stupid old man
Fighting this war daily please help THEY LIE WE FIGHT!
[email protected] .com
Can you find one?

Mien drug czar i found my UNICORN

I found a unicorn mien drug czar! A man paralyzed from age four doing something that made him feel better and you bible thumping hypocrites killed the poor young man. Of course he was black so what does it matter, right? When you die you will be haunted by the souls of men like this one.

Twenty-seven-year-old Jonathan Magbie died while serving a 10-day sentence for marijuana possession in a Washington, D.C., jail. Magbie, a quadriplegic since age 4, used his chin to operate a motorized wheelchair and required a ventilator to help him breathe. The jail could not provide the medical help he needed, and by the time he was taken to a hospital, he was dead. Magbie was a first-time offender who told the judge that marijuana made him feel better and that he didn’t think there was anything wrong with using it.

Can you find one? Mien drug czar said anyone jailed for possession was a unicorn and did not exist?
Help end the War On US (drugs)

Cherokee Fred Hussein aka Stupid old man
Fighting this war daily please help THEY LIE WE FIGHT!
[email protected] .com
Can you find one?

Let US live in peace this is all we DEMAND

I am tired of the oppression. I was thinking why this war is waged and continued? Then it hit me while reading another article that described Rachel Hoffman as a hippie-ish free spirit. (Hoffman was killed in a botched drug buy the cops set up forcing her a MJ user to go covert undercover to buy cocaine) In this country of diversity some still think everyone should be the same, like them. There is a faction not unlike the KKK that feels free spirits have no place in this land. If you do not dress a certain way or attend a particular church or some other imposed criteria you have no value. They are racist or something akin to one they want everyone to be like them and act as they do.
This will never happen, only one problem these people are in control of our country today.
They call themselves conservatives, Christians, religious fundamentalist, protectors and other names. They have one goal to make everyone the same like them. I do not wish to remove their rights to be as they are. I live by the golden rule and the theory Live and Let Live. I am Native American I feel lucky I accept people for what they are and get along with anyone. But I will never fit the mold these people insist we conform to. I am like Rachel a hippie-ish free spirit.
That is why I fight the War on US (drugs) my people are being raped, murdered, jailed and eradicated. Last year 872,000 non-violent drug related (mostly marijuana possession only) were not helped but thrown in jail. I have tried to think how could our so-called leaders put non-violent good Americans (I have read their stories these are not criminals) in jail and ruin their lives. It must be because we are hippie-ish free spirits and the people in power fear us. The fear is from 72 years of our government using our money to spread lies and propaganda and the followers have bought in on their lies. I see them as followers they follow and there is nothing wrong with that I follow sometimes. But I am a free spirit and I prefer to lead. This must be the reason we are prosecuted the way we are. Many hippies enjoy a bit of smoke from time to time not that I do. I do not promote any drug use I insist that we have our rights as American citizens given back. I demand our government quit demonizing us and recant the lies and propaganda you have spread over the years. We are normal people just like others all we ask for is quit putting us in jail quit wasting the 100 billion of our money every year. Let the 2 million non-violent drug related prisoners out of jail. Leave us the hippie-ish free spirits alone we are non-violent fun loving people and do no harm. But we will never be like you even if you jail us and persecute us we will fight back. Like the crusades many wars were fought to oppress people unlike themselves or Hitler wanting to purify his race by killing everyone unlike him. We will never conform we are free thinkers and we understand the truth. This war is a scam based on racism. It is time to end the War on US (drugs) let us live in peace this is all we DEMAND!!


We need more people to post the truth everywhere you go on the web post something to help educate the masses. They have bought the lies our so called leaders (house/senate) spread.

Cherokee Fred Hussein aka Stupid old man


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